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These are the courses offered through the English Department. If you want to know when a course is being taught, see the searchable Schedule of Classes.

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EWRT Courses Found: 24
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EWRT 1A Composition and Reading515-16

EWRT 1AH Composition and Reading - HONORS515-16

EWRT 1B Reading, Writing and Research515-16

EWRT 1BH Reading, Writing and Research - HONORS515-16

EWRT 1C Literature and Composition515-16

EWRT 2 Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking515-16

EWRT 2H Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking - HONORS515-16

EWRT 30 Introduction to Creative Writing415-16

EWRT 40 Fiction Writing415-16

EWRT 41 Poetry Writing415-16

EWRT 42 Writing It Real: Creative Nonfiction and Memoir Writing415-16

EWRT 65 Literary Magazine, National Edition215-16

EWRT 65X Literary Magazine, National Edition315-16

EWRT 68 Literary Magazine: Student Edition215-16

EWRT 68X Literary Magazine: Student Edition315-16

EWRT 77 Special Projects in English115-16

EWRT 77X Special Projects in English215-16

EWRT 77Y Special Projects in English315-16

EWRT 81 Extended Writing Strategies115-16

EWRT 97 Introduction to Peer Tutoring in Writing and Reading315-16

EWRT 141 Beginning Poetry Writing415-16

EWRT 200 Fundamentals of Writing515-16

EWRT 211 Preparatory Reading and Writing Skills515-16

EWRT 274 Grammar and Proofreading for Academic Writing415-16

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ELIT Courses Found: 26
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ELIT 6 Cinema and the African American (An Historical Analysis of African Americans in American Cinema)415-16

ELIT 10 Introduction to Fiction415-16

ELIT 11 Introduction to Poetry415-16

ELIT 12 Introduction to Dramatic Literature415-16

ELIT 17 Introduction to Shakespeare415-16

ELIT 19 Introduction to the Bible as Literature415-16

ELIT 20 Major Authors415-16

ELIT 21 Women in Literature415-16

ELIT 22 Mythology and Folklore415-16

ELIT 24 Asian Pacific American Literature415-16

ELIT 39 Contemporary Literature415-16

ELIT 40 African American Literature415-16

ELIT 41 Ethnic Literature of the United States415-16

ELIT 44 International Literature (Fiction)415-16

ELIT 46A Major British Writers (Medieval and Renaissance)415-16

ELIT 46B Major British Writers (Neo-Classical and Romantic)415-16

ELIT 46C Major British Writers (Victorian and Modern)415-16

ELIT 47B World Literature: Africa and Latin America415-16

ELIT 48A Major American Writers (Colonial to Romantic, 1620-1865)415-16

ELIT 48B Major American Writers (The Advent of Realism, 1865-1914)415-16

ELIT 48C Major American Writers (The Modern Age, 1914-the Present)415-16

ELIT 58 Children's Literature415-16

ELIT 78 Special Topics in Literature115-16

ELIT 78X Special Topics in Literature215-16

ELIT 78Y Special Topics in Literature315-16

ELIT 78Z Special Topics in Literature415-16

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LING Courses Found: 1
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LING 1 Introduction to Linguistics415-16

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