REACH stands for Reading, English, Athletics, Counseling and Humanities. We're a Learning Community for Student-Athletes at De Anza College.  


  • A supportive network of instructors, counselors and coaches dedicated to student success
  • A linked curriculum of counseling, reading, writing and humanities classes
  • A chance for student-athletes to work together in an open, collaborative environment
  • A foundation to succeed at both De Anza and a four-year institution.

Apply to Join REACH

  • How to Join

    Here's how to join REACH

  • What to Expect

    REACH is a one-year program covering fall, winter and spring quarter

    • Fall Courses: EWRT 1A + LART and KNES 47
    • Winter Courses: EWRT 2 and HUMI 1​
    • Spring Course: MATH 10 – MPS (Math Performance Success)

    Additional elements include

    • Regular attendance and participation
    • Progress reports two times a quarter
    • Mandatory study hall – one hour each week
  • Any Questions?

    We're happy to answer questions! Contact:


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Outstanding Student-Athletes in 2020-21

Congratulations to these amazing student-athletes in this year's REACH program!! They worked extremely hard all year and we wanted to recognize you for your amazing work and dedication to your academics. Keep up the good work!

  • Raven Alcantara

  • Adrien Andrade

  • Nathan Dean

  • Sosefo Moeaki

  • Sophia Roman

  • Jeffrey Sampson

  • Josue Torres

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