General Meeting Information

Date: March 18, 2019
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30 - 2:35 p.m. Approval of Agenda & Minutes from March 11 meeting A
    • Chow
    • All
    2:35 - 2:40 p.m. Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action) I All
    2:40 - 2:50 p.m. Needs and Confirmations I/D/A Pape
    2:50 - 3:20 p.m. Dialogue with Chancellor Miner: “Everything you wanted to know about the district and aren't afraid to ask” I/D Miner
    3:20 - 3:50 p.m.

    Possible Resolutions to Bring to Spring Plenary


    3:50 - 4:00 p.m.

    Board Policy and Administrative Policy 4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates (5th Read/Discussion)


    4:00 - 4:15 p.m.

    Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Policy Proposal (2nd discussion)

    I/D/A Chow
    4:15 - 4:25 p.m.

    Report out from District Equity Action Council (DDEAC) and College Council meetings

    • De Toro
    • Chow
    4:25 - 4:30 p.m.

    Good of the Order

    I/D All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Meeting Minutes

    Approval of Agenda & Minutes from March 11 meeting
    • Agenda approved
    • Minutes approved

    Public Comment on items not on agenda (Senate cannot discuss or take action)
    • Mari - Would like to host a town hall meeting where we can gather to share and collaborate together with other shared governance groups.
      • Marc - I think we should be doing a monthly Town Hall. An opportunity to share what we do regularly would be helpful with raising morale. 
    • Mary D. - Mylinh was the coach of the National Award Winning Quiz Bowl Club (congratulations!)

