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Language and CommunicationExplore new ways to communicate and connect. Learn to persuade, speak new languages and discover methods of story-telling.

The Language and Communication Village includes programs that offer degrees or certificates from De Anza, and programs that offer courses you may be able to apply toward a four-year degree if you transfer.

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Does This Describe You?

If you agree with some or all of these statements, the Language and Communication Village might be right for you!

  • I embrace diverse perspectives and ideas, seeking to understand people who have had other experiences. 
  • I want to use my communication skills to raise awareness, challenge perspectives, and inspire transformative action in individuals and communities. 
  • I can adjust my communication style to effectively connect with different individuals and audiences. 
  • I enjoy reading and writing and want to do more of both.
  • I want to interact with and understand people from other cultures.
  • I believe it’s important for people to be informed about the world and actions that affect them.
  • I like to speak or perform in front of people. 
  • I am, or want to be, multilingual.  

Check Out Your Village Center and Canvas Site

The Language and Communication Village Space is in Room L 47, facing the L Quad in the L4 Building. (See the Village Centers map.) It's a place on campus where you'll find a community of students, faculty and staff members who share your interests, along with services and resources that are relevant to your major. You'll also find:

  • Wi-Fi and charging outlets
  • Instructors holding office hours
  • Counselors offering drop-in consultations
  • Work space for individuals and small groups
  • Events and activities
  • ... and more!

Village Center Hours

We're open Monday through Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., except during summer.

Village Canvas Site

Each of the Villages also has its own Canvas site, where you'll find announcements, resources and other useful information

  • Once you're logged in, look for an invitation to join your Village Canvas site.
  • If you don't see an invitation in Canvas, use the online "Join Your Village" form to make sure we have your information. 


Explore the programs in your Village. Click each link to visit department websites and learn about courses, degrees and certificates. Check the program maps showing which courses to take each quarter to reach your goal.

Explore Academic Programs

Find Support!

Each Village has a Success Team of designated counselors and experts who can help you with services and resources that are relevant to your major and goals – so you can succeed! Check the list of contacts for your Village. 

Find Resources and Support

Get Involved!

The Language and Communication village is a supportive community of students, faculty and staff with similar interests. Each village offers events, career panels and fun activities keyed to your major and related subjects. 

Get Involved In Your Village

Explore Academic Programs

Click these links to visit the department or program website, where you'll find information about courses, instructors and the requirements for earning a degree or certificate

You can also check the degree and transfer maps for different programs. These maps will show you which courses to take, quarter by quarter, so you can work efficiently to reach your goal – whether it’s earning a degree or certificate, or transferring to a university in your major. You'll find these posted on the list of all academic programs: Click the name of the subject or program and then click to view the "Degree Map" or "Transfer Map" for the subject you're interested in.

Check degree and transfer maps

Find Support – With Your Village Success Team!

The Language and Communication Village Success Team is a group of counselors, advisers and other experts who are ready to help you.

First: Click the Red Box and Check for Your Program

  • Some programs and Learning Communities have designated counselors. Click to open the red box and check to see if your program or community is listed, then follow the links to get their contact information.
  • If you're not in one of these programs, your Success Team includes the Outreach or General Counseling Center counselors listed below.

Program + Learning Community Counselors

Here is a list of programs and Learning Communities with contact information for the designated counselors for the Language and Communication Village.


Career Training

De Anza College Promise

Disability Support Services

  • Leeann Emanuel, Kevin Glapion, Esther Halwani, Bianca Melendez or Anita Vazifdar – counselors

English Performance Success 

EOPS: Extended Opportunities Programs and Services


Foster Youth: Guardian Scholars or NextUP

FYE: First Year Experience

Humanities Mellon Scholars


International Student Programs

LEAD: Latinx Empowerment at De Anza

MPS: Math Performance Success

Men of Color Community

Pride Center

Puente Project

Retention (Academic Probation)

Rising Scholars

Transfer Center

Umoja Community

Veteran Services

Outreach Counselors (New Students)

If you're not in a program with its own counselor, and you're a new student in your first or second quarter at De Anza, you can see one of these counselors for the Language and Communication Village:

  • Choose one of these counselors: Ashley Flores, Norma Guido Flores, Anna Nguyen or Chai Schweikert

General Counseling Center

If you're not in a program with its own counselor, and you're a continuing student who has completed at least two quarters, you can see one of these counselors for the Language and Communication Village:

  • Choose one of these counselors: Robert Alexander, Barbara Dahlke or Pauline Wethington

Get Involved!

  • Each village offers workshops, events and other activities that are keyed to your major and related subjects. 
  • You can find more details about upcoming events on your Village Canvas site.


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