Our Mission

The Math Performance Success (MPS) program aims to help all underrepresented students meet their goals by improving student success in math through innovative and collaborative approaches including extended lecture time, in-class tutoring, and embedded counseling services.

 Interested in joining us in Spring 2023?

MPS application is closed at this time. Please reach out to mps@fhda.edu if you are interested in the MPS Program.

Course Offerings in Spring 2023

CRN  Course  Title Time Days Format/Room Instructor
01214 MATH 10  INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS 08:30 AM-10:20 AM MTWThF ONLINE Stachnick, Gregory
47389 MATH 10 INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS 10:30 AM-12:20 PM MTWTh ONLINE Ganeshalingam, Usha
46110 MATH 10 INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS 01:30 PM-03:45 PM MTWTh MLC 260 In-person Geraghty, Maurice
47291 MATH 31 PRECALCULUS I 9:30 AM-11:20 AM MTWTh MLC108 In-person

Judson, Zachary


47301 MATH 32 PRECALCULUS II 1:30 PM-3:45 PM



S16 In-person


Jimenez, John
43701 MATH 1A CALCULUS I 10:30 AM-12:20 PM MTWTh ONLINE Viswanadha, Yogeswari
48274 MATH 1A CALCULUS 9:30 AM-11:20 AM MTWTh MLC113 In-person  Nguyen, Vinh
41838 MATH 1B CALCULUS 10:30 AM-12:20 PM MW MLC103 In-person Rashid, Nahrin (THIS CLASS IS FULL)

With the Math Performance Success (MPS) program, you'll find a team of instructors, counselors and tutors who work closely with students to provide a supportive environment and help them succeed in Math.


If you have had a tough time with math in the past, MPS can help!


MPS students receive:

  • Extra class time 
  • Tutoring services (Inside and outside of the classroom)
  • Academic, career, and personal counseling services (Inside and outside of the classroom)
  • Calculator loan
  • Program activities (i.e., workshops and field trips)
  • Mindfulness training inside the classroom

Courses Offered         

  • Math 10: Statistics and Probability
  • Math 31 and Math 32: PreCalculus
  • Math 1A: Calculus
  • Math 1B: Calculus

2022 MPS End of the Year Celebration 

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