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Recommendation for College Council

This item was approved by College Council on Feb. 17, 2022:

"As an advisory committee to College Council, the Technology Committee urges College Council – following the presentation of an analysis of online education needs – to recommend that President Holmes fully fund, staff and support a robust and fully functioning Online Education Center. This recommendation is in view of significant staffing shortages that existed pre-pandemic and have become ever increasingly apparent, resulting in strained operations and lessened services in an area crucial to current and future educational opportunities for the students of De Anza College."

In 2016, members of the Tech Task Force voted to change the group name to the Technology Committee. The group also revised its mission statement and charge. These changes were approved by College Council on January 14. 

The Technology Committee meets the first Thursday of every month from 1:30-3 p.m. in ADM 109, unless otherwise noted. 

Mission Statement

The Technology Committee advises on technology proposals and training needs in support of equity and student success. TC serves as the clearinghouse for technology-related projects and initiatives, disseminating information through representative, expert membership, and serving as both the technology planning and relevant accreditation committees.


The De Anza College Technology Committee serves as an advisory group to College Council.  


  1. Develop the college Technology Plan 
  2. Serve as the Accreditation Standard III.C Subcommittee
  3. Advise and provide feedback on proposed technology projects, centralizing awareness of PBT actions
  4. Working through a subcommittee, prioritize implementation of bond measure technology projects for the college (former role of the informal Technology Prioritization Committee)
  5. Provide feedback on training needs to the Technology Training Specialist and manager, and learn of updates regarding scheduled technology training
  6. Provide a venue for the centralizing of all technology information, including regular report-out regarding
    • ETAC; Banner Student and Core committees; Online Education and Catalyst advisory groups
    • Smaller tech projects (by ETS)
    • (standing OEI updates remain)


ETS Project Scheduling Group

The ETS Project Scheduling Group (formerly the Tech Prioritization Committee) is an ad hoc sub-group of the Technology Committee. The ETS Project Scheduling group reviews approved ETS projects and works with the college to schedule implementation. ETS project scheduling decisions are reported to the Technology Committee. 

ETS Project Scheduling Group Meeting Notes

Approved by College Council 1/14/16


Date: First Thursday of every month.
Time: 1:30-3 p.m.
Location: ADM 109
(unless otherwise noted) 

Governance Calendar

2021-2024 Technology Plan

The Technology Plan provides three-year guidance for college technology  initiatives and has a focus on student equity.

Download (PDF)

Tech Plan Downloads

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