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TOTALITY - Astronomy Show

We have multiple shows scheduled leading to the total solar eclipse on August 21.

July 29, August 5 and August 12

"Totality" is a fascinating look at all the wonders of eclipses, especially total solar eclipses. This program, produced by Bays Mountain Planetarium, examines what eclipses are, how and when they occur, and what wonderful sights they create. Look back to a fascinating period in scientific discovery when general relativity was proven with the photographic recording of a total solar eclipse. Details and Tickets. Placeholder image

Lucid Dreamscapes - Planetarium Special Event
October 7 and November 4

Lucid Dreamscapes will amaze you as you fly warp-speed through one-of-a-kind animated worlds. From the work of pioneering multimedia artist, J-Walt, this digital live performance utilizes the latest in interactive computer graphics techniques to bring paintings to life.
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November 18 - Live performances from the Blue Eternity Group
Join us for an evening of live ambient music "under the stars"! The music you'll hear will be played by award winning trumpet player Jeff Oster, Grammy nominated bassist Michael Manring, and ambient electric guitarist Carl Weingarten. As you listen, feast your eyes on immersive visuals of celestial bodies and flights through space. This is an evening not to be missed!
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Summer College for Kids and Teens - Grades 1 to 10

The 2017 Summer Catalog is live at

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The Fujitsu Planetarium at De Anza College is the largest school Planetarium west of the Rocky Mountains and since our renovation, is one of the most modern in the world.

The Planetarium is shared by the College Astronomy and Community Education Departments. When used as a classroom, it serves over 2700 college students per year. The Astronomy program at De Anza is the largest in the California State Community College System.

About 35,000 community members, including students from pre-school through high school, attend these shows and events every year.

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