This event takes place in the past.

MOMENTUM Series: What We Bring With Us


9:00 am to 10:30 am

Online via Zoom

MOMENTUM Series: What We Bring With Us

Rebecca Covarrubias, Professor of Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz, is the guest speaker for this Social Sciences and Humanities MOMENTUM series event.

U.S. educational institutions, like systems of higher education, reflect culture-specific ideas about the “right” way to be a student, including rewarding norms of independence. Such privileging ignores the familial commitments and wealth of low-income, first-generation students of color and, subsequently, undermines well-being and performance. Building equitable and thriving educational systems requires a deep investment, acknowledgement and integration of the values, practices and experiences that these students bring with them.

This event is open to all faculty, students, staff and community members.

  • Zoom ID: 982 5604 7181
  • Password: 543466

The MOMENTUM series is a talk continuum and the SSH dean’s platform to engage the division in profound practice of mindfulness and actionable conversation – to bridge the equity gap, protect inclusivity, amplify social justice reform and intentionally address structural racism in our classrooms, college and the community.
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