Christopher Tenorio

(cont'd) I was much more confident in choosing my classes for my degree after having talked to a counselor and gone over an education plan. I spoke with several counselors as part of the program and felt that each one had wanted to see me succeed and were looking out for my best interest. A few of them were also very helpful when it came to filling out transfer applications in the fall. I'm incredibly grateful to EOPS and the support I've received while a part of it. I've since been fortunate enough to be accepted to UCLA as a transfer student and going further I plan to stay in academia in my career, possibly as a teacher. As a Pacific Islander, my ultimate goal after completing my education would be to help others from my community complete theirs.

Laura Wales

  • Transferred to San Jose State University
  • Psychology major

I am a single mother of 3, and very low income. I come from a family where education was not a priority and I did not attend high school, I received my high school equivalency when I was 25 years old. When I came to De Anza I did not think I would be capable of accomplishing much but felt I had nothing to lose, so I began my journey as an untraditional student. Throughout the last 3 years I gained confidence in myself and in my ability to succeed. I would not have had the resources to continue to go to school had it not been for EOPS. My counselor, Melinda, has played a crucial role in my continuing to work towards degree and transfer. She has provided immense support and believed in me when I was not able to believe in myself. I truly believe that without this support I would not have made it this far. Book funds were also a huge factor in my success and without them I would have struggled to complete what is expected of me in my courses. I am graduating with honors; in the past I never thought college was even an option for someone like me. I am so grateful for all that has been provided for me through the EOPS program, I have gained so much, not just in school but in life because of the support I've received. I intend on obtaining a Masters of Psychology and pursuing a career as a Domestic Violence Counselor, I hope that I can give back and change the lives of women like myself. Thank you EOPS, for helping me to accomplish my dreams!

Moses Ramirez

  • Transferred to UCLA
  • Cultural Anthropology major

It’s impossible for me to put my EOPS experience into words. I pride myself in a well-established lexicon and associated with that a developed idiolect, but when reminiscing my time with EOPS the only thought that comes to mind is hope. I’m simply a ward of the court, a foster youth who didn’t receive a proper high school education. In addition to this, my acceptance to entering the EOPS program reflects my socio-economic standpoint. Needless to say in a monetary perspective, I am by no means wealthy or even middle class, but focusing on intrinsic value I am one of the richest men I know. A significant cause for my intrinsic wealth was only made possible by the support shown from the EOPS staff. The biggest challenge for myself in attempting a college career, besides being completely independent, is the emotional burden of my mom passing away. To my surprise I was able to find advice and support from someone who also lost their mother, that someone belonging to the EOPS staff. Poverty and hardship has an extreme detrimental effect academically, emotionally, financially and physically, but with the support I have gotten from EOPS I am constantly reminded and encouraged that success is possible. I need only to push for it. My name is Moses Ramirez, otherwise known as the underdog, foster youth, orphan, leader, double honor student, EOPS alumni and thanks to the assistance of EOPS, in two years I’ll be a UCLA alumni with my academic ambitions on an MBA at Stanford and a PhD at Harvard. My professional goal involves giving back to the community and starting programs to further aid both low-income standing and foster youth students, but my ultimate goal is simply being an amazing dad.

Soo Jung Shin

  • Transferred to San Jose State University
  • Nutrition Science: Dietetics major

Early registration, textbook vouchers, printing services, and academic counseling? This was an unbelievable program when I first heard about EOPS. When I first got accepted, I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my time here in De Anza College and for the rest of my life.
Navigating through the community college after high school, and working full time was a challenge. I changed my major from Art to Nutrition Science and I didn’t realize how hard these science classes were until I took them. The mandatory counselor meetings were one of the valuable EOPS supports that kept me accountable through the fast-paced quarter system. One of the biggest lessons that EOPS has taught me was I was not walking alone. The network of support through the numerous counselors and staff I had encountered, in the midst of academic and personal difficulty, provided me the encouragement to persevere through the times when I wanted to give up going to school. I realized that I had a community who cared about the student and who understood the struggles and that was important for me.

Today, I will be transferring to San Jose State University with an A.A degree for the Fall of 2017. EOPS, you guys were the major support that allows me to be the first one in my family to aim for a Bachelor’s Degree. I still got a long way, but I wouldn’t be here without the services I’ve received through EOPS program. The memories and experiences I am taking away from De Anza College, I will not forget.

