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The Registered Nursing Program at De Anza College has been part of the exceptional program offerings since the college opened in 1967.

Because of the program's excellent reputation in the community, De Anza's Registered Nursing graduates are recruited by health care institutions in Silicon Valley and throughout Northern California.


The Nursing Program provides students with state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms, laboratory, and clinical settings. The outstanding faculty, who are content and clinical experts in their respective fields, facilitate unique opportunities for a professional nursing education.

For Prospective Applicants & Students on RN Program Waiting List


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Recent adds/changes include:

Winter 2015 Readiness Forms announcement up - due on 11/4/14

Updated Waiting List on 9/3/14

New policy to stay on list.

Wait time <= one year!
Waiting List Folks:  Get Immunizations Done before admission

Revised Admittance Requirement: Social Security Card allowing work needed

New Flu Vaccination Requirement added

Information Meetings and Application Workshops:

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Dates listed for April through June


Nursing School Application & Program Information Documentation:

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Recent adds/changes include:

Waiting List updated on 9/3/14

Updated College Course Equivalency Spreadsheet 12/3


RN Refresher

Due to a lack of resources, we are not offering an RN Refresher program at this time. There is no waiting list and no estimate of when the program will be restarted. (Fall 2013)


Foreign Nurses and Nurse Graduates

We have suspended admittance of foreign nurses and nurse graduates seeking course work to meet BRN requirements to take the NCLEX exam. (Fall 2013)





Nursing Department Building: S-82c (via S-82b)
Contact: Marge Sainten

Phone: 408.864.5618
Fax: 408.864.5681


Last Updated: 9/4/14