General Meeting Information

Date: February 11, 2019
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30 - 2:35 p.m. Approval of Agenda & Minutes frm February 4 meetings A
    • Chow
    • All
    2:35 - 2:45 p.m. Needs and Confirmations I/D/A Pape
    2:45 - 3:00 p.m. Instructional Skills Workshop & Professional Development I/D
    • Lee Tu
    • Chow
    3:00 - 3:20 p.m. African American High School Students Conference, Men of Color, & Campus Food Pantry Update I/D
    • Aragon
    • Douglas
    • Flores
    3:20 - 3:40 p.m. Board Policy and Administrative Policy 4230 Grading and Academic Records (3rd Read/Discussion)


    3:40 - 4:00 p.m. Faculty Association Retreat Update


    • Stockwell
    • Chow
    4:00 - 4:15 p.m. Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management Task Force I/D/A Chow
    4:15 - 4:30 p.m. Good of the Order I All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Meeting Minutes

     Approval of Agenda & Minutes from February 4 meeting
    • No objections to agenda
    • Agenda approved 
    • Susan T.  pointed out to the committee that there were edits that needed to  to be made to the notes from last week:
      • The two blank names on minutes from last week, please add - Susan T. made motion to remove the SLO form, 2nd from Mary S., Kim P. - friendly amendment to make sure it’s removed from SLO website, Karen C. made additional friendly amendment to make sure it’s removed from Curriculum website.
    • Edited notes were approved with no objections

    Needs and Confirmations
    • none for this week

    Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) & Professional Development 
    • The last session of the  Winter 2019 ISW was held during the past weekend. “The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) program is a comprehensive instructor development program that is offered within a small group setting and is designed to enhance teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators” - Link to ISW site
    • Faculty can earn 24 hours of PGA credit through this community building workshop.  The ISW has a history of a focus on teaching and pedagogy. It is held on Fridays and Saturdays for two weekends.  Four faculty participated the Winter 2019 cohort. ISW originated in Canada due to faculty’s discipline expertise, but lack of teaching expertise. It was developed to help effectively teach using “Bridge-In Objective Pre-assessment Participatory Post-assessment Summary ”  (BOPPS) as a framework for lesson planning. The workshop aims to teach faculty about lesson planning and pedagogy in a deliberate and conscious way in an environment where colleagues give productive and positive feedback. At De Anza, ISW has for many years been an effective means of: 1) faculty networking/community building across and within disciplines; 2) a safe space for discussing pedagogy and peer feedback on teaching; 3) a safe space for engaging discussions about teaching and course outcomes
    • If we would would like to train De Anza faculty as facilitators there is a special 4-day intensive training where the facilitators complete additional ISW teaching and feedback cycles.
    • Faculty that participated in the Winter 2019 ISW were asked to share: 
      • Mae L. - never had a conversation about teaching like this in her whole time here, more mindful and purposeful in how she teaches
      • Lisa M. - enabled her to introduce dynamics into math instruction
      • Susan T. - opportunity to revisit classes from a student perspective
      • Marc C. - Karen created one-on-one to observe each other’s classes 
      • Karen C. - “Peer to Peer”; “magical” - what makes De Anza great, time to dialog with each other and share ideas
      • Marc C. - Suggest to do it again
      • ISW Spring 2019 dates are: May 3-4 and May 10-11
      • Dawn LT - announced other Professional Development opportunities: 1) Teaching series - “Teaching Men of Color” - 4 sessions; curriculum in partnership with CORA; 15 people have signed up; 2) “Helping Read Challenging Texts” - teaching and supporting students struggling with reading texts in class - facilitated by Reading/English instructors Veronica Avila and Kristin Skager
      • Karen C - her former De Anza student/alumnus will be on the formerly incarcerated Men of Color panel