I have a passion for food and nutrition because I’ve always struggled with eating. With this education, I hope to share my knowledge and inspire others to choose and enjoy foods that nourish and support their body functions.

Graciela Yanez

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Philosophy major

EOPS helped me understand the transition to college and the resources that are around me that want to help a first generation Latina succeed in the college setting. EOPS gave me resources that I am glad I was able to get because I work 40+ hours to support myself and go to school full time. They gave me useful information to help me in the educational pathway. My ultimate goal is to become a lawyer and EOPS helped me get to that goal with helping me see what ways I can seek help and what are my resources to help me reach that goal.

Jenny Nguyen

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Computer Science major

EOPS has been a tremendous help on my journey towards transferring. As a first-generation college student, guidance and support from the counselors really helped me stay informed and encouraged. There were so many things I would've never known regarding course planning and requirements if it weren't for all the appointments I've had. While the staffs are a crucial part of the program, benefits such as the printer use and book funds greatly benefited my financial situation. As I aim towards earning a B.S. in Computer Science, I hope to find a stable job to live comfortably and repay my mother for all the support she's given me through my academic career. Thank you EOPS for being there for me and helping me begin a new chapter in my journey.

Marvelyn Grace Uy Capinpin

  • Transferred to University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Psychology major

I am very grateful and I feel so blessed having this program guide me and support me during my 2 years here in De Anza. I am highly satisfied with all the services because it provided me educational advising, printer usage, book funds, free scantrons, and the free calculator service. Being the first generation and coming from a low-income family, if I did not have access to all these, I don't think I would have accomplished all my homework, exams, and projects. EOPS impacted my journey to be the best person I can be and I am proud and I feel confident tackling the real world because of this program. My ultimate goal is to be nurse. I'm going to get my bachelors degree in psychology in within a year at UCSC and then apply to a nursing program. Once I become a nurse, I'd love to give back to EOPS and affect students like me to pursue a higher education.

Neda Bagheri

  • Transferred to University of California, San Diego
  • Bioengineering major

EOPS is a great program. It was very helpful for me because I just moved from my country to here and I knew nothing about college system and transferring, so definitely I needed consultation. Great EOPS counselors advised me to move in the right path to graduate. The book vouchers were very helpful because I was low income which this money helped me to be able to purchase my books. Early registration allowed me to take my classes with the best teachers. After I transfer and get my bachelor degree, I plan to continue to get my PHD and be a researcher in biomedical engineering to design and build medical devices for those patients who are suffering of incurable diseases to make their life easier and more enjoyable.

Nhan Mai

  • Transferred to San Jose State University
  • Business Administration: Accounting Information System major

The support and services I receive from EOPS are a great contribution to my education path. My parents do not make high income so it would have been difficult for me to print, to buy books, to get priority registration and personal counseling if I did not have EOPS. Not only the services provided by EOPS are amazing, the counselors and the workers are what make me love EOPS. Everyone always puts a beautiful smile on their faces to welcome me whenever I go to EOPS office. Moreover, the counselors, especially Lily, is an amazing, thoughtful, sweet, warm person that always guides me to the right path when I do not trust myself, when I am panic for taking a hard class, and when I am almost graduating; she is always by my side. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to be a part of EOPS, and I will not take this opportunity for granted, which is the reason why I study hard and become a better person each and everyday. My goal after graduation is to work on my Bachelor in Accounting Information System, to obtain a CPA certification, and to work in accounting firms. EOPS, the wonderful people and services make a big impact in my life, and I want to give back to other people and to our society just like how EOPS has helped me. So thank you EOPS for making me become who I am today. I love EOPS!

Pancho Antonio

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Sociology major

Ever since I moved to De Anza College, I was wondering how am I going to get financial support. Thanks to the many programs that I found here that supported me in many ways to succeed in college. EOPS was one of the most memorable one that I have in mind now, not only because it gave me vouchers to buy my books because each of the staff members treated me as their family. Especially, I want to appreciate one person that contributed a lot in my educational goal to succeed. She listened to my story, and she gave me her advice; she was there with a big smile. Even though I did not have any family in this country, she was like part of my family and ready to encourage me every single day. Her motivation made my day to move forward with my education. “I want to appreciate all your support, Melinda Hughes”. You were and you are my best friend. Thanks for everything you have done in the community, and I will never forget what you did for me. My experiences as an immigrant have shaped my commitment towards reaching my goals. I have learned to love myself. My hopes, dreams, and even my most painful memories; during the course of my journey, refusing to let anybody put me down or to settle for less. I have come to understand that no matter what culture you come from, your dreams and goals should not change; instead, they should serve as a guide in a world that is increasingly changing. Thanks to EOPS program and each of the wonderful people who work here. I appreciate each of your contribution; thanks for giving me your time and your dedication. Without this program, I could not have done my studies. You guided me throughout my path to get higher education and thanks to all of you today, I am graduating and transferring to UC Berkeley in order to work in the education field and give the best quality of education in my community.

