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The De Anza College Planetarium has served the Silicon Valley community for more than 45 years. Each year, more than 2,700 college Astronomy students and over 23,000 K-12 students make the Planetarium their home for astronomical inspiration. The Infinium-S star machine and digital full-dome production systems render the night sky and astronomical phenomena in brilliant detail, creating an immersive sensory learning experience that targets all learning styles under one dome.

As stewards of the Planetarium, it is our wish and our hope to be able to provide this gift of learning to all schools and all students regardless of financial status. We have created a fund specifically designed to cover the field trip costs for students of Title I schools as well as to assist in transportation costs to and from the Planetarium.

  • $5 covers the cost of a single Title I K-12 student’s field trip experience.
  • $650 covers the cost of every seat in the theater for a single Title I field trip.
  • $1500 allows us to help cover the cost of transportation for a 130-student Title I field trip and to provide a comprehensive learning experience for all students.

In partnership,

Sam Bliss
Dean, Community Education
De Anza College

The De Anza College Planetarium is fully and solely funded through donations and ticket sales.  With the Planetarium facility closed for the time being due to the pandemic, the Planetarium programs need your help now more than ever.  Donate today and help us reopen as soon as it is safe. 

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