    African American High School Students Conference, Men of Color, & Campus Food Pantry Update
    • Erick A., Umar D., Erica F. - presented on African American Student Empowerment Conference at DA last week - attended by hundreds of students from high schools from Palo Alto to San Jose. Featured many speakers and workshops, including one on career fields and Men of Color Google engineers
    • Erica F heads Food Pantry program - they have created a number of resources for those who are food-insecure, including: 1) main Food Pantry in the Outreach Office; 2) Also weekly huge RV Food Pantry in parking lot  C, which is a collaboration with West Valley - both food pantries allow additional services through case managers on site; if student is not from service area, case manager will provide resources.  RV Food Pantry is held on 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 12-3 pm
    • Calfresh enrollment also 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month - appointments must be made to meet with counselor
    • Fresh Approach - mobile farmers’ market for students who want whole/fresh foods - Thursdays 2-3 Main Quad
    • Mobile Food Pantry in parking lot C - plenty of fresh food
    • Other Joint ventures to serve food-insecure students: - “A la Carte” - picks up extra cooked/prepared food from local area dining services and events; accepting “half-pans” of prepared food - weekly donations of prepared food are available on Tuesdays in Outreach Office.
    • Emergency food vouchers available in Outreach Office for students to get a prepared meal in De Anza Dining Services in Campus Center
    • Karen C - will share more information from Erika with faculty list-serve
    • Mary S - health center can refer
    • Marc C - “This is fabulous!”
    • Bhuvi N - Share with DASB
    • Email Erica
    • Kevin G - Inquired about Joint Ventures - Erica - Yes, inform students
    • Umar D. - Men of Color - African American, Latino, Pacific Islander, Filipino men - rate of transfer not up to par 
    • Erick A, Jesus F., and Umar D. run program - offer services similar to counseling services, but stylistic differences - relatable backgrounds to students - help to engage students
    • Karen C - reminder scholarships available; many have hardly any applicants
    • Umar D - a lot of book vouchers; inform students 
    • Visit colleges and universities - will go to Stanford this year
    • Career exploration - come in thinking working with hands - take students to tech companies - possible for men of color to do tech fields
    • Make extra effort to make students feel welcome
    • Keep students engaged and motivated to be in college - offer early intervention - in high school - think about themselves in college 
    • Paul K - Have MOC looked into middle schools
    • Umar D - younger students not ready for material
    • Paul K - younger students intrigued by work, but don’t have enough math 
    • “Rock the School Bells” - annual event
    • Membership - student can sign up by going to MOC website search “MC2” and sign up - MOC will reach out to them
    • Mary S - push out newsletters 
    • Umar D - MOC send out weekly newsletters to inform students about important events, dates, information
    • Mae L - Intake form - what happens when student gets into program
    • Umar D - intervene and give more attention to students who need extra help
    • Mae L - “Can I blast email to students?”; Umar “Yes” - students and teachers welcome
    • Many graduated and transferred to 4-year universities
    • Rob C - Any tracking system to build network for current students?
    • Umar D - First cohort of mentors, but not able to have formal involvement from graduates
    • Carol Cini - Is there a way for faculty to check in to make sure a student has contacted MOC after referral? 
    • Umar D - Walk with students over to office and check in with staff about students
    • Stanford field trip coincides with Convocation

