List of Projects for 2008-2009

Major De Anza Research Projects

# Project Title Date Link
01 FTES Trends 06-Jul-08 Stats pdf
02 NonResident Tuition Estimate, 2007-08 09-Jul-08 Stats pdf
03 Graduate Survey, 2006-07 02-Jul-08 Stats pdf
04 WRC Usage EWRT1A, 2008W 17-Jul-08 Stats pdf
05 Job Corps and Campus Enrollment Estimate, 2008-09 18-Jul-08 Stats pdf
06 Summer 2008 Enrollment Comparison to 2007M 18-Jul-08 Stats pdf
07 EnableMath Results,Spring 2008 18-Jul-08 Stats pdf
08 MPS Results,2007-08 18-Jul-08 Stats pdf
09 LinC, MPS, Puente Success Rates 08-Aug-08 Stats pdf
10 Strategic Planning Expenditures 2007-08 08-Aug-08 Stats pdf
11 LA Survey of Dropped Students 20-Aug-08 Stats pdf
12 Early Alert Report 2007-08 22-Aug-08 Stats pdf
13 Low Income Zip Codes, Santa Clara County 25-Sep-08 Stats pdf
14 Overview of the Learning Communities Program 01-Nov-07 Stats pdf
15 Asian P.I. Grant Proposal 23-May-08 Stats pdf
16 Cross Cultural Partners Survey Spring 2008 03-Sep-08 Stats pdf
17 Fall 2007 Course Enrollments by Ethnicity 29-Sep-08 Stats pdf
18 District Opening Day Presentation 18-Sep-08 PPT pdf
19 Foothill Persistence By Financial Aid Status 01-Sep-08 Stats pdf
20 Classes at KC Building Fall 2007 08-Sep-08 Stats pdf
21 L.A. Survey of Dropped Students Spring 2008 20-Aug-08 Stats pdf
22 LART 100 Class Comparion and Statistics Fall 2007 22-Sep-08 Stats pdf
23 LART 100 Report For Year 2007 08-Sep-08 Stats pdf
24 League Proposal for 2009 25-Sep-08 Stats pdf
25 LinC Program Focus Group (Cicerone) 02-Sep-08 Stats pdf
26 LinC Report for Math Classes in Year 2008 16-Jan-07 Stats pdf
27 Student Majors by Ethnicity Fall 2007 23-Sep-08 Stats pdf
28 Distantce Learning Math Courses 2007-08 08-Oct-08 Stats pdf
29 Math Enrollment Activity 2008 06-Oct-08 Stats pdf
30 Math Program Survery Proposal 25-Sep-08 Stats pdf
31 Enrollment in PSME 2007-08 06-Oct-08 Stats pdf
32 Enrollment by Santa Clara High School District 07-Oct-08 Stats pdf
33 Silicon Valley Economic Projections (Levey) 07-Jul-08 PPT pdf
34 Student Financial Aid Year to Year Comparison 16-Sep-08 Stats pdf
35 Data of Students Utilizing WRC 24-Jul-08 Stats pdf
36 Census Comparisons, Fall 2007 to 2008 08-Oct-08 Stats pdf
37 Foothill International Student Report, Fall 2008 27-Oct-08 Stats pdf
38 De Anza International Student Report, Fall 2008 27-Oct-08 Stats pdf
39 Persistence in Math LinC's Fall 2007 to Spring 2008 24-Oct-08 Stats pdf
40 LRNA100 and SKIL132 by Ethnicity 2007-08 28-Oct-08 Stats pdf
41 Financial Aid Trends 2007-08 29-Oct-08 Stats pdf
42 AAPI Grant ICS007 29-Oct-08 Stats pdf
43 LRNA 98 by Ethnicity 29-Oct-08 Stats pdf
44 Distance Learning Courses per Student 03-Nov-08 Stats pdf
45 EOPS Demographics Fall 2008. 04-Nov-08 Stats pdf
46 Draft Math Survey Results Fall 2008 06-Nov-08 Stats pdf
47 Transfer Leadership Center Final Report 07-Nov-08 Stats pdf
48 Transfer Case Study De Anza College 07-Nov-08 Stats pdf
49 Draft ARCC Report January 2009 18-Jun-09 Stats pdf
50 EOPS Fulltime Sudents Fall 2008 14-Nov-08 Stats pdf
51 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q1, 2008-09 18-Nov-08 Stats pdf
52 Foothill College FTEF Pie Chart by Course Type 20-Nov-08 Stats pdf
53 Foothill and DeAnza FTEF Pie Chart by Course Type 21-Nov-08 Stats pdf
