This event takes place in the past.

MOMENTUM Series: Young People in Government


3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Online via Zoom

MOMENTUM Series: Young People in Government
Ryan Middleton, Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Prince George's County, Maryland, is the guest speaker for this Dean's MOMENTUM series event.

Millennials and Generation Z make up the nation's emerging leadership class. In the years to come, these two generations will have to navigate implementing their unique perspectives on issues spanning the war on drugs, police reform, climate change, health care, income inequality and diversity. Bearing the burden of student loan debt while also entering a workforce still dominated by previous generations, Millennials and Gen-Z are in the precarious position of balancing advocacy for their issues while also advancing their own careers. Our guest speaker will discuss his transition from post-secondary education to starting his career in government and finding his footing to facilitate positive change.

This event is open to all faculty, students, staff and community members.
  • Zoom ID: 979 2485 7714
  • Password: 580613
The MOMENTUM series is a talk continuum and the Dean’s (Social Sciences and Humanities) platform to engage the division in profound practice of mindfulness and actionable conversation – to bridge the equity gap, protect inclusivity, amplify social justice reform and intentionally address structural racism in our classrooms, college and the community.
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