    Board Policy and Administrative Policy 4230 Grading and Academic Records (3rd Read/Discussion) 
    • Carol Cini from History guest to speak about concerns about “FW” grades
    • Karen C - Promote “Call-In Culture” V. “Calling Out Culture” - how do we want to talk to each other? Inclusive? Having a conversation where people feel safe? OR culture of calling out? Make someone a target; cards to reinforce “Calling-In” V. “Calling-Out”
    • Mary P and Karen C had conversation with Lisa Mandy - Director of Financial Aid - reports to Rob M. 
    • “FW” - unofficial withdrawal
    • Federal auditor saw that DA did not have “unofficial withdrawal” grade - needs to know in order to take money back from those who stopped showing up in weeks 9, 10, 11, and 12
    • Helpful to Financial Aid and faculty if Fin. Aid has to come asking faculty when the last time student stopped coming, student needs to be returning money for when they stopped showing
    • If instructors don’t report when students stop coming, Fin. Aid will automatically assess that students stopped coming at 50% of the quarter - student will be liable for 50% of the money if they actually attended more than 50% 
    • Instead of “FW”, whenever enter “F” grade in banner, also automatically required to enter in last day of attendance 
    • Mary D - Is there a difference in GPA for “FW” and “F”?  Karen C: Answer is NO. Both grades = 0 GPA 
    • Bob S. - If we adopt “FW” but make it optional for faculty, and 50% still don’t use it, will Feds still come after us? Karen C - clarified that  Financial Aid usually only follows up with the instructors of students who receive “F”s in all classes for the term.
    • Mia B - How many students are on Fin. Aid? Thomas R: “Significant number”; Bob K and Cheryl B:  Portal won’t accept “F” unless date of last attendance entered; Mia B - asked constituents about “FW”; she reported that she had a student who used same story & lied to multiple instructors more than 1 quarter about why she was absent from classes,, but Fin. Aid was still given to student
    • Thomas R - can we get Lisa Mandy to come in to clarify
    • Shagun - Will this impact hold for students registering
    • Mary P - Will put hold on student if they do not pay back
    • Shagun - “FW” and “F” fundamentally the same
    • Lisa M - One lifts judgment from us
    • Paul K - Gives shares of F’s, don’t track attendance regularly; required to take attendance? Karen C - If online class - date of last activity
    • Shagun - simply being online is not “activity” in an online class
    • Kim P - What if students attend all but last class, how do we calculate the money to take back? Suggest just to put in the date 
    • Cheryl B - Many faculty will not be complicit with Feds to take back money from students
    • Karen C - Our senate could vote not to approve implementation of “FW” 
    • Rob C - Can we create “FW”? Karen C - We can; Rob C - We don’t understand fully; Karen C - Can give “FW” after “W” deadline and stopped showing up; “FW” v. “F” - did student actually EARN “F”, Rob C - What constitutes “FW” for online class?
    • Mary D - How many students on Fin. Aid, and how many get ALL “F”s?
    • Susan T - More questions than opinions, Carol Cini - let’s not rush the decision without more conversation
    • Cheryl B - Online students who just log in; equity issue with online v. face-to-face students
    • Kim P - Problems with Feds taking back 50% of money if we give F’s 
    • Bhuvi - Can we talk to students who are on Fin. Aid to get their information? 
    • Paul K - Someone outside AS wants to implement “FW” and want AS to bless it
    • Karen C - Impact on students - need more consideration
    • Shagun - Why did Foothill pass it so easily? Karen C - Will ask FH about justification for passing “FW”
    • Karen C - did all faculty vote on =/- grades? Don’t remember?
    • Susan T - Do we need a motion
    • Rob C - Lisa Mandy - intentions are really good - work for the students NOT against student
    • Karen C - Maybe thought it was just an option
    • Paul K - What is going to happen with students with these grades?
    • Email from Carol Cini - Will we be audited - NO
    • International students; life events - NO - Lisa Mandy may ask if student is Pell Grant recipient 
    • How will knowledge be disbursed if implemented - Lisa Mandy and Nazy - training will be available 
    • Mary D - How will Fin Aid know when/who to contact about F grade

    Faculty Association Retreat Update
    • Faculty expressed interest in an update that included six items from the retreat; class cancellation policies; legal issues, FH cancellation policies, union membership recruitment; collective bargaining.
    • The committee discussed class cancellation policy and Bob asked what does the committee most want to hear about from FA. The committee responded with class cancellations and what Foothill College is doing

    Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management Task Force 
    • Karen C. Following the stipulations contained in the Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management document approved by the Academic Senate, Karen requested a volunteer from the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate to Co-Chair. Lorrie R. has agreed to be the Administrative Co-chair although she will not attend all meetings.
    • At this, Cheryl B.questioned if this was tied to SEM project. Karen stated no. A discussion about how useful the SEM participation might be led to the conclusion that Karen would bring the possibility of  De Anza College applying for SEM program up again with Senior Staff. It requires the commitment of people from faculty, staff and administration. Maximum of 19 colleges will be chosen.
    • Karen C - request for AS Executive Council to appoint ( vote to approve) a task force faculty co-chair from AS Executive Council, per the charge approved by the Executive Committee; Lorrie has agreed to be administrator co-chair; 
    • Karen C - Task Force has already been approved, and she is just trying to move it forward; 
    • Cheryl B - What’s the relationship with this committee and SEM? 
    • Karen C - It could be good to have committee members go to SEM conference; 
    • Cheryl B - middle of enrollment crisis, not possible to have committee because someone couldn’t fill out paperwork?; 
    • Kim P - enrollment management v. enrollment recruitment? 
    • Rob C - If Christina supports it, would we still need committee;
    •  Mary P and Karen C - SEM need how many people from which parts of college? 
    • Thomas R - Where did SEM info come from? 
    • Karen C - from a CCCCO (CCC Chancellor’s Office) listserve
    •  Shagun - Is this something we’re supposed to be doing? 
    • Karen C - No, only 19 colleges will be selected. Participating in SEM is not a guarantee of enrollment boost.
    •  Cheryl B - Not just about cancellation and marketing? Are we doing everything to best serve students? Good for our college to attend? If admin not supportive - no point; but SEM sounds like a good opportunity; 
    • Shagun - Do we need dialogue? 
    • Kim P - Who’s sponsoring and does it cost money to belong? 
    • Karen C - Last year, Gavilan had their SEM team  come up with a plan about enrollment management; state chancellor’s office is sponsoring SEM;
    •  Mary P - FH did this Fall quarter; she was at a table next to FH reached out for new ideas; SEM focus just on enrollment - new ideas;

