Students who have satisfactorily completed a class for the maximum allowable times may be able to audit a class for no credit. 

More Information

See the following board policies and administrative procedures of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District:

Auditing carries no privilege other than to attend classes. Students do not receive credit for an audited course. Instructors have no obligation to grade tests or other class assignments submitted by an auditor; however, an instructor may permit an auditor to participate in class discussions.

Students enrolling for credit will have priority over auditors until the second week of the course, at which time auditors may enroll on a space available basis.

Students wishing to audit should contact the instructor. If the instructor approves, they will submit the necessary form to the Admissions and Records Office.

A nonrefundable fee of $10 per unit is assessed for audited classes; however, there is no charge for the first five units of an audited course for students enrolled in 15 or more quarter units for credit.

No student auditing a course shall be permitted to change their enrollment to receive credit for the course. Course audits may not be approved to override repetition rules.

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