De Anza College Technology Plan: 

tech plan coverEquity served as a guidepost in the development of this Technology Plan, modeling on the equity focus in the Educational Master Plan (EMP) 2015-2020, which provides overarching direction for all campus planning...

The three-year span of the Technology Plan reflects the campus’ understanding that technology needs and capabilities are constantly changing and require regular review to offer the most effective services to students, faculty and staff. The period also allows the campus to regularly assess the implications of the goals and adjust future planning needs to meet changing technology needs and trends.

The college Technology Plan, together with that of sister college Foothill, will inform the development of the District Technology Plan, which will respond to the goals and needs of the colleges providing instruction and services to students.

From the Preface by President Brian Murphy

“... While technology is a tremendous asset, it is also incumbent on us to mitigate what can be its tendency to increase distance in our daily work of teaching and learning, particularly in online courses and degrees. Improving the success rates of students engaged in online learning is critical.

"And while our own surveys demonstrate that most students have smartphones and either tablets or laptops, it is also crucial for us to recognize the digital divide that remains—a true equity issue. We address this in part through the provision of well-equipped labs, and in initiating the distribution of tablets in some cohorts and classes. This Technology Plan, following the lead of the Educational Master Plan, intentionally focuses on equity issues ...”

President Murphy with students

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