Student Success Center

Student Success Center

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Located in S43

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-itutoring usually begins week 2 of each quarter. 

Drop-in tutors will circulate around the Study Tables to maximize learning for all by distributing their time among students needing help.  You may study and do work for your classes at the designated Study Tables during Center open hours. 

Be aware that tutor hours are limited and there may not be a tutor available in your subject during certain times.

Visit the MSTRC drop-in tutoring webpage for more information.

Weekly Individual Tutoring 

Students in pre-college level math courses may receive up to two hours of weekly individual tutoring per week.  Student in selected college-level courses may receive one hour per week.

Weekly individual tutoring fills quickly.  Please request as early in the quarter as possible. 

If you have special needs, please speak to the staff to let us know. 

Visit the MSTRC weekly individual tutoring webpage for signing up or for more information.

Group Tutoring

Quarter-long weekly sessions for up to two hours per week for selected courses. 

If interested, form a group of at least four students from the same class and request group tutoring in S43. We will do our best to accommodate the request, depending on tutor and room availability.

Visit the MSTRC group tutoring webpage for signing up or for more information.

Building: ATC 3rd Floor and S43

Diana Alves De Lima
Phone: 408.864.8485

Melissa Aguilar 


Last Updated: 4/21/16