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OmniUpdate User's Guide

Modifying Page Properties

Page properties are mostly hidden text that help search engines find your page and then display descriptive information about your page in the search results. You can select the Page Properties button either in Content Tab full file listing or in the Page Action area for a specific page that has been checked out and saved.

  1. CLICK on edit page properties button Properties icon in Content Tab full file list view OR the button in the the single Page Action view.

    page actions

  2. The properties dialogue box for the page will appear and you will see the information that was created by the template.


    page properties

    Title: Wording that shows in the very top of a Web browser. The templates are set up to show De Anza :: Your Web Site :: Your Page Title.

    Content-Type: Do not change.

    Keywords: This attribute is used by search engines to help determined if your site is relevant to the search being completed. Add keywords specific to your Web page to the already included keywords for De Anza College.

    Description: This attribute provides a concise explanation of a web page's content. This allows the you to give a more meaningful description for listings. If you do not change the section, it will automatically read "De Anza College is a community college serving the south bay within the San Francisco region." If you change it, please reference De Anza College within your description

  3. MODIFY the information as needed in the Page Properties box fields.
  4. CLICK Save Button.

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