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Faculty Website Guide

Logging Out

First Turn Off Your File Light Bulbs Light bulb

Before logging out, check that all your file light bulbs are turned off.

  1. To see your list of page files, CLICK on the Show File Navigation folder or the Content Tab Pages view.

    Show left nav menu
  2. CHECK to see if any light bulbs are still turned on. CLICK those that you want to turn off or  check that you didn't forget to publish. Note: When a page is published, the light bulb for that page automatically turns off. By checking if any are still  "on," you may catch that you only saved and did not publish your changes.

    File list with light bulbs

Only one OU account holder can have a page checked out at a time. Sometimes you may "check out/turn on" a page inadvertently. This is not a big problem when working on your faculty website. However, it could be if you are sharing responsibility for a department or program. It's simply a good habit to turn off your light bulbs when logging out of OU Campus!


Then Log Out of OU Campus

  1. FIND your name on the top right corner of the OU Campus interface. SELECT Logout.

    Log out

  2. Then you'll see the same Login box that you used to log in. If you find that you need to log in again immediately, it's best to navigate back to the web page that you want to edit and log in from that page's Last Updated link.

    Login Box

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Last Updated: 7/31/14