General Meeting Information

Date: October 7, 2021
Time: 1:30-3 p.m.
Location: Online

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30-1:35 p.m. Welcome and Introductions I/D All
    1:35-1:40 p.m. Approval of Minutes I/D/A All
    1:40-2 p.m. Review final draft Technology Plan document I/D/A All
    2-2:05 p.m. Next steps:
    • Overview at Senior Staff Conversation and Q&A
    • Open presentation
    • College Council presentation and approval
    I/D All
    2:05-2:35 p.m. Standing updates
    • Accessibility
    • Banner Student
    • ETS
    • ETS Project Scheduling
    • Online Education Advisory Committee


    • All
    • Harrell
    • Moreau/Luciw
    • Grey
    • Gainer/Garrido

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Roland Amit, Ray Brennan, Stephanie Anderson, Juan Diaz, Brandon Gainer, David Garrido, Pam Grey, Alex Harrell (tri-chair), Lydia Hearn, Shri Lakshmanan, Sharon Luciw, Joe Moreau, Mary Pape (tri-chair), Iman Seale (notes), Marisa Spatafore (tri-chair)

    Approval of minutes

    The June minutes were approved. 

    Review final draft Technology Plan document

    Committee members reviewed the document. Spatafore noted that there are a couple minor changes to be made. Spatafore also noted updates toward the beginning of the new Tech Plan, including mention of Guided Pathways on the overview page.

    Next steps

    Overview at Senior Staff Conversation and Q&A: Spatafore proposed previewing the Tech Plan at the next Senior Staff Conversation and Q&A Zoom meeting.

    Open presentation: Spatafore suggested sharing the plan to the campus community in an open presentation on Thursday, Oct. 21, following the Senior Staff Q&A.

    College Council presentation and approval: Spatafore stated that the Tech Plan could then be brought to College Council for their next meeting on Thursday, Oct. 28. Moving forward from this point, the next steps would be implementation.

    The remaining tri-chairs, Harrell and Pape, were in agreement with these next steps. 

    Standing Updates

    Spatafore and Moreau provided updates on an ongoing Department of Finance technology audit. 

    • Lakshmanan provided an update about ongoing work on training presentations for faculty, including some new topics
    • Harrell noted that he, Brandon Bailey and Iman Seale provided training on how to promote events accessibly
    Banner Student
    • Moreau gave an update on ongoing work to prepare for the next generation Banner product and noted that there has been collaboration with student services as they prepare.
    • Moreau also noted that there is ongoing work on integrating third-party products.
    • Moreau stated that they are still awaiting the full project timeline from Ellucian, at which point there will need to be a meeting to determine whether the timeline is feasible. There is not a definitive end date but it will likley be late 2022. 
    • Moreau added that there are plans to work closely with Foundation colleagues to implement new tools for fundraising, analysis of donations, communications with donors, among others. 
    • Harrell noted that there has also been lots of preparation for the Bookstore transition. Moreau added that Follett's system uses the cloud but they've never integrated with a cloud-based ERP which will require more planning on their part.
    • Hearn raised a question about whether Follett would link with Canvas, saying that faculty should have input into whether such a link appears. Spatafore said that she, Harrell or Grey would raise this with the Follett representative. Brennan noted that at another college with which he is familiar, students can get their textbooks through a link that Follett has on Canvas, but most instructors opt not to use this feature.
    • Moreau provided a general overview on WiFi expansion, including pre-bid and post-bid expansions. Luciw will post this information. Moreau estimated that specifications for the bid could be done by the end of the calendar year. 
    • Moreau stated that another big project for ETS is fraud prevention. Moreau noted that the district's procedures on this have become a model for other colleges. 
    Online Education Advisory Committee
    • Garrido provided an update about the last OAC meeting, stating that it was more of an introductory meeting. Regular meetings have not resumed for the new academic year yet.

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