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Sustainability involves all aspects of how we choose to act for the long-term future. More and more, sustainability is being woven into all disciplines taught at De Anza College. Whether you are studying business, science, humanities or the creative arts, there is a way to incorporate stewardship and sustainability into your academic study plan.

Major Areas of Study and Focus

Environmental Studies Department

De Anza's Environmental Studies Department integrates physical, biological, human, socioeconomic and political principles.

Formal and non-formal methods of teaching help students acquire the basics of this field. These include a scientific foundation, an understanding of social and economic concepts, and an awareness of the behaviors that protect or damage the earth and its resources.

Visit the ES department Web site to learn about programs, certificates and degrees. Take a general education course or consider one of the several ES certificate or degree programs.


Community and Civic Engagement

The Institute of Community and Civic Engagement advances education for democracy with full participation of all of our communities as its core value.

Our goals:

  • Empower students to be agents of change in the social, economic, political realities of their lives, their communities and beyond.
  • Define education as a transformative and deeply relevant force in students' lives. more.

Look for a new designation for Community Service Learning classes starting with fall searchable online schedule.

California History Center

The recipient of numerous awards and honors, the California History Center is an active focal point for California history studies and has been recognized as an "outstanding educational facility" by the State of California.

Emphasizing living history, the center provides students with a unique opportunity to "encounter the historic site, document, or experienced individual, and personally interpret and recreate a period in history."

A national registered landmark located on the De Anza campus, the center offers credit classes, changing exhibits, a video documentation program and publishes at least one major book each year.



Sustainability-Related Courses

ES 58: Introduction to Green Building (Lecture) 1 Unit

An overview of strategies to implement a green building project within your organization.

ESCI 20: Introduction to Biodiversity (Lec/Lab) 5 Unit

Introduction to biodiversity conservation as a branch of the environmental sciences, conservation biology and related scientific fields.

HIST 28: Social Environmental History (Lecture) 4 Unit

A historical survey of human societies and their influence on the environments in which they developed.

MET 10: Weather Processes (Lecture) 4 Unit

Introduction to the principles of the science of meteorology including: history of the science; origin, evolution and structure of the atmosphere.

PHIL 17: Critical Consciousness and Social Change (Lecture) 1 Unit

Introduction to the basic issues and concepts related to social change.


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