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Date: November 29, 2021
Time: 2:30 - 4:20 p.m.
Location: Zoom

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader


    (representatives who have not updated their report-out and wish to, please do so)

    D All
    2:35-2:40 Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Nov 15, 2021 D/A Balm, Lee

    Public Comment on Items Not On Agenda

    (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    I All

    Needs and Confirmations

    Summary Details

    I/D/A Pape
    2:50-2:55 Ask for funds for Survey Money (second read) A Balm
    2:55-3:00 Proposal regarding curriculum and eLumen (second read) A Woodbury
    3:00-3:10 Update from the Shared Governance Task Force I/D Shively
    3:10-3:20 Update from the Music Department  I/D Glasman

    Role of Senate in Approving Proctoring Software for Purchase and Implementation

    (Continuation from Nov. 8, 2021)



    Explanation of APs, BPS and APM (Administrative Procedures, Board Policies and the Academic and Professional Matters committee)

    (Postponed from Nov. 15, 2021)

     I/D  Balm
    4:10-4:20 Report-outs and Good of the Order  I/D  All

    To request to add an item to the agenda of a future Academic Senate meeting, email by noon on the Wednesday before.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Cheryl reminded representatives to update their report-out.

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Nov 15, 2021

    • Erik motioned, Shagun seconded to approve both agenda and minutes. No objection.
    • Agenda and minutes approved by unanimous consent.

    Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    Shagun: San Jose City College is offering free tuition and zero student fees for spring 2022. This applies to all California and in-state first-time, continuing, and returning students, including high school students. Students must register for at least 6 units.

    Shagun: ASCCC OERI Request for Proposals (RFP) IV (2022- 2023). Open to all full time and part time faculty in the state of California.  


    Shagun updated on bookstore issues with OER textbooks. Follett does not give the select option for OER textbooks. They need to clarify the process for OER text adoption.

    Lydia is scheduling a meeting to follow up with the Follett and bookstore representatives. She will put the information in the report-out. 

    Lee: Happy Hanukkah to all celebrating on our campus… wishing everyone a wonderful season filled with light and love from the Office of Equity! More info and resources at:

    Needs and Confirmations

    Summary Details

    Anita Vazifda, Counselor DSP&S, to replace Noemi Teppang on the Tenure Review Committee for Leah Smith. This assignment meets the MOU requirement.*

    Tenure Review Committee for Leah Smith, English Performance Success Counselor
    Thomas Ray, LA Dean
    Monica Ganesh, Counselor, Basic Skills/LangArts, English Performance Success
    Veronica Acevedo Avila, English Instructor, Reading Program
    Anita Vazifdar, Counselor, DSP&S

    Erik motioned to approve, Lisa Mesh seconded. No objection. Unanimous consent.

    Ask for funds for Survey Monkey (second read)

    Ishmael motioned to approve a one time $70 payment for 1-month subscription to Survey Monkey. Lisa M seconded. Yes 21, No 0, Abstain 0.

    Proposal regarding curriculum and eLumen (second read)

    Curriculum update and proposed plan for 21-22

    Erik presented on November 15 Curriculum’s proposed plan to implement eLumen and to meet other 20-21curriculum needs.

    Shagun moved to approve the plan, Lisa M. seconded. Yes 20, No 0, Abstain 0.

    Update from the Shared Governance Task Force SGTF

    Tim reported some recent incidents that may necessitate the need to roll out part of the model the task force has proposed, specifically the Planning and Resource Committee. SGTF has been in the process of collecting feedback from different constituent groups.

    At the College Budget Task Force meeting last Tuesday, one of the proposed items was decided prior to the meeting. That item was the proposed split between instructional and non instructional faculty positions from the new state funding for new full time positions, 8 for instruction, 5 for non-instruction. Tim found it disturbing that the decision was made before the meeting. The Budget Task Force should have discussed the rationale for the split and consider other variations before a decision. The Budget Task Force voted to approve that item and it will go before the next College Council meeting.

    The Budget Task Force also proposed taking the 10 SERP retirement positions from 3 years ago that are now eligible for hiring, and sweep them out of instruction for other campus needs. Tim protested and called the proposal inappropriate. He also pointed out that there will be more retirements before the end of the year.

    He was disturbed also by how the proposal reduced positions from one funding source while using state funds intended to increase full time faculty positions. This would be dishonest, if not illegal. Also, the Budget Committee should be a shared governance, not an autocratic committee.

    Therefore, the SGTF proposed the release and implementation of one structural innovation in the new Shared Governance Proposal. The Planning and Resource Committee with broad representation from various constituencies should make decisions like the split of instructional, classified, and operational funds across campus. The SGTF planned to propose to the College Council on Thursday the introduction and implementation of this new committee in January This will bring a more equitable decision making process into place.

    Rick asked a question about how this reduction in hiring and the sweeping of positions may affect the IPBT voting that is about to take place. And where will this money go?

