Four Work Teams

During the summer of 2021 through spring of 2022, much of the important work in establishing Guided Pathways at De Anza was carried out by four interdisciplinary work teams:

  • The Intersegmental Team worked with local high schools and adult education centers on strategies to better prepare their students for college-level classes
  • The Student Focus Team gathered student input on Guided Pathways initiatives, with special emphasis on reaching out to students from historically underserved populations
  • The Student-Ready Rapid Response Team examined data and looks for new ways the college can meet students’ needs
  • The Village Teams helped coordinate new communities of interest, based on the six meta-majors, with the goal of building deeper connections among students, faculty and other employees

On this page you'll find more information about the four teams:

Intersegmental Team

The Intersegmental Team is partnering with Math, English and ESL instructors at local high schools and adult education centers to devise strategies – including aligning curriculum, clarifying expectations and  building bridges of support – for making students better prepared for college-level work. Members include:

  • Jayme Brown, Bookstore – Team Lead
  • Vinh Nguyễn, Instructor, Math
  • Iva Tracey, Instructor, ESL 
  • Jasmina Topalovic, Instructor, ESL
  • Felisa Vilaubi, Counselor, EPS
  • Julie Wilson, Instructor, English
  • Fatemeh Yaramadi, Instructor, Math

Student Focus Team

The Student Focus Group Team is working to engage students in Guided Pathways initiatives and gather qualitative input from students, especially those who are most marginalized, to help shape current and future Guided Pathways initiatives. Members include:

  • Diana Alves de Lima, Student Success Center
  • Lakshmi Auroprem, Library
  • Lisa Castro, Counselor, Transfer Center 
  • Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, College Life – Co-Team Lead
  • Adriana Garcia, Equity and Engagement – Co-Team Lead
  • Erika Flores, Outreach
  • Mary Medrano, Intercultural Studies
  • Liliana Rivera,  Counselor, Puente 

Student-Ready Rapid Response Team (S3R)

This S3R team will refine and reimagine ways the campus can be more student-ready, especially mid- and post-pandemic, by thinking deeply and inductively about qualitative and quantitative data; examining what we already do well and what the gaps are; finding creative ways to offer classes and services to meet students’ needs; and proactively reaching out to the most marginalized students to help them enter and stay on the path towards meeting their educational goals. Members include:

  • Jovanah Arrington, Athletics
  • Sal Breiter, Instructor, Humanities
  • Karen Chow, Instructor, English
  • Walter Gonzalez, ETS – Co-Team Lead
  • Claudia Guzman, Professional Development
  • Julie Keiffer-Lewis, Instructor, Intercultural Studies
  • Mary Pape, Instructor, Computer Information Systems – Co-Team Lead
  • Jesus Ruelas, Counselor, Outreach 
  • Nina Van, Financial Aid

Village Teams

The Village Teams are organized around the six meta-majors. Members are working to imagine, create and organize communities of interest that practice the six key factors that research has linked to student success – ensuring that students are directed, focused, nurtured, engaged, connected and valued. The Village Teams will also provide ways for the entire De Anza campus – students, classified professionals, faculty members and administrators – as well as our larger communities to engage with each other more consistently and deeply by connecting through common areas of academic interest. Members include:

Co-Team Leads

  • Anu Khanna, Instructor, Communication Studies
  • Brian Malone, Instructor, English
  • Artistic Expression

  • Business and Finance

  • Health and Life Sciences

  • Language and Communications

  • Physical Sciences and Technology

  • Social Sciences and Humanities

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