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As part of the De Anza College Shared Governance structure, the Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management Task Force [hereinafter referred to as CSEM] will provide data, identification of “best practices”, policy development, and policy implementation as related to the title of said committee.  These objectives will be realized in concert with processes for institutional planning and budget development that adhere to the Mission Statement of De Anza College.

 Best practices are methods, approaches, or techniques that have been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because they produce results that are superior to those achieved by other means.   They are driven by the principles of role clarity, transparency, accountability, and stakeholder engagement.  They are based on experience and research, and have been proven to reliably lead to a desired result.


Academic Years 2018-2020


  • Data collection and analysis of Departmental Course Scheduling
  • Data collection and analysis of Division and College Enrollment Trends
  • Coordination with the Institutional Research Office on obtaining quantitative and qualitative data from the Administration, the Faculty, the Staff, Students, and Potential Students
  • Examination and Review of current College course scheduling and enrollment policies
  • Data collection and analysis of comparative course scheduling and enrollment policies of Foothill College, West Valley College, Mission College, Evergreen College, San Jose City College, and others as deemed appropriate by CSEM
  • Identification and publication of “best practices” in the areas of course scheduling enrollment through advocacy of the adoption of policies most likely to result in stemming the decline in enrollment
  • Collaboration with the leadership of IPBT and SSPBT
  • Act as a liaison for De Anza faculty


This Shared Governance Committee of the Academic Senate will have up to 9 members, all with voting privileges.

Co-Chairs (2):  Vice President of Instruction, or an Administrative designee; and a designated Academic Senate Executive Committee voting Member;

Union Representative (1): to be selected by the Faculty Association;

Faculty (3):  one Full Time Faculty member with experience as a Course Scheduler; one Faculty member with Student Counseling experience; and one Part Time Faculty member (who holds re-employment preference);

Staff (1): to be selected by the Classified Senate;

Students (2): to be selected by the De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB).

Current membership:

Co-Chair:  Ishmael Tarikh
Classified Rep.: Patricia Del Rio
Faculty Rep.:Pauline Wethington
Faculty Rep.:Daniel Solomon
FA Rep.:Susmita Sengupta
DASB Rep.:Shelly Michael


A supermajority of 2/3 is required for all policy recommendations.  A simple majority based on the confirmation of a quorum is required for all other committee business.  It is the responsibility of the Co-Chairs to elicit, and secure consensus in the conducting of the Task Force activity.


CSEM will meet every fortnight, for 90 minutes.  The specificity of day/time/location is to be determined.

* Co-chairs are responsible for:

  • Facilitating meetings;
  • Developing the agenda (based on previous committee discussions and goals);
  • Ensuring that CSEM goals are accomplished;
  • Making certain that minutes are posted to the Academic Senate web page;
  • Attending meetings; and
  • Making presentations to College Council, Academic & Classified Senates,
    and other governance groups when needed.

Got Questions?

Ishmael Tarikh

Email: tarikhishmael@fhda.edu

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