Getting Started

Which Classes Should You Take First?

The Energy Management / Building Science curriculum consists of classes focused on green and sustainable buildings, energy and facility management, and renewable and advanced energy generation (solar) solutions.

If you are trying to determine your career path, we recommend that you initially take a class in each of these areas. Most classes are offered every quarter including the summer session. Our classes are held in person at the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies (KCES) and through De Anza's Online Education Center to provide flexibility for your schedule.

A good start would include the following courses.

Possible First Series of Courses

(All are one-unit classes unless noted.)
  • ES 58: Introduction to Green Building
  • ES 69A: Introduction to Facility Management (3 Units)
  • ES 70: Introduction to Energy Management Technology
  • ES 71: The Building Envelope
  • ES 78: Energy Management Systems and Controls
  • ES 79: Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems

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Each of these courses will take no more than four weeks of class time in person, or six weeks if taken online (with the exception of ES 69A). Each course will provide a great overview of our programs, what they have to offer, and career options and pathways in each area of study.

Once you have decided on an educational or career direction, consider looking at our Degree and Certificate programs as you plan your course schedule.

Looking to add a unit?

Our program offers many late-starting classes, allowing you to enroll after the deadline for standard, quarter-length classes. This allows you to add units for classes you may have had to drop or acquire units that allow you to maintain your registration date and status with De Anza next quarter.

These classes also provide an opportunity to learn more about our program and the available career paths in the advanced energy industry, with a small investment of time or money. 

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