Sara Elhaj

  • Transferred to San Jose State University
  • Health Science major

My De Anza experience was great because of EOPS. I am an immigrant and the first person to go to college from my family, so I was confused and lost in planning my academic map. I was so stressed that I couldn’t sleep at night. The first day I talked to Truly was the day I realized that there is someone who actually cares about my career and I can definitely say because of her I didn’t give up. Truly Hunter is the most amazing person I have ever met; she genuinely cares about her students. She encouraged and supported me all the way till the end. I have no words how to thank her. In addition, early registration, book funds, and computer/printer use were the biggest support for my success. I will always recommend EOPS for anyone. My education path is to get my bachelors' degree in health science administration and do my masters in public health and improve the health of families and communities through promotion of healthy lifestyles. And lastly, I would like to thank each and every single person who made EOPS available for us.

Vanessa Palafox

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Psychology major

EOPS has helped me tremendously from my first quarter at De Anza to my very last. Right out of high school it was hard for my family to support me financially. So, receiving help with book funds from EOPS really motivated me to continue with my studies. Early registration also helped me get into the classes that I needed in order to not waste time or money. Closer to the end of my experience at De Anza, the university transfer workshop services helped me, a first generation college attendee, feel confident with the application process for universities. What helped me most was the support I received from the academic planning and counseling. This service overall helped me become more organized with my life, studies, and reminded me that I had a plan to follow and accomplish. Now that I have accomplished all my goals at De Anza College with the support of EOPS, I am forever grateful to the program. My ultimate goal is to become a child psychologist, and I plan to do this at the University of California Davis where I will be transferring this fall.

Shahrzad Rahgozar

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Chemical Engineering major

EOPS program was very helpful program and was very beneficial for me in my educational path at De Anza College. In my first year at De Anza I was not an EOPS student and I did not have any idea about this program and its services. One day I was sad about not getting into my ESL class, my friend asked me, you don't have a priority registration date? Aren't you part of the EOPS Program? I said no. So, she gave me some information about EOPS and its services and I decided to register for EOPS program. After I became an EOPS student my life changed. I had no stress about not getting in the classes that I needed. Furthermore, besides the priority registration date, I got book funds that helped me financially to buy my books. Also, EOPS program had very helpful and patient counselors that helped me to figure out what classes I need for my major in order to transfer. Overall, I can say that EOPS became like a family for me that helped me a lot to reach my goals and I am going to miss all of the people who were working and helping low income and first generation students like me. My goal is to go to UCD in fall 2017 and then try to get my master and then get a job as a chemical engineer. Also, I want to mention that all of the good experiences in EOPS caused me to apply for EOP program in my university to get their help for my educational path.

Brian Han

  • Transferred to San Jose State University
  • Business Administration: Finance major

The entire EOPS experience has been nothing but beneficial to my success. Before I started college, I had a great amount of anxiety hearing my upperclassmen struggle with getting the classes that they want and how expensive books were. With EOPS, all of that stress dispersed because I was able to get into every class I ever needed since joining the program, along with every book I needed for my classes regardless of whether I had to buy or rent the books. There were also times in my college career where I would forget to do an assignment and needed a printer on the spot and EOPS was always there for me. Not only are the economic advantages of EOPS useful, the program also offered me great guidance throughout my entire college experience. Without the regular meetings that I had with the counselors, who could say that I would have been on the right track to transfer within two years. Even when it was not related to school or what classes I had to take, the idle talk with the counselors whenever I really needed it was a great benefit of EOPS, instead of having to wait weeks for an appointment with a regular school counselor. I do not feel like I can say this enough, but EOPS was one of my greatest benefactors to smoothly integrate towards my transfer to my university of choice and they rooted for me all the way. Whenever I hear that someone is going to De Anza looking for programs to join, I say that looking into the EOPS program is a must.

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