General Meeting Information

Date: April 24, 2023
Time: 2:30 - 4:20 p.m.
Location: MLC 255

This meeting will be held HyFlex, meaning anyone can participate in-person or online.  To join remotely, see the Zoom information at the bottom of this page.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    *** Subject to change until 2:30pm Friday, Apr. 21, 2023 ***
    I. Call to Order and Report Outs
    2:30-2:35 Welcome  (please complete you report out if you haven't already)

     Approval of agenda, minutes from Mar. 13, 2023, and minutes from April 17, 2023

    A Woodbury, Lee

    Public Comment

    I All
    2:40-3:00 Report outs I/D All

    II. Needs and Confirmations


    Update from the Academic Senate Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC)

    • President (2 year term)
    • Executive Secretary (3 year term)
    • One (1) Part-time representative (2 year term)
    I Rusty Johnson, Salvador Guerrero

    District committee - confirmation

    • Working group for online instruction Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) and AP 4105: Distance Education - meets Tuesdays 4-5pm starting April 25, James Capurso, Chris Dileonardo, and Shagun Kaur have volunteered to represent De Anza faculty



    College committee - confirmation

    Hiring committee for Counselor in NextUp/EOPS (Student development and EOPS division)

    • Michele Lebleu-Burns - Division Dean/Committee Chair
    • Melinda Hughes - Department faculty
    • Flora Payne - Department Faculty
    • Ammalinh Chan - Classified Staff
    • EO Rep - Stephanie King (Faculty)



    College committees - needs

    • At-large pool for Tenure Review Committees (TRCs)
    • Faculty vice-chair for the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) - Currently there are faculty committee seats for Academic Senate and FA representatives
    • Measure G Restroom Renovations Task Force - Meetings on three Fridays 12:30-2:00 via Zoom.  Sal Brieter and Kim Palmore are on the task force already; room for two Academic Senate representatives.



    III. Continuing Business

    3:25-3:30 Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) Standard 1V.A DRAFT (first read) D Woodbury, Deborah Armstrong

    Update from FHDA Housing Taskforce

    I/D Eric Reed

    Computer and Network Use

    D Mary Pape, Jory Hasdell

    IV. New Business


    Ideas to help us make quorum in 2023-2024

    • Meet biweekly?
    • Allow proxy attendance and voting?
    • Make the meetings completely in person instead of HyFlex?
    • Change the day, time and/or duration of meetings?
    • What else???
    D Woodbury

    V. Other Items


    Good of the Order


     I/A All

    To request to add an item to the agenda of a future Academic Senate meeting, email by noon on the Wednesday before.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Member  Present   Absent   Member  Present   Absent 

    Cheryl Jaeger Balm - President 

      Julie Hughes - CA X  
    Erik Woodbury - Vice President & Curriculum Chair X   Vernon Gallegos - CA  
    So Kam Lee - Exec. Secretary X   Christian Rodriguez - DALA X  
    Mary Donahue - Part-time rep. & FA rep.   Kevin Glapion - DSPS X  
    Salvador Guerrero - Part-time rep   Liliana Rivera - E&E X  
    Cecilia Hui - ASLR X   Carmen Lizardi-Folley - IIS X  
    Dawn Lee - APASA   Shagun Kaur - LA X  
    Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa - BHES X   Lauren Gordon - LA  
    Anna Miller - BHES X   Mark Landefeld - PE X  
    Glynn Wallis - BFSA & EOPS X   Rusty Johnson - PE  
    Mary Pape - BCAT X   Alicia Mullens - PSME X  
    Tim Harper - CTE X   Ravjeet Singh - SSH X  
    Robert Alexander - Gen. Counseling   Jayanti Roy - SSH X  
    Lisa Castro - Gen. Counseling X   Thomas Ray - Adminstrative Liaison (non-voting) X  
    Felisa Vilaubi - Emb. Counseling X   Deborah Armstrong - Classified Staff rep (non-voting) X  
    Anna Nguyen - Emb. Counseling X   Edith Chan - DASG (non-voting)  


    I. Call to Order and Report Outs


    Erik Woodbury welcomed and reminded representatives to fill out their report-out.

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Mar. 13, 2023 and April 17, 2023

    Mary Donahue moved, Felisa Vilaubi secondeded, to approve both minutes and agenda. No objection.  Agenda and minutes approved.

    Public Comment 

    • Mary Donahue pointed out a problem with the 5-year revision process when faculty got assigned to work on them close to the deadline. She was assigned 5 swim classes recently and had to hustle to meet the April 19, 2023, soft deadline.  Although the list for revisions came out in October, many classes were unassigned. She suggested the need for a system to keep track and make sure the classes are assigned earlier. The final deadline will be May 3, 2023. Many classes are not yet in the process. There will be a lot of work and conversation between faculty and administrators at the last minute. They usually manage to work things out.  Erik Woodbury acknowledged the concern. Curriculum committee will work on making it more efficient. More in the Curriculum report-out.
    • Cecilia Hui said the limited bookstore hours are not student friendly. Students are having a hard time getting materials like scantrons and pencils for tests.  Please give feedback to the bookstore or have the materials available in other venues.  Alicia Mullens emphasized the need for more services to get students back on campus.

    Report outs

    See the attached PDF above.  Some people had problems with the short 10-day notice for Enrollment Day. Usually, the announcement comes out 2 month ahead.  Thomas Ray said the senior staff is aware of the problem. They have taken steps to correct it in the future.

    Erik Woodbury reminded everyone to go back and read the reports.

