General Meeting Information

Date: March 2, 2020
Time: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30-2:35 Approval of Agenda and Minutes from February 24, 2020 Meeting A Chow, All
    2:35 - 2:45 Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action) I All

    Request/Proposal for Enrollment Priority for DASB Senators (2nd discussion)



    2:55 -3:15

    Needs and Confirmations

    Psychology Hiring Committee

    I/D/A Chow

    Request for $150 for 3/13/2020 1:30-3:00 Department Chairs Meeting (2nd discussion)

     I/D/A  Chow

    Request for $250 for 4/13 Monday FHDA Joint Academic Senates Meeting to discuss ASCCC Spring Plenary Resolutions  (2nd discussion)

    I/D/A Chow

    Proposal to fund up to 3 Executive Committee members to register for & attend ASCCC Spring Plenary (April 16-18 @ Oakland Marriott) (2nd discussion) 

    I/D/A Chow

    Standing Committee updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)
    • Curriculum Committee

    Representatives from committees


    Discussion of faculty constituents' feedback to: 

    1) Any concerns about maintaining course/submission integrity, including tests (any form of cheating, ability of students to copy/record test questions) and student integrity in submitting their own original work?  What modality of courses do you have these concerns in?
    2) Any other current pedagogical or professional needs for which more support is desired?  If so, what kinds of support?
    3) What faculty efforts and accomplishments would you like to see recognition or acknowledgement of?
    4) Thoughts on faculty collaboration and collegiality?  What's working well?  Where can there be improvement?  What are some possible strategies?
    5) Thoughts on faculty diversity?  What's working well?  Where can there be improvement?  What are some possible strategies?
    6) Any other issues worth bringing attention to?
    I/D   Chow

    Good of the Order



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Minutes for March 2, 2020

    I. Approval of Agenda and Minutes from February 24, 2020 Meeting

    • Karen introduced Steve Hoang. He will take over for Paige as the DASB representative at the Academic Senate.
    • Agenda approved.
    • Minutes approved with the following edits. change name to Sandy Cardoza. Susan Thomas: Past practice is not the process in the flow chart.  Mary asked about her edits sent to So Kam. 

    II. Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action)

    • Mary D: Keep sufficient supply of medication prescription.  A lot of medication and ingredients come from China.
    • Erik: There is still no progress on issues with getting room keys. Karen: at this point, we should go straight to Chief Danny Acosta.  Seems like whoever manages the requests is not getting things done.  Sally Gore and Pam Grey are relying on district response.
    • Mary D: request for a faculty training page with a list showing whether the assigned training is required or recommended. Why it is assigned? Required, or not required, but helpful.

    III. Request/Proposal for Enrollment Priority for DASB Senators (2nd discussion)

    • Last week, DASB President Shelly Michael presented the request to propose Enrollment Priority for DASB Senators.
    • Karen has been in touch with Issac Escoto, Foothill Academic Senate President. Foothill will not discuss and take action on this proposal until spring quarter.  Therefore,  De Anza has time before taking action; changing priority groups is a districtwide decision, both colleges must move forward together; not taking action today would allow senators to take the proposal back for further discussion at respective constituencies.  Since this is a second reading, Senate can take action or wait.
    • Ishmael asked about the possibility of discussing the enrollment priority at the joint meeting with Foothill.
    • Karen: the joint meeting is to discuss ASCCC Spring Plenary Resolution; also, it may be premature; Foothill won’t be reaching any decision until mid spring or end of spring quarter;
    • Mary D asked why Foothill is putting it on hold. Also, questioned the reason for De Anza to put off voting.
    • Karen did not feel the rush to put forth the vote. However, it is a second reading, Senate can put forth the vote;
    • Erik appreciated the option of having more time.
    • Karen put up on the screen the proposal that Shelly and Genevieve presented last week; she asked Steve how priority enrollment could affect him and other student senators.
    • Steve explained how some student senators have enrollment priority, like EOPS, and do not need it; however, some would appreciate having enrollment priority. He mentioned a case of a student who considered dropping out of office because the student was unable to get a required class.
    • DASB has proposed specific conditions and stipulations for being able to maintain active status as DASB Senators and eligibility to have enrollment priority. Marc Coronado suggested adding requiring Ed Plan completion to qualify for priority enrollment.
    • Cynthia said she can understand the reason for the postponement of Senate action.
    • Mary S: if we approved and Foothill does not, the proposal wouldn’t be able to go forward, so we can still approve the proposal first.
    • Mary S moved, Cynthia K seconded, to approve DASB priority enrollment with the addition of Ed Plan completed
    • Erik asked about the elected term of DASB Senators; Steve answered that the elected term is for one academic year, fall to spring.
    • Call to vote, 21, motion carried.

