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 Energy and Facility Management / Building Science

Welcome to the Energy and Facility Management / Building Science Program!

"Preparing Students for Careers in Energy and Facility Management and Efficient and Sustainable Buildings"


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Our Program's Focus

De Anza College offers Certificates of Achievement, Certificates of Achievement-Advanced, and  Associate of Science (AS) Degrees in 1) Energy Management and Building Science and 2) Facility and Sustainable Building Management.

Clean Energy Generation, Emission Reduction, and Net Zero Energy Building legislation in California is guiding us to live more sustainable lifestyles - particularly in the built environment. Commercial and residential buildings are required to be net energy efficient, use more sustainable materials, reduce water, waste and pollution, and create more energy from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to offset the energy they do consume.  

This legislation is also creating well paid careers! We not only prepare you for clean energy careers, according to companies hiring our graduates, we help differentiate you from others they are considering. 100% of the students graduating with a certificate or degree from our programs, find jobs in careers directly related to the degree they earned within 3 months of graduation. We have a tremendous track record helping to place our graduates in sustainable environmental careers that pay well with leading edge clean tech and building management / real estate companies.

Our curriculum, faculty and hands on experiences; as well as career counseling, soft skill development, resume' and interview workshops, networking and internship opportunities set you apart when you graduate.

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What's Our Student Demographic? 

Students of all academic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to learn more about our program!

Classes are designed for students of all levels/at all stages in their academic careers - whether they are just starting out on their career paths, are in career transition, or are already in the workforce simply looking to add to their skill set and knowledge base.

Some of our students even have four-year college or Masters degrees in fields such as engineering, industrial technology and business. Looking for up-to-date knowledge and experience in facility and energy management,sustainable building and renewable energy systems, our students have chosen to layer the classroom knowledge and experiences that can be gained from De Anza College’s Energy and Facility Management/Building Science program on top of their four-year college degrees in an effort to pursue career paths in growing and sustainable clean tech industries.

If you are looking for a unit or two after the last day to add quarter long courses, we have many options for you to choose from.

To provide flexibility in your schedule, we offer our courses at the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies and / or via Online Education. Energy and Facility Management / Building Science classes are offered every academic quarter including the summer session.


Which Of Our Degrees Is The Right one For You?

Trying to decide the best option for you? The videos below may help!

Hands on Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

ES 74 ClassES Class

In addition to classroom lecture and lab learning, our programs offer many hands on,on-the-job experiences providing students learning opportunities outside the classroom. Ask your instructor about current internship opportunities that might be available in addition to the ones in the link below.

Hands On Learning and Other Program Opportunities: 

Questions? Contact Program Coordinator- Bill Roeder

Energy Management and Building Science
Building: Kirsch Center-Office # KC 241B

CONTACT: Bill Roeder


Last Updated: 4/23/18