Fall 2021 Calendar

September 27 to October 8

Open Online Application

https://www.deanza.edu/ccpartners/ccpapp/ Apply early as space is limited. We hope to match up to 250 students this quarter. If you have questions or concerns, e-mail us at hamiltonwebster@fhda.edu

October 8

Deadline for Applications On-line

Oct. 8 to  Oct. 12

Matching Partners - see Student CCP FAQ's for details.

Oct. 12

Notify applicants about their partnerships

Oct. 12 to December 3

Partners meet one-on-one at least five times. Check the How to Submit Meeting Logs for instructions. Instructors can view Meeting Logs to verify participation.

Online First Get Together--Orientation and explanation on how to conduct meetings and submit meeting logs

TO BE ANNOUNCED--4th  week of the quarter

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