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Adding or Editing a Link

Add a Link from the Left Navigation to Your Course Page

  1. Edit Left Navigation

    CLICK Edit Left Navigation to change, add or remove a link on the left menu listing.

  2. Create and highlight textPLACE your cursor at the end of the link above the line where you want your new link, such as ADMJ 5 in this example, then HIT the return key.

  3. TYPE text that will serve as the course link, such as ADMJ 55. Recommendation: Use the course abbreviation listed in the schedule of classes, such as BIOL 6C.

  4. HIGHLIGHT the text. You will see the link tools appear.Link tools

  5. CLICK the Insert/Edit Link icon. Link tool icon

  6. A dialogue box will appear. CLICK the browse iconBrowse iconnext to Link URL field.
    Insert/Edit Link Dialogue Box

  7. NAVIGATE to the file for the course page for which you want to create the link. Example: admj55.html
    Select a file

  8. SELECT it (it will turn blue) and CLICK Insert. Cancel or Insert

  9. CLICK Insert on the bottom left corner of dialogue box. Insert NOTE: Your text will now show as underlined link.  You will need to Save and Publish to test it.

  10. CLICK the Save iconSave Icon on the page editor toolbar.

  11. CLICK PublishPublish and follow steps for Publishing Changes.


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Last Updated: 9/24/14