Congratulations to Our Graduates!


2022 EOPS/CARE Graduation and Transfer Statistics

Transfer Students: 131

University Of California: 39
UC Number of Students
UC Berkeley 7
UC Davis 5
UC Irvine 6
UC Los Angeles 10
UC San Diego 3
UC Santa Barbara 2
UC Santa Cruz 6
2022 President's Award Recipient
2022 President's Award 
Award Recipient: Rose Lu

California State University: 87
CSU Number of Students
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 1
CSU Chico 1
CSU East Bay 4
CSU Fullerton 1
CSU Long Beach 2
CSU Monterey Bay 2
CSU Sacramento 3
San Francisco State University 5
San Jose State University 68

Private/Out of State Institutions: 5
University Number of Students
Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences 1
Arizona State University 1
California College of the Arts 1
Santa Clara University 2

Associate Degree Recipients: 150

Honors: 105

Honors Number of Recipients
Summa Cum Laude 10
Magna Cum Laude 76
Cum Laude 19

EOPS Students Offer 6 Words of Wisdom and Testimonials

6 Words of Wisdom and Inspiration

Sabrina S.

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Psychology major 

"Amazing experience, so much love & support!"

Raymond S.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Business Administration major

"Every choice you make makes you."

Viviane P.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Social Work major

“Fun, Helpful, Caring, Supportive, Connection, Knowledgeable” 

Loan N.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Digital Media Art major

“Helpful, caring, supportive, friendly, understanding and encouraging.”

Yue L.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Business Administration major

“Friendly, Meaningful, Helpful, Caring, Supportive, Responsible.”

Fennie H.

  • Transferred to University of California, Los Angeles
  • Physiological Sciences major

“Academic, emotional, and financial support/encouragement.”

Negin K.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Business Administration major

“Meaningful, Fun, Helpful, Caring, Supportive, Connection."

Rachel C.

  • Transferred to University of California, Los Angeles
  • Sociology major

"impactful, informational, supportive, transformative, helpful, meaningful"

Halina L.

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Business Administration major

"Cultivating, Indispensable, Warmth, Growth, Equity, Gratitude" 

Lizette P.

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Animal Science major

"Motivating, Caring, Friendly, Accessible, Kind, Uplifting."

Kim N.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Pre-Nursing major

"Supportive, Helpful, Cooperative, Friendly, Caring, Profitable"

Minh C.

  • Transferred to University of California, Los Angeles
  • Biology major

"Helpful, Supportive, Communicative, Friendly, Kind, and Passionate"

Bethelihem G.

  • Transferred to University of California, San Diego
  • Public Health major

"Helpful, magnificent, caring, supportive, friendly and skillful"

Stephanie H.

  • Transferred to University of California, Davis
  • Communication Studies major

"Helpful, Supportive, Nice, Knowledge, Motivational, inspiring"

Johnny F.

  • Transferred to San José State University
  • Business Administration major

"Supportive, opportunity, caring, intriguing, interesting, unique."

Student Testimonials

Shanaz S.

  • Transferred to University of California, Berkeley
  • Legal Studies and Sociology major 

I believe that all the support provided by EOPS allowed me to remain focused on my academic schedule, rather than worrying about book funds, income, and other financial factors in my daily life. Early registration always allowed me to coordinate my classes alongside my work schedule, and having book funds always helped me cover my textbook expenses. The counseling appointments always caused me to plan ahead and figure out my registration plans ahead of time, and discussing these plans with a counselor helped all the more. The services provided by EOPS are a main element in why I was successful at De Anza College. 

Maria S.

    • Transferred to San José State University
    • Forensic Science major

Being a part of the EOPS program was extremely helpful to me especially as a mother of two kids. Getting that extra help with book funds is really a blessing. I'd like to the thank the academic counselors for their contributions to my success. I was completely lost when I started at De Anza and they helped pave the road to success for me. After completing my education here at De Anza I will be transferring to SJSU to obtain my BS in Forensic Science with an emphasis in Chemistry and hopefully in the future be a part of the crime scene investigation field soon after completing the program. HUGE thank you to all of you from EOPS!!!!! 

Jordyn S. 

  • Transferred to San Diego State University 
  • Communication major

Being in the EOPS program, I definitely appreciated every service and support from a counselor I received. EOPS was a huge part of my success in college because it gave me opportunities other students didn't receive, such as helping pay for books, supplies, easily accessible counseling appointments, providing different workshops for students, and early registration to help me get first dibs on all of my classes. EOPS is all about supporting students and pushing them to be the best they can be, and I felt every part of that while being in this program. My goal after completing my education at De Anza is to transfer to SDSU to receive my bachelor's degree, and after that, hopefully get a broadcasting position for a local news station or sports station.

Shengfeng C.

  • Transferred to University of California, Los Angeles
  • Cognitive Science major

I am extremely grateful to be a part of the EOPS program as it has helped me achieve more than I thought possible during my time at De Anza. From priority registration to caring counselors who help students plan their future, EOPS was a priceless resource that allowed me to transfer to my dream school! Even when I did not utilize a lot of the services that EOPS offered, just knowing that the services are available to me if I ever needed assistance is reassuring for students to succeed in their classes. The counselors also do a lot more than what is seen on the surface as they help students navigate the complex college system and check up on their classes to make sure everyone is doing okay. This level of care is very heart warming and something I will always be grateful for.

Eric T. 

    • Transferred to San José State University
    • Business Administration major

EOPS was a huge part of my success at De Anza College. Being a first-generation student here in the United States, I really only knew that going to a community college out of high school would save a lot of money. Finding out about EOPS and being a part of it helped me become knowledgeable in the way that college worked. I think what was the most beneficial for me was having a counselor to meet with at least twice a quarter, having book funds, and having priority for classes. The EOPS program has great counselors and meeting with them to check in on the current quarter and figure out classes for the future relieved the stress of not knowing if I will be able to transfer or if my classes count towards anything. The book funds were a huge help because books can get pretty expensive when taking multiple classes a quarter. Priority for classes was so amazing. It relieved the stress of not being able to get in a needed class, having to hope for someone to get an add code, or someone dropping if the class is full. Overall, I have learned a lot about the process of college that I had never known before. The things EOPS has taught me will help me transition into San Jose State University much easier.

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