Good Writing – By YOU!

Clever title and opening:

Theodora: (title) Real Races for Real Rewards

(opening) Have you ever seen the poster: “MOST WANTED – PRIZE $1,000,000” to ask people for help to catch the targeted criminal?

Fariba: (title) Is America Blessed or Cursed?

(last line of paper) I wonder if America is blessed or cursed.

Truly intriguing opening:

Olive: President Bush is risking the future of the United States.

Good documentation of paraphrases:

Carrie: Peters also argues that the company should give positive reinforcement to workers, so they can do better jobs (4). He thinks that companies should share the success with workers (6).

Great logical and critical thinking:

Vivian: Knock, Knock, who’s there? Your good friend Great Britain! . . . I bet many nations out there asked themselves, why they aren’t the “truer friend” to the U.S. because I certainly don’t know what’s required of me to be the chosen one. It’s true that Great Britain has been the nation that has supported the U.S. in this fight throughout, but during a crisis like this it’s very inappropriate to mention your best friend, because it wasn’t only British and American people who died; it was people from eighty different nations.

God bless America<God bless the Queen? What about the rest of the world, God curse them?

Hanh: [After quoting from G. W. Bush’s speech the section about how the terrorists hate our freedoms:] In my opinion, besides the reason cited, the other is that we have blocked their ways to Afghanistan, and by this ramp, to their resources in the Middle East.

Stanley: Since some companies have almost no positive reinforcement, the problem of lack of balance between positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement is the actual largest business problem in the U.S.

Marissa: I work harder when working with my personal interest. I took an art history test today. I did a lot of research for this test beforehand. I found that this was my first time doing so much preparation for an exam. I was because I have really fallen in love with my art history class.

Austin: I am not sure why Al Qaeda attached the United States, maybe because of their opulence (since they attacked the Twin Towers, a symbol of wealth and trade), or maybe because of the power of the United States, which has spread over the world and affects most countries in the world (the attack on the Pentagon, a sign of the U.S. military), but I am sure that freedom is not the only reason.

Donald: [disagrees with Volk that good things in life have nothing to do with technology] At least for me and most of the international students in my writing class, they depend on communication technologies such as international calls, email, and video conferencing to have their hearts connected with their families overseas.

Astounding fact:

Saravanan: I have a record of my computer running Linux for seven months without a reboot or any problems.

Good analysis:

Marta: In the article, “Technology Makes Me Mad,” Patricia Volk expresses with a sarcastic tone the frustration that she feels when using technology in her life.

Well-developed example:

My Hanh: On July 13, 2003, Tran Thi Bich Cau, a 25-year-old mother of two boys, was shot and killed by San Jose Police a short time after their arrival at her apartment. According to Chad Marshall’s oral deposition, Ms. Tran was threatening to stab him with a knife, so he shot her for self-defense. However, in truth, Ms. Tran was holding a vegetable peeler pointing at the police officers.

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