General Meeting Information

Date: March 6, 2023
Time: 2:30 - 4:20 p.m.
Location: MLC 255

This meeting will be held HyFlex, meaning anyone can participate in-person or online.  To join remotely, see the Zoom information at the bottom of this page.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    *** Subject to change until 2:30pm Friday, March 3, 2023 ***
    I. Call to Order
    2:30-2:35 Welcome and approval of agenda and minutes from Feb. 27, 2023 A Balm, Lee

    Public Comment

    I Balm
    II. Needs and Confirmations

    College committees - needs

    I Woodbury
     III. Continuing Business

    Measure G Study Session

    • April 11, 9am-noon, Board room in the District offices on the Foothill campus
    • Event Center, Services for Students building and Arts Quad
    • Student Housing
    I Balm

    Academic Senate scholarship funds ($3,000 - $5,000)



    $600 for employee appreciations for divisions


    Woodbury, Lee
    IV. New Business

     FHDA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate (first read)

    D Balm

    Administrative Procedures (APs) to be reviewed in the District Academic and Professional Matters Committee (APM) March 15, 2023 (first read)

    D Balm

    Curriculum Committee elimination of skills certificates

    I Woodbury

    Budget Advisory Committee proposed co-chairs

    D/A Balm

    Draft J1s for Administrative and Peer Evaluations from FA

    D Balm

    V. Other Items

    4:15-4:20 Good of the Order I All
    4:20 Adjournment A All

    To request to add an item to the agenda of a future Academic Senate meeting, email by noon on the Wednesday before.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Member  Present   Absent   Member  Present   Absent 

    Cheryl Jaeger Balm - President 

    X   Vernon Gallegos - CA X  
    Erik Woodbury - Vice President & Curriculum Chair X   Christian Rodriguez - DALA   X
    So Kam Lee - Exec. Secretary X   Anita Vazifdar - DSPS X  
    Mary Donahue - Part-time rep. & FA rep. X   Kevin Glapion - DSPS X  
    Salvador Guerrero - Part-time rep X   Liliana Rivera - E&E X  
    Cecilia Hui - ASLR X   Carmen Lizardi-Folley - IIS X  
    Dawn Lee - APASA X   Shagun Kaur - LA X  
    Rana Marinas - BHES X   Lauren Gordon - LA    X
    Jason Bram - BHES   Mark Landefeld - PE X  
    Glynn Wallis - BFSA & EOPS X   Rusty Johnson - PE X  
    Mary Pape - BCAT X   Alicia Mullens - PSME X  
    Tim Harper - CTE X   Ravjeet Singh - SSH X  
    Robert Alexander - Gen. Counseling   X Jayanti Roy - SSH X  
    Lisa Castro - Gen. Counseling X   Thomas Ray - Adminstrative Liaison (non-voting) X  
    Felisa Vilaubi - Emb. Counseling X   Deborah Armstrong - Classified Staff rep (non-voting) X  
    Anna Nguyen - Emb. Counseling X   Edith Chan - DASG (non-voting) X  


    I. Call to Order


    Some voting members attending exclusively online can not vote in this meeting. Voting members attending remotely must provide their meeting location by Thursday to be included on the agenda if they wish to attend as voting members. Those not listed on the agenda may attend online without voting.

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Feb 27, 2023

    Shagun Kaur moved, Jayanti Roy secondeded, to approve both minutes and agenda. No objection.  Agenda and minutes approved by unanimous consent.

    Public Comment 

    • Thomas Ray followed up with Police Chief Acosta regarding campus safety. There will be extra patrols on campus, but they are limited by staff.
    • Shagun Kaur will send information on some upcoming activities and ways to get involed in OER (online educational resources)
    • Dawn Lee: Save the date for an IMPACT AAPI event on March 22.
    • Mary Pape: There will be a Community Town Hall Forum, Wednesday, March 8,12 - 2pm, De Anza Fireside Room. The forum will provide an opportunity for open dialogue between the police department and the community to address concerns like public safety and share important information.
    • Carmen Lizardi-Folley: World Languages Village Event, March 14, noon to 1 pm, L47. There will be activities, games, and music for students, instructors, and tutors to interact.

