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Disability Support Programs & Services Division

Disability Support Programs & Services (DSP&S) Welcome

De Anza College established its first programs for students with disabilities in 1973, making the college among the earliest in California to do so.

Today the Division serves more than 1,600 students each year.


Our Mission

The mission of the Disability Support Programs and Services Division (formerly called the Special Education Division) is to ensure access to the college's curriculum, facilities and programs and to promote student success in realizing individual educational and vocational goals.


See below for brief program overviews and contact information.

Programs and Services

The Disability Support Programs and Services Division Includes four on- and off- campus programs offering a comprehensive array of accommodations, special classes
and support services


Student Studying at EDC

For Students with Learning Disabilities
Assessment, Accommodations and Services to
Promote Success in College Courses

Office Location: LCW 110
Phone: 408.864.8839
Program Contact: Kim Fukuyama
Web site:


female student on weight machine

Fitness Classes for Students with Disabilities
Adapted Exercise, Aquatics and Outdoor Education

Office Location: Classes - PE 13 Office - PE 666
Phone: 408.864.8885
Program Contact: Melissa Sheldon
Web site:


student at DSS desk with secretary

For Students with Physical, Psychological, Sensory Impairments, ADD/ADHD, & Other Disabilities
Accommodations and Services, including Sign Language Interpreting/Captioning and Assistive Technology

DSS Location: SCS 41

Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748


Program Contact: Patricia Whelan
Web site:

Deaf Services Location: SCS 25

Phone: 408.864.8755 (V/VP)


Web site:

student at DSS desk with secretary

For Students with Developmental Disabilities
Off-Campus Sites Offering Work Preparation and Support

HOPE-De Anza: Whittier  || 1555 Parkmoor Ave. San Jose, CA 95128
HOPE-De Anza:  Alfred || 3080 Alfred St.  Santa Clara, CA 95128
Program Contact: Monica Sheirich Web site:
Phone: 408.282.0427

Other Contact Information

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Building: Advance Technology Center (ATC), Suite 209
Contact: Marilyn Booye
Phone: 408.864.8407

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