Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

Archived Documents

On this page you can reference old materials relating to Student Learning Outcomes. These documents have been outdated and we recommend to use the documentation provided on the SLO Home page.



General SLO for Instruction Information


Course Level Outcomes (SLOs)

Program Level Outcomes


Faculty SLO Convocations:

April 2014

2014 Convocation Schedule

2014 Convocation Survey

Honor Roll as of April 15, 2014

April 2013

Convocation Flyer/Schedule


ICC Assessment Worksheet

Photos from convocation


April 2012

Convocation Flyer/Schedule

Keynote Presentation by Carol Gittens, PhD (Santa Clara University)

Photos from convocation

April 2011

Convocation Manual

Opening Presentation

Convocation Resources

Summary Report of Convocation


Opening Day Presentations and Materials:


Opening Day 2012

2012 SLO Survey

Survey Results

Opening Day 2010

Presentation to College Faculty and Staff

Student Services Learning Outcomes and Assessment Workshop Presentation

SLOAC Health Services Example

Opening Day Planning Workshop

Opening Day Activity

Opening Day Task Sheet

Workshop Attendees

CDP Outcomes Documentation Form

Opening Day 2009

Opening Day All College Program Presentation

SLO Development Plans

Presentation to College Faculty and Staff

Directions for departmental activities  


Task 1 - Writing SLOs

SLO Writing Guide

Task 2 - Identify Assessments

Assessment Reference

Task 3 - Creating an Assessment Calendar

Sample of Calendar


Workshops and Presentations:

Fall 2013 Master Plan Update

SLO Orientation for New Faculty

Selecting the Next ICC for Assessment: Presentation to Academic Senate, January 14 2013

2012-13 SLO Progress Report: Presentation to Academic Senate, October 8 2012

Closing the Loop: Outcomes-Based Assessment Leading to Program Review, March 2011

Student Services Learning Outcomes (SSLO) Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUO) Workshop, January 2011

PLO Assessment Workshop, January 2011

Summer/Fall 2010 Activities

2010-11 Calendar Template for Planning Faculty Work

Identifying Program Level Outcomes Workshop Flyer Sept. 9 and 14

Workshop Attendees

March 2010 Liaison Workshop

Workshop Flyer

Workshop Attendees

Winter 2010

Winter 2011 PLO Assessment Workshop

Winter 2010 Workshop Schedule

Winter 2010 Workshop Presentation Jan 22, 2010

Winter 2010 Workshop Presentation Jan 27, 2010



SAO Information

SAO Definition

SAO 101 Training Information

SAO Information for Opening Day 2009

Opening Day Workshop 2009


Guide / Information

Faculty Liaisons 2009-2010

Certificate, Degree and Program Outcomes (CDPO), 2010

SLO Coordinator Job Description, 2010

Assessment Workshop Guide

Definitions - adopted 2/02/09  (see current 3/09/10 definitions)

Resource List

Portfolio Assessment Sample



Rubrics Grading

Who can use a Rubric by Stevens and Levi


Rubric Examples


Information on Using ECMS for Documenting SLO Assessment

NOTE: ECMS is no longer used for outcomes documentation.  For current documentation information, please see the page on TracDat at De Anza College.  The ECMS page linked below is solely here for archival purposes.


Student Learning Outcomes

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