    Needs and Confirmations

    Dialogue with Chancellor Miner: “Everything you wanted to know about the district and aren't afraid to ask”
    • Presidential search - extension on the interim presidential search.
      • Christina Espinosa-Pieb contract as Interim President of the College was extended until June 30, 2019. - The extension was not granted to ensure that the Acting President will get the job. With the budget cuts, we don’t want to bring someone in during this time with so much going on. Chancellor is very much committed to the open and transparent process, which is better begun  in Fall 2019. The campus will be invited to give input on the President’s job description in the Fall and interviews will be conducted in late Winter Quarter with a target position start date of July 1, 2020. 
      • What is the timeline for putting the committee together and what will be the representation of faculty on that committee? The committee will be assembled in Fall 2019. It will be a big committee with student representation and Senate representation. 
      • Student - why did we not start this a year ago? Chancellor: Because of the budget cuts. We didn’t want to bring someone in during this time. Academic time cycles are different than other industries and a couple of months can alter the timeline.
    • Speak to the budget and SERP- The SERP saved positions because there were positions that would have been removed due to the budget cuts without the SERP. There is ambiguity on the budget because there is a high (5%) budget deficit. The new Student Success Funding Formula calculations  present aratherunpredictable and scary phenomenon, . We hope to only have a 1-2% budget deficit factor. 
    • It has been past practice to not include students, staff, and faculty in the conversations at the district level with regards to budget cuts. We also do not feel that there has been much involvement of senates at the campus level either. If we are looking at further reductions in the next year or two- how will the Senates be included in the process at both levels. 
    • Bob Stockwell - Q1. Stability fund- under a lot of pressure, can we use the stability fund to soften some of the cuts we have already instituted, 
      • Answer: We wouldn’t have anything left in the stability fund if we used it.
    • Bob - Q2 if we are going to go out for a bond and/or parcel tax it seems that we should be using the stability fund to demonstrate that we have a need. Also, is there a way to include in that bond the creation of workforce housing. 
      • Absolutely, this would be a goal to include. We kind of checked that out when we did a community survey and didn’t receive much feedback, but with the attention around the housing crisis, it would be a good thing to include. CSUs and UCs push back against CCC bonds at the state level because CCC is the only branch of CA public higher education that can receive local bonds. 
      • Concern regarding enrollment- Een with decline we are the largest educational institution in Santa Clara. We should go after new potential student populations. Fall of 2019 may be very important for us. 
    • Rob Clem - What is happening with the Flint center? What are the options and do you have a preference? 
      • Chancellor Miner doesn’t think that it should be transformed into classrooms. If we were to use it for different options, housing may be one. We have lost potential new hire candidates because of housing costs and the commutes are bad.
    • Kim - back to the budget. Can you break down central services budget reductions and administrative cuts?
      • We just calculated - 11% administrative and then 10% for staff and faculty (full time). Central Services cuts were about $2.6 million.
      • Kim: The part-time loss is important because they are losing work too. 
      • Central services- most lost in ETS, one admin and one classified. Kim: Will we get the details of the cuts so we can see what is there?
      • Are you (Chancellor) satisfied with the cuts? Chancellor: I am because of the colleges’ shared governance approaches to the deductions. 
      • When do you think we can see those documents? Chancellor: we have Chancellor’s Cabinet tomorrow and will ask the Vice Chancellor’s to provide. Should be on the webpage so that it’s accessible and transparent. 
    • Mari - Enrollment has been defined by productivity,...given that both colleges have had this type of enrollment policy, what other measures are being done so that we don’t cut programs that are essential for student success. Faculty and students have knowledge that should be considered. Is our job to have a surplus or to educate students? Are there things that we can do within our wheelhouse that can help us (student) out. Students are going other places because they aren’t getting their classes. Students can’t get classes and therefore can’t complete certificates and degrees, which seems counterintuitive. 
      • Last year in 17-18 we wanted to start to contain the loss of FTES, so we began to focus on productivity. The bulk of the current loss has been at De Anza. Foothill did a lot with online enrollment (33%), non-credit, allow students who are as young as freshman in high school. These things combined have seemed to help their campus. Maybe there are more strategies that De Anza needs to consider. Focusing on collaborations between the colleges - sharing of curriculum, such as non-credit.
    • Mari - As of next year, we will have college promise district-wide? 
      • Both colleges participate already, Judy. SB 291 - a new financial aid program that would address the gap….. Recommended resource:
      • Mari - I think this is impacting our enrollment. 
    • Dr. Miner will come back on 4/18 for further discussion with faculty at an Academic Senate-hosted “Coffee with the Chancellor,” on April 18, Thursday, from 1:30-3:00 PM.. Karen has booked Conference Rooms A & B and we will have snacks. 
    • Bob S - The last strategic plan called for a district-wide enrollment team- Is that going to be done?
      • Would like to have that discussion with the chancellor’s advisory team to see where that could be housed. Can it be added there or do we need to build it somewhere else? This would contribute to a broader understanding of the choices that we make. For example, Mari suggested free parking for students. The parking covers our police and if we removed that we wouldn’t have funds to cover that. 
    Post conversation after Chancellor Miner left:
    • Where did the number of 20 minimum for a class to make come from (from long ago), why did we stick with the 20?
    • Where do the cancellation dates come from, who sets these?  Thomas answered that the deans give feedback on when to set these dates, but they are set by the VP of Instruction. 
    • Maybe we should adopt the way Foothill cuts classes. They have nuanced discussions between faculty and the deans. If we are going to collaborate with the Foothill campus, then why are we not working with them on the class cancelation dates. They have a very sophisticated system
      • Request to bring this back as an agenda item, per the approval of the task force. Ishmael - agreed that holding such a discussion in Academic Senate aligns with our Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management (CSEM)  mission so we will review. 
      • Ishmael reported that CSEM Task force is almost completely filled- hopeful and confident that they will be able to provide some basic recommendations on behalf of the faculty regarding enrollment by the end of this academic year. 
      • Any update or feedback on what DA plans to do to grow our online classes. Thomas- in Language Arts division we grow online based on need. There was a period where online classes were getting canceled because there was oversupply.
    • Online Education Faculty Liaison Brandon Gainer is connecting with faculty to assist with online expansion. Mary P - requested that Brandon have a more transparent role in the online/hybrid forms like we used to have with April. Mary was told that the forms must be signed by the VP of instruction.

    Possible Resolutions to Bring to Spring Plenary

    Previous passed ASCCC resolutions:

    Draft Resolutions: 

      • Resolution in support of AB 897
        • Bob K - The first paragraph seems to be based on hearsay.
        • Kim - Concern that this will create an opportunity for more advantage to be taken of part-timers. 
          • Ishmael - sees merit on both sides of this argument. Shared result of his Surveymonkey survey of PT faculty on the PT faculty listserv:  Of the 65 who completed the survey 80% of respondents support AB 897. 
          • SB 777 - Bob recommends reviewing. 
          • Mary D - motion to approve, Ishmael seconded.
            • In favor - 7, opposed 8, abstentions 9
            • The resolution did not pass. 
      • Resolution opposing AB 897 - did not have time to discuss. 
      • draft of a resolution in support of AB302
        • Cheryl B: Has anyone spoken to FHDA Chief of Police Danny Acosta? How is this to be managed? Karen clarified that this is the first step in the process. This is about supporting the bill, not specifically for De Anza. Does the bill allocate funds? no. It’s more about supporting students at this point. 
          • Mia - Spoke to many business faculty at a department meeting, and they do not think this is a good idea. 
          • Student - De Anza will not be liable and DASB worked closely with campus security.
          • Bob S. - Danny Acosta is aware of this, and supports the idea in principle.
          • Paul - the last whereas, indicates that we “consider,” is this correct? 
          • Cynthia - Expressed that she supports the resolution to support AB302.. We are living in desperate times. It is not normal to allow students to do this, however, we are not in normal times. Yes, churches do this, but our students can’t be driving around looking for a church parking lot. Feels that it is part of our duty to support our students. 
          • Kevin G. - Emphasized that we are not in normal times, NYT article indicates that the problem with the housing crises involved the tech-created millionaires that are increasing in number our areas.  
          • Mary D - Article in La Voz shows the policies that the local church has implemented. 
          • Lorna - Read the text of the actual assembly bill. Sounds like it is going to be something that we will all plan as a district. 
          • Susan - Does it say anything about funding? Mary P - yes, hints at it but it is unclear. 
          • Rob -  This is a need for our students and I support this bill.
          • Kim - I think it is our responsibility to teach our students compassion and it is also our responsibility to take care of them. 