54 Nursing Graduate Survey 04-Nov-08 Stats pdf
55 Cross Cultural Partners Pre and Post Survey 20-Oct-08 Stats pdf
56 Math 10 Hybrid Course Success Rates 24-Nov-08 Stats pdf
57 LinC Survey Spring 2008 25-Jun-08 Stats pdf
58 Knowledge of Special Math Programs Survey 20-Nov-08 Stats pdf
59 FTES Projections - Opening Day 06-Jan-09 Stats pdf
60 Estimated WSCH for Winter 2009 - Opening Day 05-Jan-09 Stats pdf
61 Summer 2008, Job Corps by Site 07-Nov-08 Stats pdf
62 Job Corps by Site, Fall 2008 07-Nov-08 Stats pdf
63 Library Activity Report Fall 2008 20-Jan-09 Stats pdf
64 Opening Day Demographics Report 07-Jan-09 Stats pdf
65 Cancelled Section Report, Winter 2009 06-Jan-09 Stats pdf
66 NSF CompTechS Report, Fall 2008 Draft 2 14-Jan-09 Stats pdf
67 Linc Report, Fall 2008 16-Jan-09 Stats pdf
68 TBA Estimate 16-Jan-09 Stats xls
69 Linc Survey Report Fall 2008 Initial Summary 20-Jan-09 Stats pdf
70 EWRT Distance Learning/Hybrid Success 2008S 12-Jan-09 Stats pdf
71 Census Comparisons, Winter 2008 to Winter 2009 26-Jan-09 Stats pdf
72 NSF Financial Aid by Ethnicity, 2008 22-Jan-09 Stats pdf
73 EnableMath Success Rates, 2008F 05-Jan-09 Stats pdf
74 EnableMath Survey Results, 2008F 30-Dec-08 Stats pdf
75 FH Participation of MVL HS Graduates 98-08 20-Dec-08 Stats pdf
76 MPS Comparisons, Fall 2005 - Fall 2008 28-Jan-09 Stats pdf
77 Career Center Program Review Data 27-Jan-09 Stats pdf
78 De Anza International Student Report, Winter 2009 28-Jan-09 Stats pdf
79 Foothill International Student Report, Winter 2009 28-Jan-09 Stats pdf
80 AB540 Students at De Anza College 22-Jan-09 Stats pdf
81 ECON1 Success Based on Math Background 21-Jan-09 Stats pdf
82 College Knowledge Survey 2008F Soc 15 28-Jan-09 Stats pdf
83 Distance Learning Program Review Data 10-Feb-09 Stats pdf
84 Enrollment in AUTO courses by City of Residence 11-Feb-09 Stats pdf
85 Transfer Center Demographics 2008 Academic Year 11-Feb-09 Stats pdf
86 Student Success and Retention Program Review 11-Feb-09 Stats pdf
87 LinC Survey Fall 2008 10-Feb-09 Stats pdf
88 Fall 2008 MPS and Enable Math by Ethnicity 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
89 Student Persistence Fall 2008 to Winter 2009 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
90 Honors Program Review 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
91 Demographics of Disabled Students Served, Fall 2007 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
92 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q2, 2008-09 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
93 EOPS Demographics, Fall 2007 19-Feb-09 Stats pdf
94 Massage Therapy Program Review 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
95 Athletic Courses Program Review 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
96 International Student Fall to Winter Persistence 20-Feb-09 Stats pdf
97 Potential LinC EWRT1A and ESCI19 27-Feb-09 Stats pdf
98 Public Sector Education Courses 27-Feb-09 Stats pdf
99 Potential LinC EWRT2 and JOUR2 02-Mar-09 Stats pdf
100 Faculty Mentoring Report Fall 2008 24-Feb-09 Stats pdf
101 NSF CompTech Findings Year 2 06-Mar-09 Stats pdf
102 Readiness Program Review 2009 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