    II. Needs and Confirmations 

    College committees - needs

    Erik Woodbury reminded division and area reps to communicate the above needs to their constituents with a short explanation of the positions.  The officers have talked to some faculty members who have no idea these opportunities are available.

    Shagun Kaur asked if all the ASCCC liaison positions all need to be filled.  The officers replied that, yes, they are all vacant other than the OER liaison position.  Each liaison would communicate our concerns in their respective areas to the ASCCC and get information from them via a listserv.

    III. Continuing Business

    Measure G Study Session - April 11, 9 am-noon, Board room, District Offices, Foothill Campus

    This will be open to all employees and students and in person.  The discussion will be on the Event Center, Services for Students building, Arts Quad, Student Housing, and anything alse related to Measure G. They are collecting information. There are surveys on the Measure G website. People were encouraged to send questions and feedback to Cheryl Jaeger Balm and/or directly to Pam Grey. 

    April 11 will be the second day of instruction in Week 1 of the Spring quarter. However, this will be an important discussion that may warrant  a strong showing of interested people to attend and participate.

    Academic Senate scholarship funds

    In our last meeting the Academic Senate decided to support an existing scholarship or grant, such as the Strength Thru Adversity Scholarship and/or the Emergency Grants, this year with Academic Senate funds. Cheryl Jaeger Balm recommends donating between $3000 to $5000 from its endowment ($3000) and general fund ($2000), combined.  The scholarship subcommittee will continue its work on the Academic Senate scholarship for next year.

    Shagun Kaur motioned to donate $2,000 to the Strength Thru Adversity Scholarship and $2,000 to the Emergency Grants. Ravjeet Singh seconded. Motion passed by unanimous consent.

    $600 for employee appreciations for divisions

    The Academic Senate officers requested funds to continue the employee appreciation events that we started in Fall. Instead of donuts and cookies on the central quad, they woiuld like to bring the treats to the various division offices through the spring quarter.

    Shagun Kaur motioned to approve $600 for employee appreciation. Jayanti Roy seconded. No objections. Motion approved.

    IV. New Business

    FHDA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate (first read)

    The FHDA Board will decide at their March 13 meeting whether to keep or remove the COVID-19 Vaccine requirement for students and staff in the BP3507 and AP3507 policies.  A districtwide employee survey on this question had just over 2000 responses. There was a split with 55% voting to remove the requirement and 45% voting to keep it. It appears that students were not included in the survey.

    The Academic Senate will vote on this next week. Representatives should share and get feedback from their constituents.

    Rationale for removing the requirement includes most other nearby districts are removing their COVID vaccination requirements, the requirement is no longer enforceable or trackable, and this is an open campus with no vaccination requirement for visitors and the general public.

    Mary Donahue shared that the PE and Athletics Division had a vote, and 16 people voted unanimously to remove the vaccine mandate. Rusty Johnson added that the requirement has adversely affected their department's programs for recruitment and enrollment.

    The Board decision will be effective for spring quarter. There was concern over the rush. Some faculty made their decision on spring teaching and counseling modality based on the expectation of the vaccination requirement for students.

    Cheryl Jaeger Balm and Thomas Ray will confirm that faculty can keep their mask requirements in the classroom even if the vaccination mandate is removed.

    Administrative Procedures (APs) to be reviewed in the District Academic and Professional Matters Committee (APM) March 15, 2023

    The Academic Senate will vote to approve the following APs next week. Representatives should share these documents and get feedback from their constituents.

    Draft AP 3200: Accreditation

      • It is important to have faculty input for the accreditation procedure. It was suggested including the Academic Senate President to the evaluation process. Revise it to read:  "The college’s Accreditation Liaison Officer, working with the President and Academic Senate President to ensure faculty participation, will ensure that the Self-Evaluation process and all related reports are completed in a thorough and timely manner."

