Guided Pathways: Stay On the Path

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De Anza provides many resources to support students while they are on an academic pathway – including supplemental instructional support, student service support and real-life support to help students succeed in their education.

Here are some examples of recent work the college has done to expand support for students and assist them in staying on the path to success.

AB 705 Work

Responding to AB 705, a state mandate, the Math and English departments redesigned their curriculum so that all students begin at transfer-level college courses in mathematics and English composition. To ensure that students continued to receive needed support, the departments engaged in numerous discussions and curricular revisions, while collaborating with support services such as the tutorial centers, counseling and special programs, and restructuring placement policies to maximize a student’s potential to succeed in a course.

College Website Redesign

The Office of Communications redesigned the college website in 2017, adopting a more streamlined format to make it easier for students to find the resources they need. For example, new pages bring together all the academic programs in one place and all of the student service resources in another. 

Canvas Announcements to Students

The Guided Pathways Core Team is exploring the possibility of using the the Canvas Announcements function to push information about student and instructional support services to students. This would involve creating a Canvas shell with announcements that are coordinated with weeks in the quarter in which students might most need particular services. Instructors could then copy the shell to their own classes and have the announcements automatically go out to students throughout the quarter.

Winter Event

A portion of the winter 2021 Guided Pathways event will be devoted to examining ways in which services across the campus help assist students achieve their academic goals.  While we have many resources for students, one of the main objectives of this event is to help employees learn more about resources outside their own areas. The more we know about what our campus offers, the more we can help students know what we offer.

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