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Our Mission

Breaking Isolation: Self-Care, and Community Care tools For HEFAS Students

In moments of grief, crisis, and trauma we need the support of each other in order to thrive, and survive. This Mental Health Program is dedicated to the psychological needs of our undocumented student community. We are here to offer services that are not exclusive to the undocumented community, but also open our arms to embrace, share,  and heal with other communties as well.  We are obliged to uplift, honor, and hold space for resiliency, to continue the plight of survival, and as a reminder of your worth, and that no one in the community is disposable. In a time and place where you may feel hurt, suppressed, and silenced, let us come together, and radically turn to our neighbors with love. HEFAS offers an opportunity to support each other's wellness. We must remember to share resources, and practice strategies for grounding, support, resilience, transformation, and accountability.

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Events and Programing

De-stigmatize Mental Health

  • Normalize mental health as a social justice issue by breaking down the barriers and seeking help.
  • Suspend judgement of yourself, and others to allow the space for healing. 
  • Keep in mind that those who seem the “strongest” are in need of the most support. Undocumented Students, and other marginalized communities deserve a space where they can just be
  • Reach Out, Check in, and share the load.

Mental health resources for undocumented folk and others.

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Mental Health Connecter

Visit Immigrants Rising for additional mental health support.

Meet the Team

Elena Fe Cervantes: Pronouns: They/Them, I am a Latino student currently attending Deanza College with hopes of studying social psychology at USF. I am a huge advocate of community healing given how it has helped me in my personal, and academic goals. Given my battle of chronic depression, I wish to offer a space for anyone where they are able to present themselves without shame, and to serve as a reminder that your community will not let you go through grief, and hurt alone. I use many artistic mediums for healing. Recently, I have turned to poetry, and sharing my work has been the most vulnerable and healing thing I have ever done. I am so open to listen, and share with others. These days during quarantine, prioritizing self-care is really hard, but the support that has been made accessible to me, has really made the days warmer. I hope you are all as excited about this new program as much as I. Can’t wait to develop new bonds, and friends!


Murphy Song: I am a first-year Psychology / Cognitive Science major international student at Foothill. I hope to pursue a career as a psychological counselor in the future. When I was in high school, two of my best friends suffered from depression but I couldn't really help. Every time they came to me and told me how upset and hopeless they felt about their life, family, and study, I could only listen to them and say some comforting words. However, their situation did not turn out better after chatting with me. I felt guilty that I was their best friend but I couldn't really help. From that time, I decided to learn more professional knowledge about depression and mental health to help people around me. With more psychology knowledge I learned, I am trying to train myself as a supportive listener, a problem analyst, and a professional advisor. Being a Wellness Ambassador gives me a great opportunity to help others who are suffering from mental illness as well as raising the public awareness of mental health. I can prepare myself to be a mental health worker and introduce our school's psychological programs to more people to let them know how nice they are at the same time.

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