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Uploading and Linking to a New PDF

It is advised to convert a read-only Word, Excel or PowerPoint document to a PDF before posting for students to download. You'll follow these same steps for uploading all types of binary documents.

Key things to remember when uploading files!

  • Scroll to find and double click the "pdf folder" first before uploading your file(s). It's best to keep your document files in a folder where you can easily find them.
  • Files will list in alphabetical order. Separate your course files by starting with course name, such as n10greensheetf14.pdf for Nutrition 10 vs. n62greensheetf14.pdf for Nutrition 62.
  • Keep your file names as short as possible but recognizable,
  • Use all lower case with no spaces. Hyphens and underscores are ok to separate words.
  1. TYPE and then HIGHLIGHT (use your cursor to select) text that will serve as the link to your document that you will upload from your computer.

    Example of Highlight

    Week 1:Archtype Mythology

  2. CLICK the Insert/Edit Link tool icon Link toolson the Page Editor Toolbar.

  3. A dialogue box will appear. CLICK the Browse iconBrowse iconnext to Link URL field.

  4. SCROLL to find the pdf folder. Then Double CLICK on the folder. (It's best to keep your PDFs and other documents in folders so that they are easy to find rather than mixing them with your .html pages.)

    Find the PDF Folder

  5. You should see the path under Select File that shows you are in the PDF folder even if you don't have any PDFs in the folder yet.

    Inside PDF folder

  6. CLICK Upload in the right corner of the Select File dialogue box.

  7. CLICK Add Files button  Add Files or DRAG and DROP the PDF file(s) from your desktop that you want to link to into the dialogue box area. You should see the file name in the Upload field.

    Rename your file

    Remember: File names should be all lowercase with no spaces. Note that you can rename the files during the upload process. Include .pdf file extension at the end when changing the name.

  8. RENAME any files with spaces. CLICK blue OK button when done renaming.

    Renamed files
  9. CLICK Start Upload. Start Upload Button Your next step will be to link to the PDF document(s).

  1. SELECT the file that you want to link to from the your highlighted selected text.

    Select Archtype File

  2. CLICK Insert.Cancel or Insert

  3. You should then SEE your selected PDF in the Link URL field of the Insert/Edit Link General Properties box.

    From the Target Dropdown List, SELECT Open in New Window (_Blank).

    You may ADD a Title, which is a description about the link which will appear when a user points to it with the mouse. This is not required.

    SKIP Class selection.

    Link Properties

  4. CLICK InsertInsert on the bottom left corner of dialogue box. Your text will show as underlined link. Note: Save and publish to test it.

  5. If you have more PDFs to post, repeat the Insert/Edit Link action Link tools (navigating to the PDF folder again for the already uploaded documents).

  6. When done with your edits for this page, CLICK the Save iconSave Icon on the page editor toolbar.

  7. CLICK PublishPublish and follow steps for Publishing Changes.

  8. This should be your finished link using the example shown in this page.

    Week 1: Archtype Mythology (PDF 89 KB)

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Last Updated: 12/8/14