    Draft AP 3250: Institutional Planning

    • There is confusion over the wording in this draft, "Each college president shall appoint an administrator who is responsible for these reports."  Does this mean appointing one person?  Should it be just one person?

    Draft AP 4025: Philosohpy and Criteria for Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree and General Education

    • No recommended changes discussed

    Draft AP 4102: Career and Technical Educaiton Programs

    • CTE  should look over and give feedback.

    Draft AP 5110: Counseling

    • Counselors, please look at this and give feedback, particularly if there are programs to add or to delete.

    Curriculum Committee elimination of skills certificates

    Erik Woodbury reported that the Curriculum Committee voted to eliminate skill certificates.  There were only three such certificates at the college.  They were kept track of by their departments and were not transcripted. There has not been a great demand for these certificates. The departments have not offered and decided to eliminate them, so now that we don't actually have any, the curriculum college decided to eliminate them altogether.  Skill certificates are not recognized by the chancellor’s office and do not appear in transcripts.  Noncredit certificates and certificates of achievement are totally different. They are transcripted.

    Budget Advisory Committee proposed co-chairs

    The Program Allocation Committee (PAC) has renamed itself to Resource Allocation and Program Planning Committee (RAPP).  Information at

    The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) is dedicated to understanding the budget and how the various funds could be allocated. It is separate from RAPP, which is the consolidation of the 3 PBTs (planning and budget teams) that the College used to have.

    In the new shared governance model, most committees have tri-chairs. Currently, the Budget Taskforce is chaired solely by Pam Grey (Vice President of Administrative Services). The proposal is for the new Budget Advisory Committee to be co-chaired by Pam Grey and Martin Varela (Director of College Fiscal Services). Thus, adding another chair to this highly specialized committee that keeps track of where the money comes from and how the money could be spent, but both co-chairs would be administrators.

    There were strong advocates for a tri-chair structure to have another voice in the committee and for more transparency, and to have another chair that is not a member of the administration to help set and add items to the agenda. The third chair could be a faculty member or a classified professional. There should be a tri-chair situation on every level.  

    Draft J1s for Administrative and Peer Evaluations from FA

    These are links to commentaple documents; representatives please share with constituents. 

    The Academic Senate can give feedback but doesn't have to vote on them. These are items for FA negotiation. However, Academic Senate votes will have more weight.  Dawn Lee shared that J1.F for resource faculty is being worked on. 

    IV. Other Items

    Good of the Order

    • Dawn Lee: Diwali Planning Committee, Orientation and Potluck, Wednesday, March 13. 1:30-2:30.


    Erik Woodbury motioned, Ravjeet Singh seconded, to adjourn, no objection.

Zoom Information 

Meeting URL:

Meeting ID: 885 9620 8992
Passcode: 882821

Phone one-tap: +14086380968,,88596208992#

Voting member attending remotely:

 Member  Remote location   In District? 
 Mark Landefeld (PE)   De Anza - PE 51a  Yes
 Lisa Castro (Couns)   580 Coombs St, Napa, CA  No
 Tim Harper (CTE)   10800 Torre Ave, Cupertino, CA  Yes
 Mary Donahue (PT)   De Anza - MLC 243  Yes
 Anita Vazifdar (DSS)   1396 La Playa St, San Francisco, CA  No
 Alicia Mullens (PSME)   De Anza - S 48a Yes
 Vernon Gallegos (CA)   1809 Termino Ave Unit 5302, Long Beach, CA   No
 Mary Pape (BCAT)   De Anza - AT 203d  Yes
 Salvador Guerrero (PT)    1630 Merrill St, Santa Cruz, CA No
 Anna Nguyen (Couns)  46655 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA No
 Kevin Glapion (Couns)    De Anza - RSS 141 Yes

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