Student Learning Outcomes

Assessment of Outcomes


Campus SLO Coordinators 2013-2014


Coordinator for

Student Services and Administrative Units

Veronica Avila 8582
Coordinators for Instruction

Mary Pape

Toño Ramirez



Faculty SLO Division Liaisons 2013 - Fall 2014

Robert Alexander Counseling
Mike Appio Manufacturing & Design   Technology
Mary Bennett Adapted PE
Lena Chang Library
Constance Cole Interncultural/International Studies
Alicia DeToro Biology, Health, and   Environmental Sciences
Mark Healy Social Science & Humanities
Zack Judson Physical Science/Math/Engineering
Amy Leonard Language Arts
Bryon Lilly Business, Computer Science and   Applied Technologies
Warren Lucas Creative Arts
Reza Majlesi Biology, Health, and   Environmental Sciences
Jim Nguyen Social Science & Humanities
Rachel Pacheco Physical Education
Eugene Rodriguez Creative Arts
Jeff Schinske Biology, Health, and   Environmental Sciences
Ravjeet Singh Social Science & Humanities
Li Wei Sun Social Science & Humanities

Who are Faculty SLO Division Liaisons?

Faculty SLO Division Liaisons (two-three faculty per division) will serve as resource persons for the next phase ) of De Anza's student learning outcomes efforts. Learning outcomes are based on discipline-specific curricula, so it is important to have input from discipline experts as we develop and create a college-wide process for assessing student learning outcomes.

Under the guidance and support of the College's SLO Leadership Team, liaisons will work collaboratively with faculty in their division to better understand course-level outcomes and consider assessment of those outcomes.  The goal of the liaison activities (see below for specifics) is to do the following:

  • Guide colleagues in writing course-level student learning outcomes
  • Facilitate discussions with colleagues on different models of assessment appropriate to their disciplines
  • Participate in a pilot project to assess course-level outcomes

Liaison Meeting - September 18, 2014

Student Learning Outcomes

Contact: Antonio Ramirez
Phone:  408.864.5327


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