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Fall – 2016

 - Math 210
 - MW 6:30 - 8:45 PM

Winter - 2017

Spring - 2016


Chris Tsuji Mathematics


Welcome to my Web page. I am a part time instructor at DeAnza College in the Mathematics Department.

Errors:  If you find a missing link or error in my web site, please contact me so that I can correct.

Time commitment: According to the college catalog, under units, page 32, “Students should expect two hours of outside preparation for each one hour spent in class.”  Thus it is expected that students that take my classes should spend at least 8 hours a week outside of class.

Attendance Policy for all classes.
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Fall 2016
Math 210.-61 (01607)
Room: MCC-12
Monday, Wednesday: 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Book: PreAlgebra Textbook, Second Edition, Department of Mathematics, College of the Redwoods, 2012- 2013.  Free.
Book and Solution manual available at: http://mathrev.redwoods.edu/PreAlgText/


Contact Info:
Preferred method of contact: E-mail: tsujichristie@fhda.edu
Please type the class you are in, in the subject line if you want a reply.

Phone: 408 864-8999, box 3361
Phone checked semi often.

arch at deanza

email EMAIL: Christie Tsuji

Office: E37
    Monday, Wednesday
    5:45 P. M. - 6:15 P. M.
    Fall, 2016

Phone: 408.864.8999 box 3361


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