Department Chairs by Division

Academic Services / Learning Resources

Department Chairperson/Lead
Curriculum (chair) Catherina Wong
Curriculum (vice chair) Zack Judson
Library Tom Dolen
Professional Development Sal Breiter
Tenure Shagun Kaur

Biological, Health & Environmental Sciences

Department Chairperson
Biology Jason Bram
Environmental Studies Alicia De Toro
Health Tech Maureen Miramontes
Med Lab Tech Alex Febo
Nursing (asst. director) Rana Marinas

Business, Computer Science & Applied Technologies 

Department Chairperson
Accounting Lydia Botsford
Auto Tech Dave Capitolo
Business Michele Fritz 
Computer Information Systems Mary Pape
Design & Manufacturing Technologies Mike Appio
Real Estate Mark Sherby

Counseling and 

Disability Support Programs & Services

Department Chairperson
Adaptive PE & EDAC Cathy Patel
Counseling Robert Alexander
DSPS Laureen Balducci (Dean)

Creative Arts

Department Chairperson
Visual Arts and Design Marco Marquez
Dance/Theater Kristin Skager (Interim Dean)
Film/TV Milena Grozeva-Levy
Music Ilan Glasman
Photography Kristin Skager (Interim Dean)

Equity & Engagement

Department Chairperson
Office of Equity, Social Justice & Multicultural Education Vacant
Student Success & Retention Services (SSRS) Amy Wang
Student Success Center (Co-Director) Diana Alves de Lima 
Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action (VIDA) Cynthia Kaufman
Learning In Communities (LinC)

Julie Wilson

Honors Program Tom Nguyen

Intercultural/International Studies 

Department Chairperson
African American Studies Julie Keiffer-Lewis
Asian American Studies Mae Lee
Chicanx/Latinx Studies Debbie Lee (Dean)
Comparative Ethnic Studies Debbie Lee (Dean)
French Debbie Lee (Dean)
German Debbie Lee (Dean)
Hindi Debbie Lee (Dean)
International Studies / Global Studies Debbie Lee (Dean)
Italian Debbie Lee (Dean)
Japanese Debbie Lee (Dean)
Korean Debbie Lee (Dean)
Mandarin Hua-Fu Liu
Native American/Indigenous Studies Debbie Lee (Dean)
Persian Debbie Lee (Dean)
Russian Debbie Lee (Dean)
Sign Language Debbie Lee (Dean)
Spanish Carmen Lizardi-Folley
Vietnamese Debbie Lee (Dean)
Women’s Studies Marc Coronado
World Languages Coordinator Vacant
Division Scheduler Hua-fu Liu

Language Arts

Department Chairperson
Communication Studies Stephanie Anderson 
ESL Linda Yee
English  Karen Chow 
Journalism & Mass Communication Farideh Dada

Physical Education & Athletics

Department Chairperson
Physical Education  Rachel Catuiza

Physical Science, Math & Engineering

Department Chairperson
Astronomy Caitlin Marie Kepple
Engineering Mehrdad Khosravi
Geology Marek Cichanski
Math (Coordinator) Fatemeh Yarahmadi
Meteorology Alicia Mullens
Physics Eduardo Luna

Social Sciences & Humanities

Department Chairperson
Administration Of Justice James Suits
Anthropology Ameeta Singh Tiwana
Child Development and Education Nellie Vargas
Economics Ravjeet Singh
Geography Purba Fernandez
History Carol Cini
Humanities Lori Clinchard
Paralegal Studies Yvonne Mills
Philosophy Rich Booher
Political Science Jim Nguyen
Sociology Steve Nava
Psychology Mark Healy
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