    Board Policy and Administrative Policy 4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates (5th Read/Discussion)
    • Did not get to this item.

    Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Policy Proposal (2nd discussion)

    Report out from District Equity Action Council (DDEAC) and College Council meetings
    • Ran out of time and Did not get to this item.  It will return to Academic Senate April 15 meeting (first meeting of Spring quarter).

    Good of the Order
    • Chill City - S-quad, Thursday 3/21/19, 11:30-1:30 pm.
    • PSME - Chery will be stepping down from committee and Terrance will be representing PSME.

    Officers and Senators

    Executive Committee Members Present

    Name Position Present
    Karen Chow President Y
    Mary Pape Vice President  Y
    Alicia Del Toro Executive Secretary/Treasurer Y
    Ishmael Tarikh PT
    Mary Donahue PT Y
    Paul Klingman App Tech Y
    Pete Vernazza App Tech Y
    Bob Kalpin BHES
    Gayatri Pal BHES Y
    Mia Breen Bus/CIS
    Mary Pape Bus/CIS Y
    Ron Dunn CA Y
    Ilas Glasman CA  
    Julie Kennedy CD&E  
    Betty Inouye Counseling  Y
    Rob Clem Counseling  Y
    Kevin Glapion DSPS Y
    Anita Vazdifar DSPS Y
    Vacancy ICS/IIS  
    Marc Coronado ICS/IIS Y
    Cheryl Balm PSME Y
    Lisa Mesh PSME Y
    Shagun Kaur LA Y
    Kim Palmore LA Y
    Susan Thomas SSH Y
    MyLinh Pham SSH Y
    Louise Madrigal PE Y
    Vacancy PE  
    Tom Dolen LR Y
    Mary Sullivan SD
    Cynthia Kaufman Equity and Engagement Y
    Mae Lee Curriculum Committee  

    Guests Present

    Name Position Present
    Thomas Ray Administrator Liaison  Y
    Bhuvi Natarajan DASB Representative Y
    Bob Stockwell Faculty Association
    Christina Espinosa-Pieb Interim De Anza President  
    Rob Mieso VP of Student Services  
    Lorrie Ranck Acting VP of Instruction  
    Susan Cheu VP of Administrative Services  
    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs  
    Marisa Spatafore Associate V of Communications & External Relations  
    Lorna Maynard Classified Senate President  
    Hayman Wong De Anza Student Trustee  
    Mallory Newell Institutional Researcher  
    Moaty Fayek Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems  
    Renee Augenstein Articulation Officer  
    Mary Bennett Tenure Review Coordinator  
    Sheila White-Daniels Dean of Counseling  
    Daniel Smith Dean of Creative Arts Y
    Alicia Cortez Dean of Equity and Engagement  
    Daniel Smith Interim Dean of Physical Education & Athletics  
    Isaac Escoto FH Academic Senate President  
    Carolyn Holcroft FHDA District Academic Senate President  
    Pam Grey Associate VP of College Operations  
    Stacey Shears Dean of Disability Support Programs & Services  
    Anita Kandula Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences  
    Michele LeBleu-Burns Dean of Student Development/EOPS  
    Lisa Mandy Director of Financial Aid  
    Nazy Galoyan Dean of Enrollment Services  
    Edmundo Norte Dean of Intercultural/International Studies  
    Jerry Rosenberg Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering  
    Judy Miner FHDA Chancellor Y
    Dawn Lee Tu Faculty Director of Office of Professional Development Y
    Carolyn Wilkins-Greene Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities  
    Kelly Swanson Director, Book Store  
    David Ulate FHDA Research & Planning  
    Marissa Smith HSS/Anthropology Y
    Rex Zhang DASB Y
    Laura Chin Political Science Y
    Jeff Lydon Senator (?) Auto tech Y
    Mari Tapia Sociology Y
    Terrence Mollence PSME/Meteorology Y
    Daniel Allen Solomon HSS/Anthropology Y

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