General Meeting Information

Date: May 5, 2022
Time: 1:30-3 p.m.
Location: Online

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30-1:35 p.m. Welcome and introductions I/D All
    1:35-1:40 p.m. Approval of minutes I/D/A All
    1:40-1:50 p.m. Update on Online Education positions I/D Spatafore/Pape/Harrell
    1:50-2:20 p.m. Tech Plan updates I/D All
    2:20-2:30 p.m. Update on HyFlex classrooms I/D Ray
    2:30-3 p.m.

    Standing updates

    • Accessibility
    • Banner Student
    • ETS
    • ETS Project Scheduling
    • Online Education Advisory Committee



    • All
    • Harrell
    • Hadsell
    • Grey
    • Gainer/Garrido

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Anderson, Diaz, Gainer, Galoyan, Garrido, Grey, Hadsell, Harrell (tri-chair), Kaur, Lakshmanan, Luciw, Owiesny, Pape (tri-chair), Ray, Seale (notes), Spatafore (tri-chair)

    Welcome and introductions

    Hadsell briefly introduced himself to Kaur. Spatafore noted that the committee still doesn't have a student representative but is hoping to have student representation soon now that there's a new student administration.

    Approval of minutes

    Minutes from the February meeting were approved.

    Update on Online Education positions

    College Council accepted the committee's recommendation. In addition to filling Heidi King’s vacancy as instructional designer, there will be an additional hire for an instructional designer.

    IPBT requested that one-time monies be used to hire a dean to support Online Education. It was also agreed that next year when it's time to decide whether to make the position permanent, instructional money would be used to suppport that position. The temporary funding for the Online Education dean position is from HEERF through July 2023.

    There’s also a search a faculty coordinator of equity in the Online Education division. This position was previously approved.

    Tech Plan updates

    Goal Description Accomplishments
    Goal 1: Increase Overall Student Access to Technology for Learning and Services Includes but not limited to the provision of laptops for students, and other devices as necessary; software and software as a service (SAAS) as appropriate, both required and that would enhance the student experience; continuous technical improvement of communications resources including the website, app and portal; and classroom equipment to support student learning and engagement in evolving modalities, with classroom needs documented through updated classroom standards, program review and the Facilities Condition Assessment
    • Enhanced and improved student forms by completing transitioning to AdobeSign (Galoyan)
    • The new graduation application online form is live (Galoyan, Spatafore)
    • Students are able to request digital diplomas (Galoyan)
    • Registration and simultaneous polling of Enrollment Day attendees to inform college planning (Spatafore)
    • Lots of ongoing multimedia refreshes in computer labs, etc. (Hadsell)
    • Development of assessment process for potential HyFlex classrooms (Luciw)
    • Flea Market integration with vendor registration system (Hadsell)
    • New software ("ARMS") for Athletics team management is in the pilot phase (Owiesny, Galoyan)
    • "Healthy Roster" app is also being used for secure communication between athletes and athletics trainers for reporting health status, injuries (Owiesny)
    • Ongoing technology assistance for students offered through the Library's online help desk (Kaur)
    • Early positive reports on the Early Alert system (Kaur)
    Goal 2: Increase and Enhance Faculty and Staff Professional Development and Training Includes but not limited to robust training and related communication about the trainings based on faculty and classified professional feedback, including to holistically improve online pedagogy and pedagogy in the use of technology tools, including in evolving modalities and accessibility training
    • Made recommendation to College Council regarding fully staffing the Online Education Center
    • Partners in Learning Conference is set to return online with the theme of "From Screen to Seen: Emerging Practices for Engagement in the New Normal" (Spatafore)
    • Ongoing conversations about increasing opportunities for professional development (Ray)
    • DSS counselor presented about the accommodations process in Academic Senate (Lakshmanan)
    • Professional development activities related to OER were conducted through Guided Pathways Villages (Ray)
    • Curriculum office has developed training for eLumen (Pape)
    Goal 3: Continue Work to Ensure Accessibility Includes but not limited to implementation of SAAS to support an equitable teaching and learning environment; researching strategies and emerging technologies and implementing as appropriate; ongoing ensuring of accessibility in instructional and communications tools
    • SensusAccess has been implemented (Lakshmanan); Spatafore noted that the Office of Communications will work to increase awareness about this tool, starting with adding a note to the Tech Tools page
    • DSS counselor presented about the accommodations process in Academic Senate (Lakshmanan)
    • Ongoing accessibility improvements for MyPortal (Hadsell)
    • College web administrator Alex Harrell is pursuing ongoing education through staff development leave, which will include international certifications in online accessibility (Harrell)
    Goal 4: Enhance Communication and Collaboration with ETS to Achieve Evolving Priority College Objectives

    Strategy to include monthly small-group meetings of Tech Committee and ETS leadership, with updates as requested, on college-identified priorities including but not limited to

    • Ubiquitous, functioning Wi-Fi, including on Athletics fields and in parking lots
    • Upgraded technology for employees, including shorter personal technology refresh cycle of three years, as appropriate
    • Improving communication, including of system and software availability and changes
    • Development and support of peripheral loan program to address additional needs, such as doc cams, iPads for whiteboards, etc.
    • College-identified projects that
      • Directly affect student success or the student experience, particularly timely requests via expert administrators
      • Address regulatory issues
    • Smooth collaboration on a number of projects, some mentioned above — i.e. Flea Market vendor registration, A&R updates, HyFlex classrooms, etc. (Spatafore)
    • Ongoing refresh of computer lab and classrooms in the ATC building with scheduling and planning in collaboration with the ETS (Pape)
    • ETS working to update their website with more relevant information for the district (Hadsell)
    • Completed work with ETS on moving footnoting system exclusively to Banner (Harrell)

    During the review of Tech Plan accomplishments, Kaur expressed an interest in more advanced training for faculty in terms of inclusive design and accessibility beyond the basics. Kaur noted that with full staffing of Online Education, it would be good to work toward having more courses aligned with the OEI rubric and for the college to be a significant presence in the world of online education. 

    Before the HyFlex item, Harrell and Pape presented updates about eLumen. The process has been long but Pape and Harrell envision that things will run much more efficiently once it is fully integrated. Harrell and Ray noted that staff in the curriculum office have been instrumental in guiding eLumen through the implementation process.

    Update on HyFlex classrooms

    Ray presented about HyFlex rooms that are currently in development. He noted that there are also plans to look into other potential HyFlex rooms, though supply chain issues are being taken into consideration, among other factors. 

    Standing updates

    • Lakshmanan noted that the accessibility lab is set to be refreshed over the summer


    Banner Student
    • Galoyan shared that SSB9 (Self-Service Banner 9) is in the testing phase; Galoyan encouraged faculty and staff to throughly test and provide feedback
      • SSB8 will be migrating to SSB9
    • DegreeWorks is in the process of moving to a new interface too


    • The eTranscript service has been integrated with Parchment and should be going live soon
    • The True/Preferred Name Change process for students has been streamlined
      • Hadsell noted that ETS is working on smoothing out the process for employees
    • Hadsell shared that multifactor authentification has started to be rolled out, so far to around 500 users, and to all full-time employees soon


    ETS Project Scheduling

    This item was deferred.

    Online Education Advisory Committee

    This item was deferred.

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