Verification Requests

There are many different types of verification requests. Please take a moment to review the options below. 

There is a 10-business day processing time. 

Automated, immediate verifications may be available from the National Student Clearinghouse, the authorized De Anza College vendor.

Order an online degree or enrollment verification 

Degree verifications may be ordered directly from the National Student Clearinghouse ( 

Click Here to Verify

Orders submitted to the Clearinghouse may be provided immediately.

Having issues with this request? Email with your full name, CWID and a description of the issue.

Associates Degree for Transfer (ADT) verifications

Transfer students wishing to verify an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Status for California State University should follow these steps: 

Step 1: Students self-report their intended ADT degree (either AA-T or AS-T) on their Cal State Apply Application 

Step 2: Students meet with a De Anza counselor, and the counselor submits their ADT graduation application.

Step 3: De Anza College verifies each student’s ADT status in the California State University eVerify system before the established verification deadlines. 

If you need further information, review this ADT degree description page and schedule an appointment meet with a De Anza counselor.

College Report, Deans Report or other transfer related forms

Requests for the completion of College Reports, Deans Reports or other transfer related forms will require the following to be send via email to

  • The form you want us to complete (you should complete the student information portions completed)
  • Copy of your valid photo id 
  • Your CWID 

If your transfer college requires De Anza to log into a portal or complete a web-based form on your behalf, please write directly to with the below information BEFORE you send login information to De Anza:

  • Tell us what information is required to complete the form as well as any applicable instructions required to complete the request. 
  • Provide the email address of the receiving party
  • Copy of your valid photo id 
  • Your CWID
  • IMPORTANT! Requests without sufficient explanation or instruction will be denied.

IMPORTANT: Please submit these requests early. Due to a high volume of requests, there is at least a 10-business day processing time. Incomplete requests will cause a delay in processing.

Request a Cal Grant GPA verification

Cal Grant GPA verifications are automatically sent to the California Student Aid Commission by the established deadline if you have been a student of De Anza within the last five years and you have completed 24 or more-degree applicable units.

If you have completed fewer than 24-degree applicable units, please contact your high school or your previously attended college (if any) for Cal Grant GPA verification.

If you have completed 24 or more-degree applicable units but have not attended De Anza College within the past five years, please email with the following: 

NOTE: All requests require a 10-business day processing time. Incomplete requests will cause a delay in processing.

Request an enrollment verification letter (for housing, social services, insurance, etc.)

If you are asked by another institution (housing, social services, insurance, etc.) to verify your enrollment (dates attended, units earned, etc.) complete the online Enrollment/Graduation Verification form

  • If you have a special form that we need to complete, attach it to the Verification form.
  • All requests require a 10-business day processing time. Incomplete requests will cause a delay in processing.
  • Enrollment verifications will be processed no earlier than the third week of the requested term. 

IMPORTANT! If you have a hold on your account, we will not be able to process your request until the hold is removed. 

Questions? Email 

Important Information

A request for enrollment or degree verification will require ten business days to process, when submitted to the Admissions Office. If you need immediate verification, please submit an online request to the National Student Clearinghouse.

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