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OmniUpdate User's Guide

Creating a New Page

OmniUpdate uses a folder and template-based system to manage Web site and sub-section files that make up a Web site.

  1. To get to the New page or folder function, CLICK on the Content Tab.

    Content Tab

  2. You will see the full list of your Web site folders and files. Make sure you are in the correct folder where you want your new page file to reside. (Do not create new pages in your PDF or image folder.) If you want to create a new page in a subfolder, make sure you are in the right directory by looking at the Location section above the list of files.

    Content Pages View

  3. CLICK + new in the upper right hand corner of your file listing/workspace interface. You will see the new page or subfolder New page template examplestemplates available for your site.
  4. SELECT which template to use for creating your page. Note: At this point, you may choose to create a sub-section with a Web page (sub-folder). By choosing the sub-folder, you will create a new section that will include its own left navigation menu. Remember: You will need to create a new link on your main Left Nav menu to it. There is a CLASS template for Faculty who want to create a folder with multiple pages and a pre-set Left Menu. Most likely, you will want to simply create a single new page.

  5. FILL IN the text boxes with the information for your page or sub-folder.
    • The Page Name is the wording that will be displayed in the Banner Breadcrumb and as the Page Heading in the new page.
    • The New Page Filename or Folder is the wording that will be included in the page URL. IMPORTANT: Use lower case only with NO spacing. Make sure you don't delete the .html extension when creating a single page.
    • Leave New Page Access to everyone (unless you want to restrict the access to a specific user within your group). Since access to your main folder is already restricted to a specific user or a group of users, anything you create in it will inherit the same permission settings. 'Everyone' is meant within the current group or user permission.
  6. DOUBLE CHECK that the information you typed is how you want it and CLICK the Create button. The new page with edit buttons will appear once OmniUpdate is done creating the page. If you are creating a class folder, be patient as it may take a couple minutes because several pages are being created.
  7. Begin editing the content in your new page as described in the Editing a Page section instructions on the Left Menu. Note: If you log off OmniUpdate Publish without publishing the new page, you will not be able to see it in a Web browser until you log in to OmniUpdate Publish again.

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Last Updated: 3/5/09