Campus Access Request Form

Faculty members, classified professionals and administrators may request to use their office space on an occasional basis if they wish, during the phased reopening of the campus. This is an option only – not a requirement for most employees. Requests from those who work in an open or common space and not a private office will require closer review for safety reasons.

For One-Time Visits

You must use the Optimum HQ health status reporting system if you are making a one-time visit to the campus, following the procedures outlined on the Foothill-De Anza district website.

Those who wish to work occasionally in their office must adhere to all current health protocols, including

  • Wearing a mask – required at all times while on campus
  • Maintaining social distancing of at least six feet
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Using the Optimum HQ App for each visit

Due to limited resources and safety considerations

  • Trash will not be collected in individual offices. You must dispose of your trash in an outdoor bin. Food garbage left inside may attract insects and rodents.
  • Individual office cleaning will be limited.
  • Water fountains and water bottle filling stations will not be available.
  • Food will not be available.
  • Some restrooms may be closed.
  • Some buildings may not be heated or cooled to comfort levels.
  • Police response to calls may be slower than typical.

To complete the online request form, please click the yellow bar below. Use your Foothill-De Anza district ( email address. Requests will be reviewed and considered generally within 10 days of receipt.

Campus Access Request Form

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