    IPBT will be ranking 18 positions and voting for the top 7 or 8 positions tomorrow. There are also unfunded positions that have been funded annually from carryover money that are not built into the budget.

    In terms of funds, there are state fundings for 13 positions, the SERP retirements, as well as savings from the 1320 fund with each full time hiring. 1320 funds classes taught by part timers.

    Tim: The college may not have the bandwidth to hire all these positions all at once and may have to space out the hiring over several years. However, taking money out of instruction is problematic. It is not changing the ratio of full time to part time and it is not in keeping with the spirit of the state funding.

    Where will the money go if it is pulled out of instruction? 

    Tim: There may be other needs on campus. However, nothing was brought to the committee on the logic behind these proposals.

    Cheryl: The Budget Task Force was formed to keep budget decisions going while the SGTF work was in progress. The last budget meeting may not have given sufficient time for discussion and input. Perhaps the Budget Task Force could revamp its input processes instead of having the SGTF push through its proposal before the town hall meeting and more feedback on the new model.

    Tim agreed that the push was a rush but an important rush. These long term decisions should be made transparently. Such decisions should not be made before going back to the constituencies across campus. The Planning and Resource Committee with members from existing constituencies would hear proposals before moving forward.

    There were more questions and discussions over how the 8 faculty and 5 student services positions were determined and to be allocated.

    The logic was presented at the Deans meeting but not at the Budget Committee meeting.

    Lydia will request a breakdown for the reasoning for greater transparency.

    Dawn had a followup question about the process for SSPBT requests.

    SSPBT is working on a rubric to evaluate and assess position needs. Once approved, the deans may request specific positions.

    Both the IPBT and College Council meetings are open to the public.

    IPBT Zoom Meeting
    Meeting URL:
    Meeting ID: 971 7848 8922

    Update from the Music Department

    The Music Department has undergone a significant turn around under their new dean Daniel Smith, from being in a viability crisis to completing course rotations and setting a guided pathway plan for majors.

    In 2008 when Ilan was hired, there were 6 full time faculty members. This year with 3 retirements, Paul Setziol, Dan Mitchell, and Ronald Dunn, under Articles 18 and 19, Ilan will be the only remaining full time faculty member. They have been asking for a full time position for 7 years and have been surviving on mostly part time faculty.

    The music department is back on campus, 85% face to face. They have special masks for singers that enable them to breathe. Everyone has been in full compliance with masking and vaccination.

    This will be a rebuilding year for music. Teaching music online has not been easy. Face to face is important for singers. Because they are on campus, the enrollment this quarter has been low but the success rate was extremely high. Higher than it has been in 14 years. With smaller classes they were able to give more attention to students. 

    They will be having their first performance in the Visual and Performing Arts Center VPAC since the pandemic on Monday, December 6, 7:30 pm. Both the concert and parking are free. Must be masked and vaccinated for admission.

    One of Ilan’s students, Jericho, a business major, shared his experience about how the class changed his perspective and validated his love and passion for music.

    Ilan concluded his presentation with “What is Music?”
    Music is a science. Music is mathematical.  Music is a foreign language. Music is history. Music is physical education. Music develops insight and demands research. music is all these things. But most of all, music is art and art is life. So if you have more music, you have more life.

    They are here to serve the whole student population. Please think kindly of music whenever there’s a chance.

    Ishmael thanked Ilan and the Music Department. Ishmael and several other faculty members also enjoyed music and played instruments.  Ishmael recalled being in a band with other instructors and students some years ago.  He had a fantastic experience with a jazz improvisation course. Music is essential. The music program at De Anza should be supported.

    Someone suggested starting a faculty ensemble.

    Tim: Hire a new full time music instructor. They are down to one person for a long time. It is time to remediate these conditions for music and other departments.

    MUSIC DEPARTMENT CONCERT  Monday December 6, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. in the Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC).  Admission and parking are free.  Proof of negative or vax required.

    CHORAL GROUPS (Chorale, Vintage Singers, Vocal Flight) plus faculty performers.

    Role of Senate in Approving Proctoring Software for Purchase and Implementation (Continuation from Nov. 8, 2021)

    Cheryl compiled a Summary of Concerns and Documentation Presented to the De Anza Academic Senate Regarding Proctoring Software. 

    It was a compilation of everything expressed to the De Anza Academic Senate and the officers this quarter regarding whether De Anza should re-adopt proctoring software. It included what has been presented in Academic Senate meetings, during Senate office hours, and emailed to the Academic Senate officers. No additional outside research was done by the officers in compiling the document.

    Summary of Concerns and Documentation

    Cheryl went over and highlighted the document organized under the headings of Purview, Academic Integrity, Academic Freedom, Financial Cost, Privacy and Legal Concern, Equity and Disportionate Impact, Resources, Effectiveness and the Technology Arms Race, Alternatives to Consider, Statements Received from De Anza Groups, Documents Received and Referenced.

    Cheryl presented 6 options that ranged from against to recommend the adoption of proctoring software for the Senate to decide.


    Lee: The Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education stood in opposition to proctoring and surveillance software.