    IV. Needs and Confirmations

    • Psychology Hiring Committee re-submitted by Thomas Ray; same committee composition.
    • Hiring Committee - Psychology
      • Thomas Ray, Shannon Hassett, Mark Healy, Steve Nava, Alma Garcia (EO rep)
    • Shannon H current Psychology department chair: she felt blindsided by the Academic Senate revocation of the hiring committee confirmation.  What happened and what went wrong?  She was not aware of the hiring process. Their Dean Carolyn retired, the division is without a Dean.  Lorrie is the Acting Dean, Thomas Ray, acting chair.   There are 2 full time Psychology faculty. Thomas talked to Carolyn, then the department to ask for the closest discipline to Psychology.  The answer was Sociology. A call went out to all three full-time Sociology faculty to serve and Steve Nava put his name forward. That was how the proposed committee was formed.
    • After the committee was revoked, Shannon asked Carolyn about how it was done in the past. Shannon reported that Carolyn told her that when a faculty position is opened to hire, Carolyn sent out an announcement to the entire division for a at-large person. Shannon asked how she decided in the event that more than one eligible faculty expressed interest in serving.. Carolyn answered that she  drew the name from a hat.
    • Shannon did not know something was wrong with the committee that Senate had already approved; she found out last Monday that the committee has been revoked. Shannon is willing to take responsibility for what should have or could have been done, but people are being affected by a delayed timeline, including adjunct faculty applying for the position, as well as students who need to complete degrees. Shannon is willing to add an additional Division at-large faculty; however, dates for the hiring process are set.  This will affect students.  Psychology finally has an ADT degree; but cannot serve students with current staffing.  She is open to having diversity in the committee.  However, the person must meet the hiring schedule; don’t want to push back the schedule for weeks; that would make it too late to recruit the best possible candidates.
    • Shnnon had no idea about the Academic Senate process and procedure; she hoped in going forward, senators will be checking on these; department chairs should be taught and informed about this process; she became chair only a year ago.
    • Karen said she takes responsibility for not having gone through the flow chart with department chairs recently; this process is on the agenda for the next department chair meeting; Senate does rely on especially deans and committee chairs to follow the process, and they have been updated of the recent updates to the process. The Academic Senate process is a transparent process but divisions have their own processes; for example, larger departments, like English, do not need to go outside the department, therefore there is not a practice in the Language Arts division where departments solicit faculty from other division departments to serve on their hiring committees.; Smaller departments may open service on their hiring committees to other departments in the division. Karen has done information gathering from Social Science and Humanities and gotten responses from eight department chairs; out of those who responded, 7 SSH department chairs/co-chairs support following the division’s past practice that Carolyn described to Shannon, but that practice has never been formally codified in writing by the division..  It is a learning process for all.
    • Karen requested an additional 10 minutes. Terrence moved, Barb seconded, approved.
    • Situation summary from a few senators: there is respect for the committee put together by Thomas Ray; some would like to have an additional at-large member, but do not want Psychology to lose any more time in the hiring process. An email can go to the division inviting an additional member; set a deadline for this week, where  Shannon and Thomas pick from the interested faculty  and come back for a vote next week; Senate must agree to bypass the Academic Senate process where we state we need 1 week’s notice of committee approval request.
    • A message from Thomas: the entire hiring process must start all over with any new member, and the next scheduled meeting is taking place next Wednesday; Lorrie insisted any newly appointed member to have current EO training completed; if the committee is changed, there is no guarantee to be able to keep the current timeline.
    • 2 options open: approve re-submitted committee; go back to start over with a new committee.
    • Mary S: students are going to lose out with any delay; recognize the strength of the committee as it is.
    • Ishmael: there was a thorough discussion last week; this body voted to rescind the committee; should respect the process; nothing has been said about bad intention. Process does matter; the committee formation did not follow process;