103 WRC Demographics Fall 2008 12-Mar-09 Stats pdf
104 Anthropology Program Review by Course 13-Mar-09 Stats pdf
105 Linc Program Review, 2009 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
106 Readiness Tutoring Program Review, 2009 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
107 EWRT Distance Learning Program Review Page 2 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
108 Creative Writing Program Review Page 2 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
109 EWRT Program Review on Selected Courses 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
110 ELIT Program Review on Selected Courses 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
111 Courses by Assignment Type 18-Mar-09 Stats xls
112 Courses by Load Factor 18-Mar-09 Stats xls
113 Seat Count Comparisons 20-Mar-09 Stats xls
114 LART Program Review Data 20-Mar-09 Stats pdf
115 CIS 15BG / AG Program Review 17-Feb-09 Stats pdf
116 Trends in Students on Waitlists 20-Mar-09 Stats pdf
117 C.A.R. Program Review Data: Philosophy 26-Mar-09 Stats pdf
118 Puente Program Review Data 26-Mar-09 Stats pdf
119 OTI Program Review Data 26-Mar-09 Stats pdf
120 WRC Activity for Program Review 26-Mar-09 Stats pdf
121 Title III Math Tutor Persistence Winter 2009 21-Apr-09 Stats pdf
122 New MIS Guidelines on Ethnicity Data Collection 21-Apr-09 Stats pdf
123 Math Success Rates by Program Intervention 2009 21-Apr-09 Stats pdf
124 Newsletter Article on International Students 21-Apr-09 Stats pdf
125 Latino Representation in Community College Success 21-Apr-09 Stats pdf
126 Hispanic College Students and the Transfer Game 21-Apr-09 Stats pdf
127 LinC Survey, Winter 2009 02-Apr-09 Stats pdf
128 Library Activity Report Winter 2009 11-May-09 Stats pdf
129 List of Graduates for the Paralegal Program 05-May-09 Stats pdf
130 List of Graduates for the Massage Therapy Program 05-May-09 Stats pdf
131 Drop for NonPayment, Spring 2009 Statistics 05-May-09 Stats pdf
132 Program Review F1 Student Success 12-May-09 Stats pdf
133 Census Comparisons, Spring 2008 to Spring 2009 14-May-09 Stats pdf
134 Linc Report Winter 2009 14-May-09 Stats pdf
135 Paralegal Program Enrollments 2008-2009 13-May-09 Stats pdf
136 MDRC Research on De Anza LinC Program SPPIRE 18-May-09 Stats pdf
137 Distance Learning Enrollment Spring 2009 19-May-09 Stats pdf
138 High School Enrollment FHDA 2007-08 21-May-09 Stats pdf
139 High School Enrollment FHDA 2008-09 21-May-09 Stats pdf
140 Nursing Theory Survey Summary, Winter 2009 21-May-09 Stats pdf
141 Nursing Clinical Survey Summary, Winter 2009 26-May-09 Stats pdf
142 Targeted Population Enrollment Trends, 2005F-2008F 26-May-09 Stats pdf
143 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q3, 2008-09 27-May-09 Stats pdf
144 EnableMath Survey, Winter 2009 27-May-09 Stats pdf
145 COUN100 Enrollments, Summer 2009 27-May-09 Stats pdf
146 De Anza Engineering Majors, Fall 2008 02-Jun-09 Stats pdf
147 STEM Article, June 2009 15-Jun-09 Stats pdf
148 UC and CSU Transfers by CCD, 2007-08 17-Jun-09 Stats pdf
149 FSET Program Estimated FTES, Spring 2009 18-Jun-09 Stats pdf
150 ARCC Achievement Rates 22-Jun-09 Stats pdf

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