    Erik commented on the issue of cost and asked if the expenditure would qualify under special pandemic fundings.

    Lydia: it would probably qualify for HERRP funds but those funds will not continue. She has requested $50,000 per year for 2 years. She was not sure if they would be able to keep funding it in the future.

    Shagun expressed the need to develop a rubric on how to choose and adopt technology in the classroom.

    Rick moved to adopt option 6, Cecilia seconded.

    Comments and discussions on the different options. There were concerns over equity and the cost of the software. 

    Rick withdrew his motion for option 6 and moved to adopt option 5, Mary D seconded.

    Mary P felt that option 2 expressed everyone’s concerns, at the same time set out the requirements that are necessary to protect our students.

    It also allowed freedom for those who wish to use software.

    Ishmael moved to adopt option 2, Mary P seconded.

    Erik worried about the time it would take to draft the requirements or guidelines for adopting the software, especially if the full body, as a large group, were to work on the document. It would work better under a subcommittee.

    Cheryl proposed that the officers working in tandem with the Office of Online Education, Professional Development, and the Office of Instruction, along with those who brought the topic to Senate, Erik, Rick, and Bob, to come up with the initial checklist. 

    Vote on option 5
    Yes, 3 No 14, Abstain 2

    Vote on option 2
    Yes 13, No 0, Abstain 5

    Explanation of APs, BPS and APM (Administrative Procedures, Board Policies and the Academic and Professional Matters committee)

    To address in January.

    • Proposed changes to AP 4130 Section C on Faculty Hiring Procedures
    • AP 7210 on Academic Employees
    • AP 4225 on Course Repetition
    • Brown Act meeting, January 3, 2022

    and Good of the Order

    • Mary P motioned, Lisa seconded, to adjourn, no objection.





    Cheryl Balm


    Mary Pape

    Executive Secretary

    So Kam Lee

    Part-time Faculty Representatives

    Ishmael Tarikh

    Mary Donahue

    Academic Services & 
    Learning Resources

    Cecilia Hui

    Bio/Health/Environmental Sciences 

    Robert Kalpin

    Anna Miller

    Business/Computer Science/
    Applied Technologies

    Rick Maynard


    Career Technical Education & Workforce Development



    Counseling - General

    Robert Alexander

    Lisa Castro

     Counseling - Embedded

    Felisa Vilaubi

    Helen Pang

    Creative Arts  



    Disability Support Programs & Services and Adapted PE 

    Kevin Glapion

    Anita Vazifdar

    Equity and Engagement

    Liliana Rivera

    Intercultural/International Studies



    Language Arts 

    Shagun Kaur

    Lauren Gordon

    Physical Education 

    Louise Ortiz

    Mark Landefeld (F)

    Physical Sciences, Math, & Engineering

    Lisa Mesh


    Social Sciences & Humanities

    Emily Beggs

    Nellie Vargas

    Student Development & EOPS

    Melinda Hughes

    Curriculum Committee

    Erik Woodbury

    Professional Development*

    Dawn Lee Tu

    Administrator Liaison*

    Lydia Hearn

    DASG Representatives*

    Dimitri Yanovskyi

    Adel Burieva

    Faculty Association Representative*

    Mary Donahue

    Affinity Group Representatives*

    Glynn Wallis, BFSA

    *non-voting member





    Lloyd Holmes

    De Anza President

    Rob Miesa

    VP of Student Services

    Christina Espinosa-Pieb

    VP of Instruction

    Pam Grey

    VP of Administrative Services

    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

    Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs


    Marisa Spatafore

    Associate VP of Communications & External Relations

    Scott Olsen

    Classified Senate

    Michelle Fernandez

    De Anza Student Trustee

    Mallory Newell

    Institutional Research

    Moaty Fayek

    Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems

    Renee Augenstein

    Articulation Officer

    Brian Malone

    Tenure Review Coordinator

    Daniel Smith

    Dean of Creative Arts

    Eric Mendoza

    Dean of Physical Education and Athletics

    Thomas Ray

    Dean of Language Arts

    Alicia Cortez

    Dean of Equity and Engagement

    Randy Bryant

    Dean of Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Kathryn Maurer

    Foothill Academic Senate President

    Karen Chow

    FHDA District Academic Senate President

    Laureen Balducci

    Dean of Counseling, DSPS & Title IX Coordinator

    Anita Kandula

    Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences

    Michele LeBleu-Burns

    Dean of Student Development/EOPS

    Lisa Mandy

    Director of Financial Aid

    Nazy Gayloyan

    Dean of Enrollment Services

    Edmundo Norte

    Dean of Intercultural/International Studies

    Jerry Rosenberg

    Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering

    Judy Miner

    FHDA Chancellor

    Elvin Ramos

    Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities

    Patrick Gannon

    Director, Book Store

    David Ulate

    FHDA Research & Planning

    Mae Lee

    Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair

    Tabia Lee

    Faculty Director of Equity, Social Justice & Multicultural Education

    Tim Harper


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