Courses Offered By This Department

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter or may not be available in the foreseeable future. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

Course Number Course Title Units
EDAC 1 Introduction to College and Accommodations 1.5
EDAC 20 Universal Design and Accessibility 4
LS 50 Student Success Strategies 4
LS 207 Introductory Writing and Grammar Skills 4
LS 209 Arithmetic Skills and Strategies 4
LS 211 Algebra Skills 4
EDAC 230 Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 1
EDAC 230R Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 2
EDAC 230S Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 3
EDAC 230T Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 4
EDAC 230U Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 5
EDAC 230V Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 6
EDAC 230W Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 7
EDAC 230X Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 8
EDAC 230Y Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 9
EDAC 230Z Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 10
EDAC 231 Workforce Skills 1
EDAC 231R Workforce Skills 2
EDAC 231S Workforce Skills 3
EDAC 231T Workforce Skills 4
EDAC 231U Workforce Skills 5
EDAC 231V Workforce Skills 6
EDAC 231W Workforce Skills 7
EDAC 231X Workforce Skills 8
EDAC 231Y Workforce Skills 9
EDAC 231Z Workforce Skills 10
EDAC 232U Workplace Culture 5
EDAC 232V Workplace Culture 6
EDAC 232W Workplace Culture 7
EDAC 232X Workplace Culture 8
EDAC 232Y Workplace Culture 9
EDAC 232Z Workplace Culture 10
EDAC 232 Workplace Culture 1
EDAC 232R Workplace Culture 2
EDAC 232S Workplace Culture 3
EDAC 232T Workplace Culture 4
EDAC 233 Professional Conduct 1
EDAC 233R Professional Conduct 2
EDAC 233S Professional Conduct 3
EDAC 233T Professional Conduct 4
EDAC 233U Professional Conduct 5
EDAC 233V Professional Conduct 6
EDAC 233W Professional Conduct 7
EDAC 233X Professional Conduct 8
EDAC 233Y Professional Conduct 9
EDAC 233Z Professional Conduct 10
EDAC 234 Civic Responsibility 1
EDAC 234R Civic Responsibility 2
EDAC 234S Civic Responsibility 3
EDAC 234T Civic Responsibility 4
EDAC 234U Civic Responsibility 5
EDAC 234V Civic Responsibility 6
EDAC 234W Civic Responsibility 7
EDAC 234X Civic Responsibility 8
EDAC 234Y Civic Responsibility 9
EDAC 234Z Civic Responsibility 10
EDAC 235 Transition to Campus 1
EDAC 235R Transition to Campus 2
EDAC 235S Transition to Campus 3
EDAC 235T Transition to Campus 4
EDAC 235U Transition to Campus 5
EDAC 235V Transition to Campus 6
EDAC 235W Transition to Campus 7
EDAC 235X Transition to Campus 8
EDAC 235Y Transition to Campus 9
EDAC 235Z Transition to Campus 10
EDAC 240 Assistive Technology Access Evaluation 0.5
EDAC 245 Assistive Technology Access (Windows) 2
EDAC 290X Assistive Technology Access Practice 0.5
EDAC 290Y Assistive Technology Access Practice 1
EDAC 300 Workplace Communication Skills 0
EDAC 304 Soft Skills 0
EDAC 307 Notetaking Technologies and Strategies 0
EDAC 312 Basic English Skills for Students with Disabilities 0
EDAC 313 Basic Math Skills for Students with Disabilities 0
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