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These listings are not meant to be comprehensive in terms of all local four-year colleges offering environmentally-related programs and/or their specific degree offerings, but rather are provided as selective listings for reference.

Key Transfer Planning Websites

  • Transfer Center : This office on the De Anza campus offers transfer-related events and services to assist students in researching options, making sound choices and planning a smooth transition between institutions.
  • This online student-transfer information system shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another.

Selected Local Four-Year Schools

CSU Environmental Programs

San Jose State Environmental Studies Dept:

  • BS in Environmental Studies with Concentrations offered in:
    • Energy
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Environmental Restoration & Resource Management
  • BA in Environmental Studies with Minors offered in:
  • Energy Policy & Green Building
  • Sustainable Water Resources
  • Park Ranger and Administration
  • BA in Environmental Studies, Preparation for Teaching

San Francisco State Environmental Studies Program:

  • BS in Environmental Studies with Concentrations offered in:
    • Natural Resource Management and Conservation
  • BA in Environmental Studies with Emphases offered in:
  • Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice
  • Humanities and the Environment
  • The Urban Environment

Sonoma State Environmental Studies & Planning Dept:

  • BS or BA in in Environmental Studies & Planning with Options offered in:
    • Conservation and Restoration
    • Energy Management and Design
    • City and Regional Planning

Cal State East Bay Dept of Anthropology, Geography & Environmental Studies:

  • BA in Environmental Studies with Options offered in:
    • Environment and Society
    • Physical Environment
    • Sustainable Resource Management

Cal State East Bay Dept of Earth & Environmental Sciences:

  • BS in Environmental Science with Options offered in:
    • Environmental Systems and Resource Management
    • Life Science
    • Physical Science

Cal State Monterey Bay School of Natural Sciences:

  • BS in Environmental Science, Technology & Policy with Concentrations offered in:
    • Watershed Systems
    • Applied Ecology
    • Natural Resources
  • BA in Environmental Studies with Concentrations offered in:
    • Science for Sustainable Communities
    • Environmental Education
  • BS in Marine Science

Sacramento State Dept of Environmental Studies:

  • BS or BA in Environmental Studies

Humboldt State Environmental Science & Management Dept:

  • BS in Environmental Science and Management with Options offered in:
    • Ecological Restoration
    • Energy & Climate
    • Environmental Education & Interpretation
    • Environmental Planning & Policy
    • Geospatial Science
    • Natural Resources Recreation
  • BA in Environmental Studies (interdisciplinary program - see

UC Environmental Programs

UC-Santa Cruz Dept of Environmental Studies:

  • BA in Environmental Studies with Focus Areas offered in:
    • Agroecology & Sustainable Agriculture
    • Conservation Science & Natural History
    • Environmental Education & Sustainability
    • Environmental Policy
    • Political Economy
  • BA offered in the following Combined Majors:
    • Environmental Studies/Biology
    • Environmental Studies/Earth Sciences
    • Environmental Studies/Economics

UC-Berkeley Dept of Environmental Science, Policy & Management:

  • BS in Conservation and Resource Studies (an individualized interdisciplinary program)
  • BS in Environmental Sciences with Concentrations offered in
    • Biological Science
    • Physical Science
    • Social Science
  • BS in Forestry and Natural Resources with Concentrations offered in:
    • Forestry & Natural Sciences
    • Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
  • BS in Molecular Environmental Biology with Emphases offered in:
    • Animal Health and Behavior
    • Biodiversity
    • Ecology
    • Environment and Human Health
    • Global Change Biology
    • Insect Biology / Arthropod Science
  • BS in Society & Environment with Concentrations offered in:
    • U.S. Environmental Policy and Management
    • Global Environmental Politics
    • Justice and Sustainability

UC-Davis Dept of Environmental Science & Policy:

  • BS in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning with Tracks offered in:
    • City & Regional Planning
    • Climate Change Policy
    • Conservation Management
    • Energy & Transportation Policy
    • Environmental Policy & Politics
    • Water Management
    • Integrative Policy (an individualized track)
  • BS in Environmental Science and Management with Tracks offered in:
    • Climate Change & Air Quality
    • Ecology, Biodiversity, & Conservation
    • Geospatial Information Science
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Soils & Biogeochemistry
    • Watershed Science

Private University Environmental Programs

Santa Clara University Dept of Environmental Studies & Sciences:

  • BS in Environmental Science with Concentrations offered in:
    • Applied Ecology
    • Water, Energy & Technology
  • BA in Environmental Studies with Concentrations offered in:
    • Green Business
    • Sustainable Development
    • Environmental Politics & Policy
    • Environmental Thought

University Of San Francisco Dept of Environmental Science:

  • BS in Environmental Science

University Of San Francisco Environmental Studies Program:

  • BS in Environmental Studies
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