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OmniUpdate User's Guide

Create an Image Gallery with Lightbox

Now you can include an image gallery with pop ups in your Web page.

Gallery LIghtbox pageYou may lay out your page however you wish. Only those images set up with a thumbnail and larger image will be included in the Image Gallery popup slide show.

Preparing to Set Up the Image Gallery
  1. First you must create a new page using the Gallery LIghtbox Page template. Select this template anytime that you want to include an Image Gallery popup slide show. NOTE: Name the page title and file name as you would with any other page.
  2. Select and optimize the images that you want to include in the slide show. You can use the free Web-based Web Resizer tool if you don't have a photo editing tool on your computer.
  3. Create a thumbnail image for from each larger image. Note:
    The thumbnail image should be 150 px wide or smalller. The thumbnail can be a section of the image or a smaller version of the entire image. A cropping of a section of the image may be more interesting.
  4. Upload both the thumbnail and larger images to your Image Folder in OmniUpdate.
  5. Insert the thumbnail images into your Image Gallery page. Depending upon the number of images to be included, it may best to  use a table layout or to more simply insert images side by side.
Steps to Set Up the Image Gallery Slide Show
  1. CLICK on the thumbnail image
  2. CLICK on the Insert Link tool Insert/Edit Link button
  3. CLICK on the Browse Icon (next to Link URL field)
  4. Navigate to the Image Folder
  5. Select the Larger Image for that thumbnail
  6. Type in the caption for the image in the Title field
  7. CLICK on the Advanced Tab
  8. FIND the Relationship page to target > SELECT LightBox > CLICK Update Button
  9. Repeat Steps 1 - 8 for the other thumbnail images.
Test the Image Gallery
  1. When you are done setting up each thumbnail with it's relative larger image, SAVE and PUBLISH the page. (If you have a lot of thumbnails, you may want to SAVE several times during setup.)
  2. View in a new window and click on an image to test the Image Gallery, making sure that the captions are correct.
Example of Image Gallery
Click on any image to open the photo gallery.

Then place cursor on left or right corner of popup image to view previous or next image.






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