Here are some things you need to know about adding classes, dropping classes and dropping with a grade of "W."

How to Add a Class

Find an open class

  1. Log in to
  2. Open the Apps page and click on "Student Registration"
  3. Use the "Open Class Finder" to select your search criteria

Add the class

Note: If an instructor gives you an Add Code before classes start, the Add Code will not work until the date the class officially begins. You will need to wait until that date to add the class in the MyPortal registration system.

  1. For online classes, email the instructor to get an Add Code if space is available. (For classes that meet on campus, you can attend the first session to ask for a code but you must follow the rules for coming to campus.)
  2. Log in to to use the add code – either on or after the first day the class is scheduled to begin
  3. When you are in MyPortal, open the Apps page and click on "Student Registration," then look under "Registration Tools" and select "Add or Drop Classes"
  4. Select the current term and campus, then click "Submit"
  5. Enter the 5-digit CRN for the class. (Don't use the Add Code yet.)
  6. Click on "Submit Changes" and a screen to enter the Add Code will pop up
  7. Follow the prompts from there

What if I'm on a waitlist?

  • If you were on a waitlist and received an Add Code, see the instructions for “Adding a Class with an Add Code” in the MyPortal Registration Guide.
  • Waitlisted students get first consideration for available seats in classes, but it is still possible for other students to try to add courses once school begins.
  • See the Waitlists webpage for more information.

When is the last day I can add?

  • Check the Academic Calendar for the last day to add classes in each quarter.
  • During fall, winter and spring, the Add Code will work one time only and will be valid for the first two weeks of the quarter.
  • For summer session (and non-standard classes during 12-week quarters), you’ll find the deadlines for adding in MyPortal: Look under “View Your Class Schedule.” It’s best to add the class in MyPortal with the Add Code on the same day that you receive it.

What if I don't have a computer?

If you don't have personal access to the Internet, we may be able to help. Check the resources listed on the Online Fall webpage.

When the campus re-opens, you can use campus computers in any of the following locations

  • Registration & Student Services Building
  • Open Media Lab, Learning Center West (only during first two weeks of school)
  • The Internet Lab, second floor of the Learning Center (Library)

Remember to Pay Your Fees!

How to Drop a Class

Students are responsible for dropping classes. Contact the Admissions and Records Office if you are unable to drop online.

New Rules: Excused Withdrawals + Pass/No Pass

The deadlines for requesting Pass/No Pass or an Excused Withdrawal have been extended, in consideration of the disruptions caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

  • Pass/No Pass: You can request Pass/No Pass for classes taken in the 2021 summer session or retroactively for classes taken in winter or spring 2021 or winter, spring, summer or fall of 2020. The deadline for these requests is Dec. 31, 2021.
  • Excused Withdrawals: You can request an Excused Withdrawal for classes taken in the 2021 summer session up to the last day of the class. (The last day of class will vary for different summer courses.) Requests for excused withdrawals for previous quarters will not be considered without documentation of extenuating circumstances.

Before choosing Pass/No Pass, you should know that some transfer universities may not accept Pass grades for certain requirements. To learn more about these important considerations and how to submit a request, visit our Special Rules for Pass/No Pass and Excused Withdrawals webpage. (Updated June 29, 2021)                                 

If You Drop

During the first two weeks of the quarter

  • You may drop classes online by logging in to MyPortal: Open the "Apps" page and click on the "Student Registration" tile, then click on the “Add or Drop Classes” link. (For detailed instructions, see the MyPortal Registration Guide.) There will be no grade recorded if you drop before the deadline. You may also be eligible for a refund, but students must submit their refund request from MyPortal.
  • If you don’t show up for the first day of class, the instructor has the option to drop you from the class. If you are unable to attend for a legitimate reason, you should notify your instructor before the class meets. You can request that your place be held, although it is instructor’s option.


  • Be sure to check the Academic Calendar for important deadlines.
  • If you withdraw with a "W," that may count toward the maximum of three times that you are generally allowed to enroll in a particular course. Learn more on our Course Repeatability webpage.
  • If you drop a Creative Arts or Chemistry course, you may still owe fees for materials or equipment. A "hold" will be placed on your college records and a collection agency may be notified if the balance isn't paid or the items are not returned.
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