    II. Needs and Confirmations 

    Update from the Academic Senate Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC)

    Rusty Johnson and Salvador Guerrero said the committee has sent out emails looking for nominations and candidates. They have one candidate for the part-time at-large and someone interested in the president or secretary position. The deadline for the candidate statement is 5/1.

    Erik Woodbury encouraged members to consider running and identify people for running. It is a great and rewarding opportunity to serve and grow.

    Mary Donahue will be running for part-time rep again.

    There was a question and discussion on the release time for the Academic Senate officers. The release time stated in the Academic Senate Bylaws does not match the administration allocation. The Bylaws will have to be updated.  Shagun Kaur requested an agenda item to correct the numbers in the Constitution and the Bylaws.

    District committee - confirmation: Working group for online instruction Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) and AP 4105: Distance Education

    James Capurso, Chris Dileonardo, and Shagun Kaur have volunteered to represent De Anza faculty.  Vote by acclamation. Committee members confirmed.

    College committee - confirmation: Hiring committee for Counselor in NextUp/EOPS (Student development and EOPS division)

    • Michele Lebleu-Burns - Division Dean/Committee Chair
    • Melinda Hughes - Department faculty
    • Flora Payne - Department Faculty
    • Ammalinh Chan - Classified Staff
    • EO Rep - Stephanie King (Faculty)

    Allicia Mullens moved to confirm, Felisa Vilaubi seconded. No objections. Committee approved.

    College committees - needs:  At-large pool for Tenure Review Committees (TRCs)

    We are starting to build a pool for next year. Strongly encourage recent tenured faculty to serve.

    College committees - needs:  Faculty vice-chair for the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)

    A vice chair will provide a strong faculty voice to advocate ideas and set agenda.  There was discussion over whether to add a third faculty seat to serve as the vice-chair, or to have one of the two faculty reps be the vice chair. Will the faculty vice chair be a voting or non-voting position?

    Mary Pape moved to have a third faculty serve as vice chair; Shagun Kaur seconded

    Friendly Amendment from Shagun Kaur:  The Academic Senate requests a third member on the committee, and out of the faculty elected or chosen for the Budget Advisory Committee, one of them enters into the vice-chair role.

    Yes 15, No 0, Abstain 2; motion passed

    College committees - needs:   Measure G Restroom Renovations Task Force 

    Mary Pape moved to confirm Sal Brieter and Kim Palmore to represent faculty on this Task Force, and decline to add any more faculty members to this committee. Ravjeet Singh seconded.  No objections. Motion passed.

    III. Continuing Business

    Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) Standard 1V.A DRAFT (first read)

    Cheryl Jaeger Balm and Deborah Armstrong worked hard on this draft.  Erik Woodbury encouraged everyone to read through and put comments in the commendable document.

    Update from FHDA Housing Taskforce:  Construction Grant Recommendation

    Eric Reed, Facilitator, District Affordable Housing Task Force, a shared governance task force appointed by the Academic Senates presented. With the update, he hoped to get advice, feedback, and support for their work. 

    The district has dedicated $200 million from the Measure G bond fund faculty, staff, and student housing. They applied and received $264,000 from the state SB169 planning grant to conduct a feasibility study.   The feasibility study cost $90,000 with sufficient remaining funds to hire the feasibility study contractor Brailsford & Dunlavey to prepare for the application for the SB169 construction grant. That could bring another $80 million for the building project. The application is due 7/3/2023. 

    According to the feasibility report. The district could operate a sustainable dorm room at $450/month that includes reserves, maintenance and operating costs. Students consider $700/month as affordable. 13% of students face housing insecurities. There is an annual demand for 972 units across the district. Students are not concerned about the housing location as long as there is adequate transportation. They have identified potential building sites on Foothill and De Anza campuses as well as a site in Sunnyvale.

    Mary Donahue pointed out  the need for separate plumbing for a laundromat.

    Mary Donahue motion, Mary Pape seconded : “The Academic Senate supports and endorses the recommendation from the Taskforce for its presentation to the Board of Trustees.”

    In a student survey, many part time students said that they would convert to full time if they had affordable housing.  Mark Landefeld said that affordable housing will help part time students become full time students and matriculate.

    Yes 16, No 0, Abstain 0.  Motion passed unanimously.

    Computer and Network Use

    Mary Pape and Jory Hasdell went over the recommended edits and suggestions from Community College League of California (CCLC) for BP/AP 3250: Computer and Network Use.

    There was discussion.  Jory will take the comments from the discussion to clean up and clarify the document. Contact Mary and Jory with additional questions and suggestions.

    IV. New Business

    Ideas to help us make quorum in 2023-2024 - This item was tabled until next week with no objection.

    IV. Other Items

    Good of the Order

    • Mary Donahue advertised a kayak trip in Yellowstone National Park in August. No experience necessary.


    Alicia Mullens motioned, Felisa Vilaubi seconded, to adjourn, no objection.

Zoom Information 

Meeting URL:

Meeting ID: 862 8689 2795
Passcode: 292169

Phone one-tap: +14086380968,,88596208992#

Voting members attending remotely:


Remote Location

In District?

Mary Pape (BCAT)

De Anza - ATC 203D


Mary Donahue (PT)

De Anza - MLC 243


Julie Hughes (CA)

32 Hayes Ave., Lexington, MA 


Anna Nguyen (Emb Couns)  

46655 Mission Blvd, Fremont


Mark Landefeld (PE)

De Anza - PE 51A


Anna Miller (BHES)

1083 Nilda Ave, Mountain View  


Shagun Kaur (LA)

22455 Palm Avenue, Cupertino  


Alicia Mullens (PSME)

De Anza - S 48A


Kevin Glapion (DSPS) 505 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco   No
Lisa Castro (Couns) 580 Coombs St., Napa No

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