    • Clarification: Process for the Academic Senate was followed.
    • Ishmael: the division process was not followed.
    • Karen: to clarify; administration response is important; there is a timeline issue; Psychology and other faculty express that they don’t want the hiring process tied up to the end of June.
    • Bob S: the last hiring in the division was 2012, Jim Nguyen; gave the power to the department, department in consultation with the dean; in another case, the department opposed a member proposed by the dean, ended by accepting the dean’s choice; there is also the issue of diversity; with a new dean, there are things to work out; how make to clear about department power, vs division and senate.
    • Karen:It is possible to revisit the Academic Senate process and policy that currently allows the hiring department to make the decision about which outside department faculty to solicit to serve, if any.
    • Erik moved, Terrence seconded, for another 10 minutes, all agreed.
    • Erik asked what Psychology wanted; Shannon stated that she wanted to hire as soon as possible. Erik questioned why Psychology is being inconvenienced by not having followed a process that wasn’t codified and which they weren’t aware of.
    • Mark H offered 2 perspectives:  Psychology desperately needed a full time faculty. Department is at 22 percent FT to 78 percent PF faculty ratio; Psychology is looking forward to having another FT faculty; Secondly, in my experience and research looking at other organizations’ policies, past practice is a weak argument for maintaining practices than can be inequitable, as with anything not formalized as policy, there is always inconsistency across the board. 
    • A discussion followed on the importance and scenario of adding someone new from outside the department. District/administrator policy will make the department have to start all over again with a new/added member. There is a question on if the process could be revamped relatively quickly.  The conclusion: there will be a new timeline that has a good chance of being pushed out to the fall quarter.
    • Cynthia & Tom D: this is ridiculous; didn’t realize this will slow down the timeline, understand the need for speed; it was a mistake, a mistake that matters; faculty did care about the past practice, process, was important in terms of race and diversity.
    • Karen: in my information-gathering, some SSH chairs strongly defend past practice; they felt that if the committee is approved; it weakens and compromises past practice.
    • Ishmael: need to crack the culture that is problematic; this is a situation where someone wanted to serve, but did not know and was not given the opportunity to volunteer. Already lost a week. Still hope to get it done; process does matter.
    • Karen: the hiring department has re-submitted the same committee.
    • Susan: There is a mix up in words; “call did not go out” is not the same as “notification has not gone out.” Notification has gone out last week; the dean called all eligible faculty in the department, and the department faculty decided on who to solicit from other departments as volunteers.  This Academic Senate procedure was followed, where department needs will be discussed in the department.  Past practice is not mentioned in the Academic Senate policy and I do not know if it needs to be.
    • Karen requested extending discussion another 10 minutes, Cynthia moved, Erik seconded, all agreed.
    • Erik asked for proposed dates set for the hiring committee. Mark read the schedule; that schedule wraps up the 1st week of June, week 9.  With delay, it would impact classes during the final weeks; impact could push the schedule to the fall.
    • Anne Argyriou: The president and vice president will likely not be available outside of those dates in Spring quarter.
    • Ishmael asked about compacting and accelerating the process before the final interview.
    • Karen: Academic Senate does not have a say on the timeline, only here to approve the committee.
    • Bob: ask to see the proposed committee.
    • Karen: this is a re-submission of the committee; for the division
    • Ishmael: is this the same committee that was rescinded?
    • Bob S: Call versus announcement; division announcement went out.
    • Ishmael; division was never given the call
    • Susan: The call is not required in the Academic Senate process.
    • Ishmael: there is at least one member wanting to serve.
    • Bob K; call goes to the department, not necessary to the division
    • Karen: what is the will of the body regarding this re-submission
    • Mary S moved to accept committee, Julie Wilson seconded; 18 approved, 1abstain, approved.
    • Karen: motion carried with a lot of healthy discussion; this is shared governance in action.

