About the Program

The Native American and Indigenous Studies program offers courses aimed at exploring the histories, politics and social issues that native peoples face in the United States, including land dispossession, genocide, discrimination and social inequity.

This exploration includes Native American contributions to the arts, literature and religion, as well as current activist movements such as land restoration, food sovereignty movements, cultural conservation and revitalization, and more.  

Courses Offered

Courses are not offered every quarter. Contact Debbie Lee, dean of Intercultural and International Studies, by emailing leedebbie@deanza.edu to find out when a course will be offered. 

  • NAIS 11: Native American Contemporary Society 
  • NAIS 12: Ethnic Studies and the Historical Experiences of Native Americans (this course meets the IGETC Area 7 and CSU GE Area F Ethnic Studies requirement)
  • NAIS 13: Survey of Native American Arts 
  • NAIS 14: Native American Religious Traditions 
  • NAIS 15: Native American Literature 
  • NAIS 16: California Native Americans 
  • NAIS 31: Introduction to Pacific Islander History and Culture 

See the Course Information webpage for detailed course descriptions and more information about ethnic studies courses at De Anza.

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