    Good of the Order
    • Blood Drive Wednesday 2/13
    • Bob S - FACCC conference - March 3 and 4 in Sacramento

    Officers and Senators

    Executive Committee Members Present

    Name Position Present
    Karen Chow President Y
    Mary Pape Vice President  Y
    Alicia Del Toro Executive Secretary/Treasurer  
    Ishmael Tarikh PT  
    Mary Donahue PT Y
    Paul Klingman App Tech
    Vacancy App Tech  
    Bob Kalpin BHES
    Gayatri Pal BHES  
    Mia Breen Bus/CIS
    Mary Pape Bus/CIS Y
    Ron Dunn CA Y
    Ilas Glasman CA  
    Julie Kennedy CD&E  
    Betty Inouye Counseling   
    Rob Clem Counseling  Y
    Kevin Glapion DSPS Y
    Anita Vazdifar DSPS Y
    Vacancy ICS/IIS  
    Marc Coronado ICS/IIS Y
    Cheryl Balm PSME
    Lisa Mesh PSME  Y
    Shagundeep Kaur LA Y
    Kim Palmore LA Y
    Susan Thomas SSH Y
    MyLinh Pham SSH Y
    Louise Madrigal PE Y
    Vacancy PE  
    Tom Dolen LR Y
    Mary Sullivan SD Y
    Mae Lee Curriculum Committee Y

    Guests Present

    Name Position Present
    Thomas Ray Administrator Liaison Y
    Bhuvi Natarajan DASB Representative Y
    Bob Stockwell Faculty Association Y
    Christina Espinosa-Pieb Interim De Anza President  
    Rob Mieso VP of Student Services  
    Lorrie Ranck Acting VP of Instruction  
    Susan Cheu VP of Administrative Services  
    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker Director of College Life & Student Judicial Affairs  
    Marisa Spatafore Associate V of Communications & External Relations  
    Lorna Maynard Classified Senate President Y
    Hayman Wong De Anza Student Trustee  
    Mallory Newell Institutional Researcher  
    Moaty Fayek Dean of Business/Computer Info Systems  
    Renee Augenstein Articulation Officer  
    Mary Bennett Tenure Review Coordinator  
    Sheila White-Daniels Dean of Counseling  
    Vacancy Dean of Creative Arts  
    Alicia Cortez Dean of Equity and Engagement  
    Sam Bliss Interim Dean of Physical Education  
    Isaac Escoto FH Academic Senate President  
    Carolyn Holcroft FHDA District Academic Senate President  
    Pam Grey Associate VP of College Operations  
    Stacey Shears Dean of Disability Support Programs & Services  
    Anita Kandula Dean of Biological, Health, and Environmental Sciences  
    Michele LeBleu-Burns Dean of Student Development/EOPS  
    Lisa Mandy Director of Financial Aid  
    Nazy Galoyan Dean of Enrollment Services  
    Edmundo Norte Dean of Intercultural/International Studies  
    Jerry Rosenberg Dean of Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering  
    Judy Miner FHDA Chancellor  
    Dawn Lee Tu Faculty Director of Office of Professional Development Y
    Carolyn Wilkins-Greene Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities  
    Kelly Swanson Director, Book Store  
    David Ulate FHDA Research & Planning  

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