    V. Request for $150 for 3/13/2020 1:30-3:00 Department Chairs Meeting (2nd discussion)

    Mary D moved, Terrence seconded, 19, all approved.

    VI. Request for $250 for 4/13 Monday FHDA Joint Academic Senates Meeting to discuss ASCCC Spring Plenary Resolutions (2nd discussion)

    Conference rooms A & B
    Mary D moved, Terrence seconded, 16, all approved.

    VII. Proposal to fund up to 3 Executive Committee members to register for & attend ASCCC Spring Plenary (April 16-18 @ Oakland Marriott) (2nd discussion)

    Early registration $625

    • have not discussed perimeters; what to do if more than 3 applicants, should require full attendance at the meeting
    • Ishmael: how many total?
    • Susan: 6.
    • Karen: So Kam has not yet confirmed attendance.
    • Susan: would it be interesting if we are to ask those in the room who would like to attend; 3 senators raised hands.
    • Karen showed the schedule: each day 8:30 to 5:00.
    • Susan moved, Barb seconded to fund 3 additional members, 18, 0, 1abstain.
    • Ishmael: what are the expectations?
    • Karen: minimum expectations are to attend both Thursday and Friday full days and report out what they attended and what they got out of it.
    • Ilan: what if there are more than 3; we should fund more than 3; there are people not in the room.
    • Karen: can make another decision if the circumstance arises.

     VIII. Standing Committee updates

    • De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB)
      • Last week DASB officially approved fund 46, which includes travels, conferences, and other forms of student representation for the 2020-2021 DASB Budget.
    • Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)
      • Doing Program Review.
    • Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)
      • No Report.
    • Curriculum Committee
      • No Report.

    IX. Discussion of faculty constituents' feedback to:

    1) Any concerns about maintaining course/submission integrity, including tests (any form of cheating, ability of students to copy/record test questions) and student integrity in submitting their own original work?  What modality of courses do you have these concerns in?

    Business and Accounting requested a meeting with Lorrie R regarding online cheating; proctoring is built into Canvas; has not been turned on at De Anza; it requires staffing support not available at De Anza. Since then, proctural is no longer available. It was turned on at Foothill, but will have to pay for that service.  Need to maintain student integrity; student ID check

    Terrence: What are faculty allowed to do in terms of academic dishonesty; only course of action is failing the assignment; need workshops on how instructors can maintain student integrity; where and how to get support from institution; academic dishonesty is getting harder to enforce.

    Mary D: instructor can catch them while cheating; really need to report everything in Advocate; such as instances when students turn in the same assignment.

    Karen: know what is involved for faculty to monitor and report.

    Cynthia: policy needs to be tightened up.  We each are on our own without training.  Senate should take it to another level.

    There was discussion regarding faculty being pressured by administrators to change student grades.  Karen answered that faculty cannot be forced to change a grade.

    Ishmael: academic integrity is a constant problem; he had a discussion with a student on that subject: there are different level of academic dishonesty; the student may not be aware; always go to the dean when there is an issue; to see if there is institutional support; it should be brought to senate or FA.

    Mary D had compiled and submitted some replies and feedback on these questions to Karen.

    Karen: send replies via email; will separate responses to specific questions.

    2) Any other current pedagogical or professional needs for which more support is desired?  If so, what kinds of support?

    3) What faculty efforts and accomplishments would you like to see recognition or acknowledgement of?

    Karen and Dawn are working on the idea of having end of the year celebrations like retirements, etc, with the addition of various acknowledgements. Dawn asked to put this on the agenda for more discussion.

    4) Thoughts on faculty collaboration and collegiality?  What's working well?  Where can there be improvement?  What are some possible strategies?

    5) Thoughts on faculty diversity?  What's working well?  Where can there be improvement?  What are some possible strategies?

    6) Any other issues worth bringing attention to?

    Karen: will send out questions in Survey Monkey

    X. Good of the Order

    • Steve: voting for next DASB senators; myportal, student vote; current DASB Senate initiatives are affordable student housing with the creation of the replacement of the Flint Center and raising the minimum wage for student workers at De Anza.
    • DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee, an EcoFund project (EcoCharger) has been submitted and approved by the Campus Facilities. EcoFund is open to all students, faculty and staff. EcoCharger, developed by engineering students are solar chargers to be installed on outside umbrellas; students can work outside instead of inside; first workshop on environmental sustainability,3/10-11; there will free sustainable products for students
    • DASB Diversity & Events Committee will be having a movie night on Thursday, March 12th from 6PM-9PM at the Student Council Chambers. The movie that will be shown is Parasite.
    • End of quarter, Self Care Week: Meditating Monday, Talk it out Tuesday, Unwinding Wednesday, Dogs Thursday, share out with students
    • Mary D raised concerns about the possible theft of these solar devices.
    • Bob's reminded and encouraged everyone to participate in the Phone Bank today and tomorrow; hopeful for something to celebrate.
    • Terrence moved, Erik seconded, to adjourn, all approved.




     Karen Chow-


    Mary Pape

    Vice President 

    So Kam Lee

    Notetaker/Secretary (F19)

    Ishmael Tarikh-PT  

     Representss part-time faculty


    Mary Donahue - PT 

     Represents part-time faculty



     Applied Technologies


    Pete Vernazza 

     Applied Technologies

    Bob Kalpin

     Biological, Health & Environmental Sciences


    Anna Miller

     Biological, Health & Enviromental Sciences



     Business, Computer Science


     Mary Pape

     Business, Computer Science


     Creative Arts


     Ilan Glasman

    Creative Arts 

     Nellie Vargas

     Child Development


    Betty Inoue



    Barb Dahlke


    Anita Vazifdar

     Disability Support Program & Services

    Kevin Glapion

     Disability Support Program & Services


    So Kam Lee

     Intercultural/International Studies

    Marc Coronado

     Intercultural/International Studies


    Terrence Mullens

     Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering

    Lisa Mesh

     Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering

    Shagun Kaur

     Language Arts

    Julie Wilson

     Language Arts

    Susan Thomas

     Social Studies & Humanities

    Daniel Solomon

     Social Studies & Humanities

    Louise Madrigal 

     Physical Education & Athletics


    Rusty Johnson

     Physical Education & Athletics


    Tom Dolen

     Learning Resources


    Ceclia Hui

    Learning Resources

    Mary Sullivan

     Student Development

    Cynthia Kaufman

     Equity & Engagement


    Erik Woodbury

    Curriculum Committee


    Guests Present (✔)





     Thomas Ray

    Administrative Representative

    Paige Wallace

    DASB Representative

    Bob Stocwell

    Faculty Association

    Christina Espinosa-Pib

    Interim De Anza President


    Rob Miesa

    VP of Student Services


    Lorrie Ranck

    Actin VP of Instruction


    Pam Grey

    Interim VP of Administrative Services


    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

    Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs


    Marisa Spatafore

    Associate VP of Communications & External Relations


    Stephanie Serna

    Classified Senate President


     Genevieve Kola

     De Anza Student Trustee


     Mallory Newell-

     Institutional Research


    Moaty Fayek

    Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems


    Renee Augenstein

    Articulation Officer


    Mary Bennett

    Tenure Review Coordinator


    Daniel Smith

    Dean of Creative Artstez


    Alicia Cortez

    Dean of Equity and Engagement


    Randy Bryant

    Dean Isaac Escotoreer & Technical Education (CTE)


    Isaac Escoto

    Foothill Academic Senate President


    Mary Pape

    FHDA District Academic Senate President

    Pam Grey

    Associate VP of College Operations


    Laureen Balducci

    Dean of Counseling, DSPS & Title IX Coordinator


    Anita Kandula

    Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences


     Michele LeBleu-Burns

    Dean of Student Development/EOPS


    Lisa Mandy

    Director of Financial Aid


    Nazy Gayloyan

    Dean of Enrollment Services


    Edmundo Norte

    Dean of Intercultural/International Studies


    Jerry Rosenberg

    Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering


    Judy Miner

    FHDA Chancellor


    Dawn Lee Tu

    Faculty Director of Office of Professional Development



    Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities



    Director, Book Store


    David Ulate

    FHDA Research & Planning


    Mae Lee

    Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair


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